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Angel versus Demon?

How The Very Public Roasting of Meghan Markle Exposes Britain’s Race Issue

The fairytale is over before it began

There is a national crisis brewing in Britain, and if you think it’s Brexit; think again.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is driving everyone bonkers because of her unappreciated admittance into the monarchy, that was blissfully untainted — until the biracial beauty with an orthodox background stole the heart of the most eligible bachelor in the world.

Truth be told, Prince Harry isn’t playing around when it comes to maximizing the flexibility of being the “spare.” His partying ways and naughty thrills that included that infamous stint in Vegas wouldn’t have been remotely acceptable if he’d been the “heir to the throne.

And his untraditional choice of a wife would not have been okayed by Her Majesty.

As much praise as the royal family garnered for being refreshingly progressive when the highly-anticipated engagement was announced, that leeway was only granted because the Queen’s grandson has the ability to flawlessly survive the scandal of well-publicized viral nude pics.

Prince William would not have been permitted to marry a young woman with Black blood flowing in her veins because Queens have to be as White as snow.

These high expectations and inflexibility is an unchallenged agreement that other kingdoms steadfastly adhere to when it comes to anointed heirs.

It’s the reason why Prince Albert of Monaco didn’t marry his longtime Black girlfriend . It also explains why he hasn’t seen his now teenage biracial son since he wed the White woman, who has given him the more appropriate replicants of their famous grandma — the late Grace Kelly.

Truth be told, the late Princess Diana would’ve been the lifesaving link to Meghan, at a time when she’s being terribly exploited and shamefully demeaned by the system that she’s been employed to represent.

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The Daily Mail shit this shit out — daily!

But, alas, the British people are gleefully wasting no time carrying out the nefarious plot of tormenting a pregnant royal, with the consequences of what follows when you submit to an assignment that you’re suited for — until you realize that your impeccable presentation isn’t nearly enough to save you.

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The epic demonization of Meghan Markle can only be validated by the sanctifying of her “nemesis” who happens to be the inconsolable future Queen.

Duchess Kate of Cambridge is the fairest of the two, and her documented romance with Prince William was the sport that all of England cheered for; and with good reason. Based on her privileged upbringing, that exposed her to the elite class and the environments of operation, the eldest of the Middleton children was destined for greatness.

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The snobbery of upper-crust Brits can’t be downplayed, and the less refined also indulge with just as mush gusto, which is why the assault on the mysterious and devious “infiltrator” is relentlessly brutal.

Kate wasn’t a scheming low-life with the desire to infect the ordained mandates of a proudly revered institution. She was literally born to play the role she aggressively pursued with every intention of ending up exactly where she now resides.

It was at Marlborough that Middleton first came into contact with children from the Cotswolds country set who were used to mingling with royalty and where, allegedly, she became known as princess in waiting because of her enthusiasm for the prince she had never met.

Ironically enough, the royals aren’t devoid of scandal or even exhibiting symptoms that border on madness. I mean you can’t convince me that King Henry VIII wasn’t in need of serious counseling, when you consider that his horniness inspire him to create The Church of England.

The Anglican church where the royals frequent, broke away from the Catholic Church, in order to allow the King his freedom to marry, divorce, and kill as many victims as he could muster.

So as you can see, the currency of Whiteness knows no bounds, and the value is transferable to any of the territories that trade in that realm.

The protectiveness of Whiteness is also a cumbersome exercise for those who can’t participate.

Trump has the full backing of his White loyalists, who are tolerant of his misdemeanors, even when innocent lives are at stake. He is able to stack up a rap sheet of the unfathomable, without threats to his station, and with the authority of how his criminal disposition can’t ever be copied by a Black man with similar tendencies.

The current headlines that introduce the badly written trash of how Meghan is ruining the life of Britain’s precious Kate is a prime example of how racism is an active issue in a country that practiced White Supremacy with the expertise of inventors.

When British imperialism became a thing and the colonized were violently forced to relinquish all the instincts that kept us dignifiedly cohesive, the still thriving scam was immersed in the falsehood of Christianity.

We were shamed for our “brutish” existence and mocked for speaking languages that didn’t match the superiorness of “Queens English,” which explains why later generations are struggling to sustain their mother tongue with the fear that it could possibly become extinct.

The path to enlightenment was developed to fuck us over for life because the invaders resented the notion that “sub-humans” could be tasked with managing a wealth of resources that had to be forever linked to the British empire.

That mindset of supremacy over people of color, even when the shade closely resembles the endorsed mandate, is still the pride and prejudice of European Whites.

Meghan Markle will never enjoy the same patriotic reception as the sister-in-law she’s allegedly bullying with calculating fury, because her part-Blackness collides with the long-held supremacy of Whiteness that is now being threatened.

It’s also no coincidence that the raging tabloids went into overdrive minutes after that baby bump became official.

Suddenly, the unavoidable truth that Prince Harry’s non-White Duchess was making a permanent mark on the monarchy that can’t be scrubbed away, was all too real and off-putting. And die-hard royal enthusiasts had to grapple with the rude awakening.

And months later, you can’t greet a single day without fielding mind-numbing fare that range from absolute cruelty to the harmless assessment of how the newly-minted royal is bravely handling the increasing pressure.

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It would be quite naive to assume that Kate and Meghan are inseparable girlfriends who immediately hit it off, because of how much they have in common. And it’s quite obvious that the legendary ruthlessness of the British press waited with bated breath for the green light to begin trolling.

But based on the established hierarchy, its fascinating that Meghan is the designated villainess, when you consider the impressive leverage Kate has over her supposed “tormentor.”

If anyone has the power to wield in her favor, it has to be the wife of the future king. And that’s precisely why this laughable ploy to cast the Duchess of Sussex as the aggressor, who is hell bent on overpowering the Duchess of Cambridge, with her demonic appetite for the kind of drama that’s turning the House of Windsor upside town — demonstrates the systemized racism of the uptight Brits.

Apparently after the half-Black royal weaseled her way into the weakened heart of the red-haired prince, she proceeded on to the quest of terrorizing anyone blocking her path to total domination.

And of course this storyline gives the empathetic fans of the angelic Kate, the convenient opportunity to elevate her victimhood, as she suffers through the tumultuous period of adjustment that has reduced her to tears on occasion.

Here’s the thing, this extended “period of adjustment” is really harder on the “demon” than it is on the favored “angel” for reasons that have zero to do with power play.

If “Duchess Difficult” came in an all-White package with a dynasty that was devoid of the controversial tidings that unglued family members tend to bestow — she would be the initiated victim that the older and bitterly less attractive future Queen is allegedly punishing.

There was a very brief attempt, earlier on, to cast Kate as the wicked one and Meghan as the fresh-facd beauty with style, who was poised to dethrone the stellar track record of her royal sister.

But the much more gratifying approach of racial bashing expectedly won out.

It’s the universal language of oppressors, that oppressed the landscape of riches by rendering inhabitants permanently estranged from each other, and from the wealth that still benefits colonial masters at the expense of the robbed.

White supremacy dictates how no form of Blackness will ever measure up to the durability of the superior and fully formed humans.

And so Meghan Markle is supposed to stoically endure the harrowing journey of unrelenting character assassination on the world stage. And the juggling act of the early months of her first pregnancy — coupled with the first few months of marriage to Prince Harry and the royal household — also demands skilled maintenance.

But women of color are famously regarded as superwomen who can be burdened beyond human capabilities, and still manage to grin and bear it like pros.

There’s no possible way that Harry’s newly-wedded blonde-haired bride would be subjected to this level of scrutiny and public assault on a daily basis, because of the protectiveness of Whiteness and how it sets up limits.

Both Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan may have underestimated the wrath of their British subjects, and how the callous treatment will undoubtedly be tragically extended to their offspring.

When it comes to the cruxifixction of non-White opportunists from improper families that give mere commoners a good name, the stakes are higher than high when the British monarchy falls victim to an invasion that will exact irrevocable alterations.

The good news is that no matter what Piers Morgan and his editorial team of haters produce for the pleasure of mean-spirited commenters, the traditionalized Whiteness of the British monarchy is about to undergo a much-needed upgrade in the spring of 2019.

When it comes to historical references, and the sovereignty of the crown, it sure is funny how things always comes full circle.

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