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How The Media Became a Tool of Disengagement

There’s a disconnect in the force

Even before Donald Trump was sworn into office, his dominance over the news cycle was quite apparent. His nauseating antics only helped to secure his viability beyond the adoring gaze of loyal outlets like Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), as once-trusted networks like CNN and MSNBC quickly fell victim to the celebrated wiles of a nefarious dimwit, who was well-equipped to be the most watched subject in American history.

At first we were tricked into believing that despite the hovering residue of the abominable 2016 elections, that revealed damning habits of reputable news organizations — that were ravenously addicted to Trump’s growing popularity as the unlikely candidate, being groomed for the position of his lifetime at the expense of a fragile nation — there would never be the “sellout mentality” that would devour our waning sanity.

The comeback tour of once-ailing staple Saturday Night Live, only elevated the chaos and mayhem with the fits of giggles from well-mounted skits, that still elicit thunderous applause and plenty of “likes”, even though the dire consequences of normalizing an era that will be historically labeled with hefty red marks of disapproval and general bewilderment, will surely cite the entertainment angle as one of the main culprits.

There’s no doubt that President Trump’s ascension into the seat of absolute power has tragically shifted the industriousness of news reporting into flakes of half-assed delivery, that’s questionably hastened in order to create more than enough room for exhaustive panel discussions, centered around a future felon, who is being gloriously feted for his evil deeds.

In a better world, he would be receiving the treatment of watching how his crime spree is affecting the population that he mercilessly targets without push back from cowardly enablers or those assigned to work the beat of our diseased existence.

The rate at which the media became the tool of our disengagement from reality is astounding, and it’s unfortunately only going to get much worse as #2020 rears its ugly head.

There’s no adherence to the facts of the moment as it pertains to the pending items of life and death that are plaguing American households across the country.

All we hear about is the economic victories, with the allegedly robust job market, and how skill sets are being nurtured through the tweeted efforts of the president’s favorite first daughter, who is still being allowed to navigate a role that was illegally awarded, as proven by those who’ve attested to the scam — and yet nobody is challenging this very serious security breach.

CNN and other like-minded truth-tellers are more interested in sparring with Fox News with the receipts that put Trump and his cabinet of fools on blast 24/7.

But there’s no attempt to go for the jugular in the name of justice by strongly condemning the president’s preferred programming for dangerously encouraging the widespread practice of Islamophobia; through the attacks by bigoted anchors, notably Jeanine Pirro, who was briefly suspended for comparing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s religious attire to the requirements of Sharia Law.

It’s mind-boggling that neither CNN nor MSNBC has felt the responsibility to strike back in her defense by creating segments that explore the dutifulness of Muslim-Americans in ways that shut down ignorant Trumpsters, who are adamant about demonizing those who practice Islam, with the ammunition of perpetuating stereotypes that feed into the fear and madness of the maddened crowd.

A 55-year-old White man was just apprehended for threatening the life of Congresswoman Omar, and yet Fox News is still engaged in the task of providing their viewers with weekly updates that forever keep her as the prime target of White supremacists, who rely on Trump’s handbook of traitors that he deems “un-American” and therefore worthy of bullish monologues.

There’s also the unresolved epidemic of gun violence, and how the mainstream media always waits until those heartbreaking reminders ring the bell before casually glazing over an issue that needs to be activated longer than the few minutes of montages to the latest victims, and the Q&A sessions with lawmakers and experts who borrow from rubbish talk that is never too shabby for recycling.

It’s nothing short of revolting to realize the traumatic bubble that forcibly surrounds those who survive the bloodiness of mass shootings. And then when you apply that unspeakable violence to the hallways of learning, where American children are sent to blossom with the promise of tomorrow, you have to wonder how we can bear to function with the knowledge of how there will be plenty more of that nightmare to follow.

When it was confirmed that two Parkland students had died by their own hand, including a father who lost his young daughter in the Sandy Hook massacre, news outlets pathetically devoted restricted attention to the awful updates, and then seamlessly moved on to the more vital matter of how Trump’s week was unfolding.

CNN treats viewers to laborious specials that boost nostalgic appeal with Tricky Dick, that recalls the failed administration of ousted President Richard Nixon, and the birds-eye view into The Bush Years, which is undoubtedly timed to coincide with the back-to-back losses of the beloved patriarch and matriarch.

But what about the specials that are setup to torture our criminally-minded dictator who would be sickened with panic at an hour-long examination that details exactly how he fucked up recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria swallowed up Puerto Rico and spat it out — debris by debris.

What about an in depth series that exposes the truth of how the United States is still leading the pack when it comes to extreme nature of gun violence, with emphasis on how New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern was able to give the world a first-class lesson on how to demonstrate pure love for the citizens that she swore to protect at all cost.

And even more astounding is the inexplicable lack of coverage when it comes to the daunting presence of domestic terrorism, that’s ravaging the entire nation with no end in sight.

How can it be that this clear and present danger that’s being activated by an administration that claimed victory with the assistance of a hate-infused narrative, that continues to flourish under the command of a White nationalist, is purposely missing from the lineup of editorial calendars, that aren’t flexible enough to hit the man-baby in the White House precisely where it hurts.

At this present time, the news cycle is once again downplaying headlines that contain the weightiness of increased racial disharmony, that should be handled with the level of urgency that it warrants, which would inadvertently give Trump cause for concern, as he’s appropriately blamed for the intolerable climate that he manifested through rampant hate crimes that have validated his toxic presidency.

Black churches are burning in Louisiana, and there’s no relentless shatter about what this means, and how empathy can be gathered from summoning parishioners to testify to the crippling loss of historic monuments, and why Blackness is being terrorized in the most blasphemously vile way.

Perhaps CNN would’ve sent their prized talents — Anderson Cooper, Brooke Baldwin or even NOLA native Don Lemon — if they believed it was truly worth the hassle. And we can even debate whether or not there would’ve been long days of devoted coverage if three synagogues had been grazed to the ground in well-to-do communities, as opposed to the lackluster areas of Louisiana that don’t typically garner viewership.

The media-at-large has forgotten the magical power of engagement, and how balanced and fair reporting inspires trust and respect from those who are starving for the illustrious landscape that used to alight the days of old, when hard-hitting journalists broke into a facility and unearthed documents that eventually ended a presidency.

You can’e engage with the deadpan reception of news organizations, that are sickeningly committed to the polarizing fixture of a devastatingly destructive character, who has successfully commandeered the authority of his polluted agenda towards the victimized — who are being deplorably under-serviced.

All we have is TrumpTV, and the assurance that in order to really know what the hell is happening in our own backyards, we have to become our own roving newsmen and newswomen, with the capacity to dig deeper with laser vision, in order to scope out the meaty portions of the hallowed shell, that is distributed in the grotesque shape of Donald J. Trump.

The evil idiot, who has the media on lock — until whenever.

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