Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer speaking at a press conference — Photo: Getty Images

How The Ire of White Supremacy Is Rewarding Breonna Taylor’s Killers

As a weary nation that’s still in the depths of despair from the ongoing ravages of COVID, simultaneously battles the domestic terrorism of back-to-back mass shootings and hate crimes in the form of police brutality, we’re also reminded of the trauma stemming from systemic injustice, that remains unchecked.

As a Black woman in America, my trigger centers are alighted whenever the memory of Sandra Bland resurfaces. Each year, since 2015, the anniversary of her death serves as the searing evidence of how she was mercilessly brutalized by the uniformed thug, who violently dragged an unarmed Black woman out of her car with intentions of ruining her.

Breonna Taylor didn’t survive the violent home invasion in the ungodly hour of the night, when she and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker were rudely awakened by plain-clothed Louisville police officers, storming their space in the blinding darkness, armed and ready to kill.

A gunfight ensued between stealth cops, who bulldozed their way into the apartment with the abhorrent “no-knock warrant” and Taylor’s boyfriend, who was eventually apprehended after shooting one of the officers in the leg.

Breonna Taylor was hit multiple times and died from gunshot wounds. There’s still inconsistencies about the response time of the rogue cops, who senselessly killed an innocent Black woman in her own home, especially when you factor in how criminally long it took for a dying victim to get the medical assistance she desperately needed.

The one-year anniversary of that fateful night has come and gone, and the current status of Breonna Taylor’s killers is the solid proof of the ire of white supremacy. It’s all about securing the white privilege of white gangsters who wield authoritative mandates that diminish Black lives that won’t matter until we abolish the police.

Jonathan Mattingly, the police officer who was injured by Kenneth Walker, during the infamous gun fight, is dutifully employed with the Louisville police department, while the other two thugs who along with Mattingly, mercilessly fired multiple shots during the invasion in the dead of night have since been relieved of their duties.

The bereaved relatives of a young, vibrant Black woman who was excelling at her job in the medical field, before her beautiful life was cruelly snatched away by a home raid gone wrong, have sadly joined the never-ending nightmare of other Black families, that follows the unyielding quest for justice in the name of those who paid the ultimate price of being Black in America.

Systemic dysfunction allows Breonna Taylor’s cold-blooded killers to be spared any form of punishment for their crimes. These terrorists are freely able to live out their lives like nothing happened, and with the full support of biased institutions that are built to uphold the statutes of white supremacy.

This explains why Mattingly is back in the news, after the recent announcement of his ambitious book deal with Post Hill Press, that was originally going to be distributed by Simon & Schuster, but in response to the growing controversy, the publishing giant released a statement confirming why it will no longer be affiliated with the upcoming project.

The Tennessee-based Post Hill Press is known for representing social lepers like embattled Matt Gaetz, and publishing books that focus on “current events, Christian and conservative political” topics. When contacted about the scandal surrounding Mattingly’s audacity to write a book about his crimes, a spokesperson reiterated the company’s adherence to the “free speech” of hired authors.

Mattingly “deserves to have his account of the tragic events heard publicly.”

But what about what Breonna Taylor deserves?

What about how she was brutishly silenced in a hail of bullets, after being violently awakened from sleep to accommodate a gang of invaders during a narcotics raid that didn’t unearth any drugs?

Jonathan Mattingly wants to write his truth about how he almost died, as a guilty participant of a bloody crime scene that he helped to stage, while the family of the Black woman who died too young, because of his gross negligence have to bear the re-traumatization of what they will never stop grieving.

Breonna Taylor was only twenty-six at the time of her death, and too often when discussing these harrowing instances of police brutality and the precious Black lives that are systemically slaughtered without the dignity of reasonable doubt, we fail to focus on the human story with emphasis on youthfulness and what could’ve been.

The ire of white supremacy has empowered a white terrorist with the promise of future viability via a lucrative book deal that will host his tale of lies, and provide public vindication from fellow white supremacists, who will reward one of their own for supremely avoiding the consequences of his actions.

Mattingly and the thugs who cowardly invaded the space of an unsuspecting occupant and her boyfriend with the sole purpose of committing murder, didn’t give a damn about the basic human rights of the innocent Black lives that they instantly shattered on that night of horrors.

“The Fight For Truth: The Inside Story Behind the Breonna Taylor Tragedy,” is the laughable title of Mattingly’s highly-anticipated offering, which will undoubtedly attempt to wash away the unforgivable sins of the assigned gunmen, who created the tragic events that led to the untimely demise of a Black victim, who wasn’t supposed to survive her attackers.

It’s hard to fathom this same bitter scenario playing out with traitorous agony if Breonna Taylor had been a white woman secured in her apartment with her boyfriend, blissfully unaware of what’s about to go down.

First off, the assigned officers wouldn’t have broken down the door and proceeded to shoot up the place with the knowledge of how those actions could lead to deadly results.

No way rogue cops storm an apartment, shoot and kill the renter who happens to be a white woman, and escape murder charges with one of them given the green light to write a book that vilifies the victim and validates his self-professed innocence.

White supremacy is the incurable virus that has exacted generational trauma on the Black lives that are considered expendable by a compromised judicial system that never fails to exonerate murderous badged officers, who have no issue safely apprehending white terrorists, minutes after their acts of violence, but can’t resist shooting non-threatening, unarmed Black victims to death.

Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly wants to capitalize on the brutal slaughtering of Breonna Taylor by utilizing his “freedom of speech” as an employed enforcer of the law, who terrorizes the streets in search of Black bodies to willfully brutalize with the enablement of a system that criminally honors his misdeeds.

Breonna Taylor and the countless Black and Brown victims who have perished from the deadliness of police brutality also deserve to be cleansed from demonized narratives that white media and the supremacy of white institutions prefer to brandish as reasonable cause for systemic violence against vulnerable communities.

The armed brutes who are allowed to thrive in the aftermath of their horrific crimes are glaring symbols of how police culture protects and serves their soldiers of death. It’s at the expense of the victims whose lives were unfathomably cut short because of how being Black in a country that’s rigged against you, automatically endorses your planned extinction.

As a Black woman, who is acutely aware of how high the stakes are, each time I dare to venture out with the Lord’s Prayer on my lips, witnessing the unsightly victory lap of Breonna Taylor’s killers is an added burden of pain and frustration that knows no bounds.

Until the police force ceases to recruit KKK Klan members and candidates with a history of racism and the track record of problematic behavioral traits that never fail to manifest into the gun violence that keeps hate crimes alive — Black lives will remain at risk and the badged perpetrators will never be held accountable.

White supremacy is the disease that might be cured if whiteness is de-powered — once and for all.

Can we imagine it?

As long as law enforcement continues to recruit thugs who are trained to terrorize the streets — nothing is going to change. Nothing. Week after week, year after year, decades go by, and we are still giving rogue cops permission to kill without issue.

It’s SICK.

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