How The Media Made Anthony Scaramucci The Annoying “Moocher”

It seems that Trump’s America has succeeded in not just eroding the office of the presidency into an unrecognizable pulp of systemized dysfunction, but the media-at-large is in a state of disorientation that has led to the evidence of cowardice that tragically devalues the worth of those who are tasked with being dependable truth-tellers.

It really began when Candidate Trump shockingly became the savior of the GOP, in what was an unprecedented move that swiftly evolved into the shit show that everybody needed to observe to believe.

Nothing good was ever going to come out of the fateful ascension of a reality TV star and sketchy business tycoon to the highest of the land, and that was glaring evident when the 2016 elections revealed the damning symptoms of what the nation is now weathering without a cure in sight.

But the worst was watching the ceremonious reception by mainstream media, and how the fascination with the unfathomable anointing of Donald Trump, who was able to effortlessly validate his highly offensive messaging to the hungry White masses, also known as “deplorables,” incited the nonstop elaborate coverage that disgustingly extends to his shameless former soldiers.

The newly-minted administration offered up Sean Spicer as the sacrificial lamb, who had to flawlessly deliver the monologue of lies during daily press briefings without breaking a sweat. As much as he tried his very best to live up to the expectations of an expert scammer, the former White House communications director met his untimely demise when he comically supplied inflated figures to counteract the pitiful attendance of his boss’s inaugural festivities.

The very brief stint as “tormentor of the press,” wasn’t all in vain, as Spicer was able to graduate into the territory that’s best suited for his skill set as it pertains to being the roving “village idiot” on command, who was best known for selling his soul in honor of our Thug-in-Chief. He summarized his forgettable career as the useless representative of a criminal establishment in a book that nobody read.

He attended the Emmys as a presenter, and his unappreciated appearance drew loud criticisms from celebrities who didn’t want to share space with a nationalized loser. And it was recently announced that Spicer has joined the cast of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, a move that apparently doesn’t appeal to longtime host Tom Bergeron, who immediately released a statement that subtly hints at his surprise that his recommendations for the upcoming cast list was rejected by producers who decided to “go in a different direction.”

America has never downplayed its obsession with White males with past offenses that range from the utterly horrific to the downright reprehensible.

It wasn’t that long ago, that notorious serial killers, Ted Bundy and Charles Manson experienced a period of notable resurgence, thanks to Hollywood’s adherence to the bloody tales of murder and mayhem, that have to feature the main ingredients of the killer’s good looks and charisma, against the backdrop of a romanticized time period.

Sean Spicer and his comrade-in-filth, Anthony Scaramucci aren’t the kind of White guys who can flash that irresistible smile that seductively leads you to the crime scene that will showcase your body parts, but they both willingly participated in a different kind of criminal act, that is currently activating a life-threatening climate that targets Black and Brown victims who don’t fit the description of #MAGA.

The industry responsible for our packaged narrative is controlled by White males, and they have the luxury of pursuing scumbags like Spicer and Scaramucci because of the privilege that allows for the humanizing of sleazy characters, who swore allegiance to a self-professed White nationalist.

While Spicer hasn’t offered much analysis regarding the daily exploits of his former employer, Scaramucci has made it his mission to be visibly accessible after he was disgracefully swept away from the podium in favor of the woman who was born for the job of righteously massacring the long-held tradition of press briefings, for the pleasure of the supreme leader that she confirmed was “chosen by God.”

Reputable news organizations like CNN and MSNBC wasted no time in calling on the “Mooch” to provide idiotic commentary and analysis about the renegade in the White House, who is apparently complicated enough to warrant the unsightly segments on morning shows and nightly fare, where star anchors grill for the answers that infuriatingly normalize a heartless oaf.

Scaramucci’s rise was inevitable when you consider how his sleek salesman vibes with the forced swagger that exposes the inauthenticity that can’t be hidden under expensive suits and overblown brashness, proved to be expectedly palatable to ravenous producers who are woefully addicted to the ratings bonanza of Trump TV.

As a Wall Street heathen with the standard Ivy League background, the native New Yorker, is the sweaty hustler who seamlessly goes from being the White House communications director for a mere ten days to the equally combative household of Big Brother.

It takes a set of smelly balls and the audacity of a seasoned fame-chaser to be able to emerge from those highly unsanitary gigs without any scarring. But Scaramucci has the level of blissful nonchalance that arms him with the ability to capitalize on the windfall that’s provided by reserved seats at prominent roundtables that are spinning out of control.

And this where the White media fails to live up to the lofty goals of holding a toxic administration dutifully accountable for crimes against humanity.

Why haven’t we elevated to the status that can’t tolerate the raised voices of former soldiers of a criminalized establishment that is relentlessly committed to the statutes of White supremacy, the nationalized trigger of our deadly epidemic, otherwise known as White terrorism?

Anthony Scaramucci has spent the season of Trump’s presidency as his trusted defender in the square of public opinion, and his mission statement has been traitorously advanced by White men who are in complete control of the journalistic messaging, emanating from organizations that are revered for their supposed track record of excellence.

When Charolottesville was the activated national emergency after White supremacists held the city under siege, Scaramucci made his press rounds, via mainstream outlets, where he trumpeted his unyielding support for a White nationalist who declared White people who terrorize non-Whites as “very fine people.”

Scaramucci’s practiced strategy was to consistently paint Trump as the helpless victim, who was being unfairly persecuted for the crimes that Steve Bannon was cunningly devising behind-the-scenes. When the weak and vile response from the White House about Charlottesville caused controversy, Scaramucci was recruited to decode the chaos, and his pathetic explanation conveyed the falsehood of how the president was being hampered by those who were manipulating his statements to suit their agendas.

Donald Trump has always been a racist, and that dates back to when he was ordered by his father to ensure that “the Blacks” wouldn’t be admitted to any of the units managed by the family business.

There’s also the damning episode of the full page ad that called for the death penalty to be levied on five boys of color who were being persecuted for actions that never transpired against a White woman.

Scaramucci was also quick to publish a book about the exploits of the House of the Horrors that he helped facilitate, and the pages are filled with glowing praises for a celebrated thug, who kisses the asses of murderous dictators for the thrill of showcasing why he admires renowned global disrupters.

Here’s a telling extract that attempts to misleadingly validate Trump’s private moments as a visionary with a refreshingly unorthodox approach to governing.

“I know him well, and I believe he has an intellect that is uniquely suited to the presidency.” “He never let anyone know he was gathering information to make policy out of it… So he made it seem like he was chatting, talking economics and trade policy the way you’d talk about the New York Mets. Then he synthesized all the responses into one position, letting in the good bits and keeping out the bad.”

Mainstream media has a weakness for White males who claim to know Donald Trump better than he knows himself. They are self-professed prophets, who are able to read between the lines that symbolize how Trump’s bigoted campaign mantra was just an over-the-top ploy to win over disenfranchised White voters. It has no bearing over the characteristics of the most powerful man in the world, who has been mutilating his office with egomaniacal tendencies.

Scaramucci helped to create our current nightmare by working hard to elect a the worst president in modern history, and his steadfast defense of an administration that endorsed locking up migrant babies in cages can’t be minimized or conveniently forgotten.

And now that the alternate universe as surfaced with the initiated feud that has positioned the commander and his soldier on opposite sides of the spectrum, we are suddenly deluged with viral headlines of Scaramucci’s sudden change of heart, as he publicly expresses disgust and officially announces his defection from the national crisis that he helped curate.

Scaramucci’s much-heralded piece in The Washington Post is supposed to be the prized confession from the former spokesperson of President Trump, who has somehow been alerted to what most of us couldn’t afford to glaze over.

Readers are given the ugly tour into the murkiness of a shallow mind with narcissistic grooming, as he trudges through the obvious reasons why he blindly worshipped a temperamental doofus, who never matured past the toddler phase.

My public praise of the man was over the top at times, but my private estimation of him was more measured. I thought Trump, despite his warts, could bring a pragmatic, entrepreneurial approach to the Oval Office. I thought he could be the reset button Washington needed to break through the partisan sclerosis. I thought he would govern in a more inclusive way than his campaign rhetoric might have indicated, and I naively thought that, by joining the administration, I could counteract the far-right voices in the room.

There’s no way to summarize this nonsensical essay, other than to label it as the bullshit of the year, and to also recognize the brand that hosted it as the ultimate bullshitter.

Scaramucci is actually much worse than Trump based on his wobbly stance and fetish for rebranding, that duly weakens his already battered reputation, compared to his newly-minted adversary who has maintained an eerie consistency in the realm of feted orneriness.

The main culprit in this flaming disaster is mainstream media’s enabling of cowardly lions, who roar for as long as they can, until the game demands timely makeovers. And when they comply, the festival to hail faux-heroism, spearheaded by compromised outlets plays out indefinitely.

So we are now stuck with a societal “moocher,” who has access to massive platforms that should be making room for talents of color, who are capable of speaking on behalf of communities who are suffering the real-time consequences of enduring the deadliness of White supremacy.

The media creates the monsters that attack, and at some point we have to strike back where it hurts until the faces that resemble our template and struggle are given the same opportunities as our detractors.

We gotta do what we gotta do.


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