How The Devastation of Covid-19 Exposes America’s Disdain For The Needy

It’s hard to remember what it felt like to step outside and roam around with blissful nonchalance, without the hovering danger of either getting infected or infecting others with a deadly virus that has killed over 130,00 Americans.

When the nationwide shutdown became the mandatory status back in March, the immediacy of such drastic measures expectedly summoned a level of hysteria that hasn’t quite dissipated.

The Trump administration with the trusted assistance of its assigned extension, Fox News, spent weeks downplaying Covid-19 as the hoax that radical Democrats were weaponizing against the man-baby, presently defacing The White House with his particular brand of normalized orneriness.

But when the threatening arrival of what turned out to be a global pandemic began it’s phase of mass destruction, it was difficult for Trump and his cabinet of fools to continue the tone-deaf narrative that didn’t match up with glaring evidence of an unprecedented national catastrophe.

The staggering number of casualties were amassed from the gross negligence that tragically delayed implementation of lifesaving mechanisms, that should’ve prevented the senseless loss of innocent Americans, who didn’t stand a chance against the raging machine of deadly dysfunction at the epicenter of absolute power.

During the height of the mania surrounding the abrupt closing of schools, and some the businesses we rely on for daily operations, it was confirmed that the U.S. government was preparing to send out stimulus checks to qualified American workers .

But the paltry sum of $1200 was a hard slap in the face for struggling citizens who already barely making do before the sudden loss of consistent paychecks.

Meanwhile, million-dollar and even billion-dollar corporations were also vying for a piece of the $2.2 trillion relief fund that was designated under the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.

The most lucrative franchise in the history of the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers, were forced to return the $6.4 million that was received after it was confirmed that there was no more money to spare for the smaller, needier organizations that also qualified for the bailout.

Other companies that returned their millions in fund money include Shake Shack, AutoNation, and Potbelly to name a few. And yet, small businesses that were particularly vulnerable to the sudden end to day-to-day activities couldn’t even benefit from the bare minimum in financial support compared to what big name corporations were dutifully awarded.

We’ve always known about the callous religion of capitalism, and how it’s utilized to shame the portion of the population that’s at a huge disadvantage when it comes to systemic oppression, that guarantees why the rich will get richer and the poor will continue to descend into the demoralizing pit of despair.

As it turns out, the stimulus check from the federal government had more than enough to delegate to lucky taxpayers, earning more than $1 million annually.

This inexplicable scenario is able to occur thanks to the fine print attached to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and how it was able to allot about $1.7 million to each of the 43,000 recipients via those pesky tax breaks.

Those questionable calculations were somehow finagled to give rich folks undeserved rewards at the expense of lowlier individuals who depend on the hampered resources of local and state governments.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett, a Texas Democrat, was outspoken about the necessity of the stimulus package during its inception, and he perfectly summed up how the national health crisis of our lifetime was swiftly hijacked to add more wealth to the section of the country that’s already bursting with excess.

It’s hardly shocking to assimilate the fact that generational wealth, accumulated by the nefariousness of descendants of white slave masters, would continue to flourish from similar historical tactics, that aim to uphold the rulebook of white supremacy by ensuring that those stolen privileges remain unchallenged.

The president of the United States and his equally deplorable adult children with the exception of Tiffany, were all indicted by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, for what was aptly described as “a shocking pattern of illegality” with respect to the management of funds allotted to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

The foundation which was founded in 1988, had the primary objective of donating proceeds from Trump’s bestseller, “Trump: The Art of the Deal” to charitable outlets, but like most unregulated organizations fronted by greedy members of high society, it doesn’t take long for criminality to overtake the best of intentions.

By 2008, Trump was no longer using his own money to fund his New York-based foundation, and even worse, he was still soliciting donations from outside sources.

In December 2018, the Donald J. Trump Foundation was disgracefully dissolved with remaining funds allocated to court-approved charities, while Trump was ordered to pay the sum of $2 million as settlement for illegally operating his foundation as the hub of political and business pursuits.

The unplanned attack from Covid-19 and the sobering repercussions of balancing mental health with the daily battle for survival, in a country being terrorized by systemic injustices, and abuse from a toxic administration that refuses to prioritize the wellbeing of vulnerable citizens — has illustrated the expendability of lives hanging in the balance.

As of early June, it was recorded that over 42.6 million Americans had filed for unemployment benefits due to the domino effect of the coronavirus, and how it has over-burdened already struggling households that are currently stuck in the dilemma of rapidly diminishing resources.

And yet, Trump and his co-conspirators are hell bent on proceeding with the messaging of “business as usual,” at all costs.

The nationwide devastation of Covid-19 is irrevocable, when you calculate the loss of lives and the accrued months of self-isolation, that directly affected the livelihoods of working Americans, who are now facing the grim reality of premature reopening, including states that are exhibiting frightening data, showcasing soaring numbers.

Trump and his henchmen are willfully sacrificing the the safety of America’s children with the non-negotiable requirement for schools to reopen on schedule regardless of the imminent dangers that lie ahead.

The CDC guidelines that coherently detail best practices for reopening schools in the fall, have been rejected by the Terrorizer-in-Chief who nonsensically alleges that the proposed plans are “too expensive” and “too impractical” to consider.

And even scarier is Trump’s bullish response to the push back from Democrats and disapproving detractors, as they join forces to decry the problematic tactics of a devilish oaf, who will do anything to secure his victorious reelection, even if it means cutting federal funding from institutions of learning that opt not to have in-person classes.

It’s hard to keep track of the daily reminders that exacerbate the hostile climate of an ailing nation on the brink of another major catastrophe.

But no matter how fatigued we are from the relentless companion of everyday conundrums, we can’t escape the documentation that highlights the burning hot spots across the country, fast and furiously succumbing to the re-manifestation of Covid-19.

Thanks to the compromised mindset of Governor Ron DeSantis, a staunch ally of his supreme leader, Donald Trump, the embattled state of Florida is flatlining from the updated statistics that confirm the death toll has surpassed 4,000, with new cases increased by 9,000 to the final tally of a whopping 229,000.

The situation is just as precarious in Texas, as new cases of coronavirus has risen to more than 10,000 in one day, a record high that demonstrates why the gross negligence assigned to the rushed opening overseen by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott was bound to result in a full-blown disaster.

As we approach the second half of what can be assessed as one of the most dramatic years we’ve ever encountered, based on not just the arrival of a menacing virus, that’s being politicized by a rogue administration, but also the impending elections in November that will literally be a matter of life and death — the growing fear of what’s to come is suffocatingly daunting.

The United States is officially weathering the verification of more than 3 million cases of Covid-19.

Northeastern states seem to have things under control for now, but the hardest hit Southern states that rushed reopenings are flailing with no relief in sight.

This doesn’t bode well for the months ahead, as we prepare for fall and collectively wonder if we can rely on a miracle to end this nightmare.

America is one of the wealthiest country in the world, and yet, it refuses to take care of its own citizens by providing the financial relief package that makes allowances for self-isolation, without the headache of pending expenses that can only be solved by reporting for duty, during the height of a pandemic that isn’t going away.

Handing out $1,200 checks was beyond pathetic, and definitely a strong indication that the U.S. government considers the population of needy Americans as prime contenders for crimes against humanity, and as such, setting them up to fail will make it even harder for them to achieve the so-called “American Dream.”

There has been talk of a second stimulus check, but whether or not that will actually happen is anyone’s guess.

The facts are undeniable!

What we have here is the very definition of how and why The United States of America was never “united” to begin with, and now that the much-needed expertise and guidance of Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been willfully curtailed by The White House — all we can do is helplessly watch this harrowing ordeal play out.

This country was constructed to take care of the privileged and fuck over the “have nots” and if there’s any doubt of that declaration, then contemplate how fast that silly check from the government disappeared — and then examine your prospects for the rest of the year.

It’s not looking for us — and sadly not even a brand new administration will do the trick because how will we make it until then?

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