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How The New York Times, Used Ivanka and Jared, To Score Another Win For White Privilege

The Ice Princess and her defective Prince supposedly rise again

Maggie Haberman and Katie Rogers team up for the ambitiously sanctimonious assignment of once-again propelling two undeserving socialites into heights of adulation.

The latest offering in The New York Times echoes the ongoing trend of giving Ivanka Trump the pass of a lifetime, by finessing her gross complacency into a roving achievement of willpower, based on her uncanny ability to “wait out” and “ground down critics” who relentlessly target the most deplorable power couple in Washington.

In a country that’s torn asunder by the disgraceful ploy of a toxic administration, that has systemically birthed the immigration crisis, which Ivanka helped to interpret with a Twitter post that callously paid homage to privileged mothers in America, as well as the rapid rise of hate crimes that’s fueling domestic terrorism; it’s appallingly unforgivable that an institution like The New York Times would herald the so-called “heroic” exploits of the first daughter and her partner-in-shit.

The terrifically dull and vomit-inducing offering, shuttles around the inconsistently dueling worlds of “Javanka,” that sees them stoically observing from the sidelines. They’re able to “hide out” because of the suitable armor that offers protection from the rain of blood and body parts — that are raging in the war zone they’ve helped to initiate.

We’re suppose to be awestruck by Ivanka’s patriotism in the face of extreme criticism that should ordinarily wear her down, but like the typical White woman with the world at her feet — she perseveres with her agenda of diligently assembling the blocks of her political dynasty, while Jared continues to be inappropriately functional as the ever loyal son-in-law of the thug-in-chief.

There are casual references to how the couple became a temporary source of nuisance to the president, and this is presented with comical reassurance of how very dark it’s gotten for two people who are employed in stations they didn’t earn, but remain in, because of their privilege and how that always translates into self-serving endeavors.

There are some interludes that are jar tingly offensive, like the breakdown of the infamous meeting between “Javanka” and Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards that was anything but a success as verified by Richards, who publicly shared the harrowing details. The big reveal is that Ivanka was “stung by Richards’s account” and saw it as a ploy by her nemesis to use “the discussion for political and personal gain.”

But that would actually be a more accurate depiction of Ivanka and her weirdly robotic companion, who are both quite comfy reclining in the seat of power — playing the lackluster role of “advisors” to a man that evidently doesn’t value any advice, even when the whole world depends on this fundamental need.

The rest of the piece shabbily puts together the instances when the couple emphatically exert their power and influence in the embattled corridors of The White House.

This involves clashes with aides that end with banishments and the “no love lost” dalliance with chief of staff, John Kelly who just recently restored security clearance to Jared Kushner after threatening to rescind it for obvious reasons.

There’s also the bombshell of how Ivanka made the decision to step away from her business ventures in an effort to concentrate on her blossoming political aspirations.

This news item engrosses the media in the same fashion that recalls how CNN played into the hands of Donald Trump when his presidential run was boosted with unwarranted attention, that included hours of needless coverage of the triumphantly imposing “Trump jumbo jet” — parked on the tarmac.

At the end of it all, we’re left with the infuriating realization of how our worst fears are finally confirmed. Again.

The First Lady, Melania Trump is consistently coddled by White editors who task writers with presenting an empathetic vision of a woman, who despite her unenviable position, still manages to emerge intact — with silent fury that makes White feminists squeal with orgasmic pleasure.

The first daughter is apparently not exempt from this form of privileged massaging that caters to those who are accustomed to the notion that White women are never quite as evil as they seem.

You can’t successfully demonize women in America. Period. And when it comes to those with last names that are plastered on gold buildings, and jet liners — you can just hang it up.

With that being said — as a Black woman who has to contend with the debilitating duty of “writing while Black,” which requires cataloguing the weekly roundup of life-threatening situations — plaguing community that’s woefully under attack by the mandate of Trump’s America — there’s a bitterness that settles when you have to read garbage pieces that add even more luster to conspirators of this deadly climate.

Only White women can stomach the nerve to produce a light-hearted piece that praises the self-preservation of a woman who is laboring for her own benefit under the guise of “advising” and delegating.

Ivanka Trump was never going to be the voice of wisdom or the selfless and defiant feminist who steps in to save the day without missing a beat.

She was always going to honor the playbook of White privilege that allows for the safe distance between practiced luxury, and the landscape that hosts her brutish father’s crimes against humanity.

Her “direct line” to the President of this overly-long shit fest is just another indication of how cunningly vile she really is; when you comprehend how someone as young, intelligent and thoroughly competent as she purports to be is seemingly content with the irresponsibility of maintaining a “dignified silence” in the face of national crisis and global calamity.

To those of us who are entrenched in the war of our lives — “Javanka” represents the symbol of our impending doom at the hands of White supremacy — and how mainstream media is damningly committed to protecting its activated status.

The narrative lives on.

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