How The Brutal Shaming of Jamie Dimon Exposes The Abhorrent Greed of Wall Street

Ezinne Ukoha
7 min readMay 21, 2019


Some weeks ago, JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon got his ass handed to him on a platter that was cluttered with an upper-crust diet, that contained a skyrocketing salary, and hefty bonus packages that are mandatory, even at the expense of low-level employees of the bank, who are working enough hours to secure the necessary pay for survival, but somehow those funds are rarely forthcoming.

Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter became a household name, when she commandeered the floor during the hearing with the House Financial Services Committee, and proceeded to expose the willful arrogance of a decked out billionaire corporate vulture, who couldn’t come up with a reasonable solution for one of his bank tellers, whose monthly pay is a measly $2,425.

Dimon’s stiff disposition was no match for the fiery avalanche of facts and queries that Congresswoman Porter was impressively armed with, as she ripped into the audacity of a privileged and over-paid Wall Street thug, who made even more money when the economic crisis of 2008 devoured the lifesavings of modestly-positioned Americans, who were victimized by the mortgage scam that JPMorgan helped to orchestrate.


In 2017, Dimon received about $29.5 million in compensation which was nothing compared to what he took home back in 2007, when JPMorgan bequeathed him a staggering $50 million.

And to break it down, you have to bear in mind that most of his salary is borne out of equity. His annual base salary is about $1.5 million, with cash bonuses of $5 million.

It’s no wonder that Porter was adamant about painstakingly breaking down the itemized necessities of an employee of JPMorgan Chase, who offers services that are vital to the overall survivability of the most successful and largest financial institution in the country.

And yet, her lowly status at the very bottom of the company’s hierarchy tree, leaves her vulnerable to the…