How The Inhumanness Of A Deadly Virus Exposes Our Inhumanity

As the weeks fly by, we greet another new month with cautious optimism that seems to be waning by the day, thanks to concerning updates about the ravaging effects of Covid-19, and the grimness that presents a scary forecast for the future.

Ultimately, the inhumanness of this lethal virus has exposed our own inhumanity, and the unsightliness is exhaustingly heartrending.

Imagine being brutalized by the very government that’s more than equipped to drastically reduce the stresses that come with the abrupt loss of the mechanisms that permit functionality with steady flow of income, but evilly chooses not to bail you out.

Hate is the only language that applies during a time when “love thy neighbor” should be the only fathomable demonstration.

We are devastated for the families that are forever changed by our ongoing nightmare, and our hearts beat for the men and women in uniforms that represent the unrelenting battle to save as many as possible, even when it means imminent death.

Sorry to have to say it, but we are truly fucked!

There is no rest for the weary, and if we want to believe that our worst days are long gone, then we might not be well-suited for what lies ahead.

We’ve lost our humanity.

We can try to find it during Zoom sessions with Real Housewives, who are still able to reunite for cursing and alcoholic rants while the world weeps blood, but that won’t work either.

It’s the least I can do for us.

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