Letters are for the brave

How To Articles Mean Well But the Secret Lies in Endurance

Endure and thrive. Never expect payback and don’t get distracted by the covenant of what others have achieved. They will toss their good fortune as evidence but refute it. That’s their journey.

What’s your trajectory?

Exactly. Figure it out. Stay out of the muddle of socialization based on the interactions happening around the space you want to inhabit and focus on the goals you conceived without loyalty to the ones who demand it.

You can’t be in literary debt.

It will leave you creatively bereaved. That is the worst. Some of us can handle the weight but most of us will cave, and when the pillars buckle — the aftermath is beyond rescue.

Consistency and the knowledge of pure surrender will rework the fabric. You are the designer and the readers are standing by to gawk and systematically yield to every word you choose — even if you are unsure of your station as messenger.

This level of uncertainty is the key to the bank of blissful excess. Use it well and don’t hesitate to surpass your privilege.

Articles that aim to show you the way are contrived and pleasantly generic. They don’t mean to be that way but there is no way to escape the fodder of our times. We are being propelled to assume these roles and it’s sickeningly detrimental.

Yes! We know that time is of the essence. We need to get it together at rapid speed — and if we falter there is always the section of absolutes who managed to evade the bullets of shit. They have risen and they look below with relished guilt.

They need to save us.

We don’t need your packaged goods.

I started my solo career on Medium back in November and I swear I had only one goal in mind and it was realized through endurance and a sharpened quest for dominating my own Personal Jesus.

Dig it below.

Okay, I am applying a classic for fun — but seriously — I didn’t research how to be the greatest because that was already added to my itinerary. I just needed to work hard for the money that comes in the form of fans from Australia detailing how they wait on bended knee for your latest.

I don’t need celebrity endorsements or tweets that are organized to point back to me with flashing lights.

I just need you.

Get it? Good.

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