Our national emergency, in the flesh

How Trump’s Make-believe Border Crisis is Definitely a National Emergency

For once, there’s something the Liar-in-Chief and I can agree on. There most certainly is a national emergency that needs to be tackled, but where we disagree is the absolute reason why and how this urgent matter became a crisis of our lives.

These days, it’s quite challenging to find a headline that efficiently gathers all my thoughts in a row — but I managed to stumble upon the Chicago Tribune, the very day President Trump made his epic announcement, and this caught my attention:

And then House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi dropped this gem not long after the Idiot-in-Chief flawlessly outed himself with the unawareness that buffoons are usually armed with when they fail to make their case for something that is fraudulent by nature:

The emergency that America is saddled with has zero to do with the brutish Brown migrants, who are gnawing their way through makeshift barriers, in an effort to descend on the sovereignty of a nation, that deserves to be protected by a “big, beautiful wall” that will once and for all prevent the threat to White supremacy.

The crisis on our hands comes in the form of a White nationalist leader, who was elected to wipe out non-Whites, immigrants, and Muslims for the duty of ensuring that White America stays “White” and “Great” without the toxic interference of culture mixing with bodies from “shithole” countries.

The Trump administration created the ongoing crisis with the evidence of caged migrant babies and gassing women and children at the border.

This gross ass administration has been helping to propel the damaging narrative that excites White male terrorists into action with deadly consequences.

The media has helped to enable this climate of hostility by obeying the rules of obsession when it comes to non-stop coverage of the Bully-in-Chief at the expense of unexamined domestic terrorism, and how most Americans have no knowledge about the recently foiled terrorist plot that involved four White males who were hoping to bomb out an entire Muslim community in Islamberg, NY.

The hate-filled rhetoric that got Trump elected, is the same method of coercion that’s being implemented to create the falsehood of imminent danger that doesn’t exist, in order to fulfill the main requirements that are pertinent to his reelection.

Nevermind the Americans that were drowning in floods of debris in the darkness when Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, and the Murderer-in-Chief arrived with his designer-clad, life-sized doll in tow, to inspect the mess. His takeaway was that the trauma suffered by survivors who were barely hanging on, wasn’t nearly as brutal as past natural disasters.

The Trump administration purposely and callously rejected the pleas by Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz to mobilize adequate resources necessary to prevent needless deaths, and give destabilized survivors access to basic amenities. The president was adamantly negligent, and instead, preferred to throw not only paper towels at the locals, but also insults at the Mayor, by accusing her of exaggerating the facts, and creating the imagery of a crisis that was anything but that.

She finally had to be resigned to the unfathomable fate of Puerto Rico. The uprooted landscape would have to tolerate the elderly and the sick, dying from lack of oxygen due to destroyed infrastructures and lack of power. And the painful reality of the bereaved taking matters into their own hands with the desperation that comes when you’ve lost everything and everyone that matters.

The Mayor did share a searing reminder of how a national emergency was allowed to evolve into a bloody massacre under the trolling watch of the Bigot-in-Chief who never missed an opportunity to publicly mock the mounting debt of an ailing island.

A year later, the official report of the lack of progress that has been made since the monstrous storm made landfall was proof of why nearly 3,000 people perished. And when the two-year anniversary hits later this year, there’s every reason to believe that it will illustrate how Puerto Rico will never fully recover from the wrath of Mother Nature, and a racist administration that abandoned the responsibility of caring for Americans who weren’t White enough to warrant that level of urgency.

The national emergency that’s currently trending, comes in the form of how White males in America are allowed to threaten lives and enable the deaths of countless non-Whites, without consequences or the actions that need to be taken to minimize a growing epidemic.

The religion of White supremacy is fully activated, and the GOP has played a vital role in maintaining the status quo at the expense of lives that are vulnerable to the rapid rise of hate crimes, that the Trump administration doesn’t recognize as dire because it’s Black and Brown lives that are stake.

As we watch the dangerous coddling of a nefarious White male, who was willing to allow government workers and their families to starve, in the name of an agenda that was built on lies upon lies, that were told out loud, but seamlessly remain buried in the privilege of Whiteness — we have to ask ourselves a very important question.

How much of this nightmare are we willing to endure before action speaks louder than words?

I write and I write and I write, and I receive comments about the hate in my words, and how it reflects similarities shared with the man that I loathe.

But crimes against humanity on our watch is a crisis that we’ve weathered and still entertain as we watch a make-believe crisis take shape, as officials and the media amusingly bear witness with panel discussions and press briefings via Twitter.

The national emergency is the White dude in the Oval Office, and how we’re tragically demonstrating the ultimate power of Whiteness that permits this climate of complicity on all sides, that never would’ve occurred back when selfies were pictorials of bravery that knocked down any door that contained poison.

Even the fucking White House.

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