How The Inhumanness Of A Deadly Virus Exposes Our Inhumanity

As the weeks fly by, we greet another new month with cautious optimism that seems to be waning by the day, thanks to concerning updates about the ravaging effects of Covid-19, and the grimness that presents a scary forecast for the future.

Trump and his cabinet of fools aren’t concerned about the staggering death toll, despite damning proof that implicates this toxic administration when it comes to the failure of jumping into action back when implementing live-saving measures could’ve curbed the unfathomable.

The ousted vaccine chief, Rick Bright, a former Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), has filed a whistleblower complaint where he accuses the Trump administration of gross negligence.

Bright alleges that as far back as January, he painted a dire picture of what could transpire if his warning and recommendations about how to minimize the deadliness of the coronavirus were ignored, and yet this administration criminally downplayed the worst case scenario, and now we know why.

It was always about protecting the only playing card that Trump could use to enhance his chances of reelection — the booming economy.

The fear of surrendering to the task of saving the lives and livelihood of American citizens, including the idiotic lot who will vote for him again was far greater than the real nightmare of losing more than 80,000 victims, who didn’t stand a chance of surviving the dangerous incompetence of a national terrorizer.

Trump and his equally foolish advisers are recklessly spreading the messaging that attempts to propel the notion that those in desperate need of financial relief are being adequately served.

As expected, Ivanka Trump is littering her Twitter page with daily reminders that trumpet the falsities of how American workers across the board are benefiting from her father’s generosity and timely response to the nationwide catastrophe that he helped to elevate due to willful nonchalance.

And then when you add the horror show unfolding in the states that have been allowed to reopen with lax caution and the missing respect for the still-rising numbers of confirmed infections, we have to wonder how much more divided this nation can get under these heightened circumstances.

The revised data projecting what we can expect by the end of this month is a stark contrast to what Trump and his soldiers of death are trumpeting, as they replay talking points that encourage the swift return to what can never be if new cases of Covid-19 continue to rise with vengeance.

There’s also the steep increase of people filing for unemployment, and the numbers are nothing short of historic. So far 17 million have filed claims in the last three weeks, and forecasters promise that there will be more to come as hard hit industries bleed money and the jobless turn to government assistance.

It’s glaringly obvious that the overly-hyped robust economy that Trump was aggressively flaunting as the “best-ever on record” is rapidly disintegrating, and there’s every reason to believe that the ramifications of this global pandemic will endure for a painfully long time.

This explains the hostile attitude of this rogue administration when it comes to the mandate of coercing us into signing our own death certificates with the premature reopening of businesses and public recreational facilities, including scenic beaches.

The jaw-dropping numbers of the dead and the frightening predictions of what’s to come seems to be an after-thought for selfish Americans positioned in places where restrictions are slowly being lifted. Apparently it’s not fast enough for the angry mob of avid beach-goers, and the stubbornly one-track-minded, who are ready to battle it out with law enforcement for their right to be ornery.

The disturbing images and video clips circulating the web are graphically offensive. We get to observe rowdy crowds gathering in unification for the goal of not just kill themselves, but also threatening law-abiding residents who have no issue obeying the laws that are in place for their safety.

It doesn’t help that President Trump is determined to weaponize his absolute power by rejecting the validity of the mind-numbing statistics, that starkly go against his nefarious plot to sacrifice innocent lives for the thrill of revving up a flatlining job market.

His high-powered goons, including Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine, are following the notoriousness of the administration they serve with reports coming in that verify how workers in some states will be mercilessly penalized for not reporting for duty out of fear of what can’t be conttrolled.

Ultimately, the inhumanness of this lethal virus has exposed our own inhumanity, and the unsightliness is exhaustingly heartrending.

Imagine being brutalized by the very government that’s more than equipped to drastically reduce the stresses that come with the abrupt loss of the mechanisms that permit functionality with steady flow of income, but evilly chooses not to bail you out.

And not only are you saddled with mounting bills, and the hovering menace of monthly rent, but you also have to contend with the strong likelihood that you could get infected with Covid-19 because of impatient assholes, who are spoiled beyond reason, and a bullish administration that is guilty of senselessly murdering thousands of Americans.

Thousands more will perish, and this dismal climate that constantly parades around the once lively faces of those who’ve been permanently silenced by a venomous beast, isn’t doing much to sway the heathens in The White House or on overcrowded streets of disorder.

Hate is the only language that applies during a time when “love thy neighbor” should be the only fathomable demonstration.

We are devastated for the families that are forever changed by our ongoing nightmare, and our hearts beat for the men and women in uniforms that represent the unrelenting battle to save as many as possible, even when it means imminent death.

As we try to salvage as much optimism as we can stand to muster, let’s not forget that Trump was elected to kill us all.

Sorry to have to say it, but we are truly fucked!

There is no rest for the weary, and if we want to believe that our worst days are long gone, then we might not be well-suited for what lies ahead.

We are lambs to the slaughter and some of us are the walking dead with limited access to what we need to survive. We are facing the torturous reality of depleting assets that might be replenished if we dare to enter the battlefield that’s hidden under the mask of societal disillusionment.

We’ve lost our humanity.

We can try to find it during Zoom sessions with Real Housewives, who are still able to reunite for cursing and alcoholic rants while the world weeps blood, but that won’t work either.

I’m opting for kindness and the openness that accepts the day to day with the oath of preserving attributes that will keep my spirit strong even if my body fails.

It’s the least I can do for us.

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