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How The Brutal and Senseless Murder of Botham Jean Maintains The Sanctity of White Women

America may seem cripplingly divided for obvious reasons, but the main unification that can’t ever be overthrown, is the commonality of how White women are off limits when it comes to public demonization and reasonable accountability.

As mainstream media dukes it out when it come to the viability of information, and how being on the wrong side of a lawless administration leads to the war of words, that leaves mounting casualties on all sides — there’s also an epidemic of inconsistencies and moral inaptitude that is sprung from how we process the deliveries.

Clicks have clicked us out of our minds, and into the arena that forces us to coddle the ones that absolutely don’t deserve those familiar renderings, even if history dictates their celebrated sanctity.

Imagine if you will, that President Obama contained the same amount of fuckery that your current leader possesses, with all the levels of disorganization and endorsed criminality that continues to go unchecked.

Then, try to visualize his team of well-dressed exploiters, that include his misplaced daughter, who continues to play the contrived role of “advisor-to-the-president” when she’s really championing her own political aspirations for her future trajectory.

Is it remotely possible that an unqualified Black socialite, who positions herself in the epicenter of supreme power at the expense of a nation, that is dying a slow death under the watchful eyes of former allies and patient detractors — can enjoy the privilege of shameless complicity without liberal media outlets like CNN and MSNBC scorning her on a daily basis?

The answer is no.

The only reason why Ivanka Trump is able to continue operations without disruptions from journalists who are tasked with calling out injustice in all forms — regardless of the status of guilty parties — is because she’s a White woman.

It has nothing to do with her established pedigree or the fact that she’s the first daughter, which somehow shields her from being frequently selected for the literary assault on her already blemished character. It’s all about purity of Whiteness that’s even more embellished when White women who behave badly are traditionally given the benefit of the doubt.

Ivanka Trump is a co-conspirator in her father’s toxic administration.

This means that no matter how many well-meaning and nicely propped tweets she shares, depicting her in situations that are meant to convince Americans that their educational and financial prospects are steadily improving — the reality of how she silently supports the caging of migrant infants and the argument against the researched and confirmed death toll after Hurricane Maria — is a glaring stain on her record.

But the very same media outlets that obsessively troll her father, without fail, seem to have a difficult time extending that same treatment to a woman that is tracked by the Daily Mail every morning, as she sashays out of her mansion in head-to-toe designer items — and makes her way into a bullet-proof vehicle for the short ride to the scene of her crimes.

Instead, we’re treated to ceremoniously neutral essays about how she and her robotic hubby (also a White House advisor), are quietly manipulating the behind-the-scenes production. The hottest couple in Washington D.C. have mastered the art of “getting things done” without the disturbance of the media.

And this particular skill is quite impressive because it keeps them above water — even when the strongest tide threatens to hamper their quilt of deceit.

It’s appalling that Ivanka Trump has managed to escape the vitriol of reporters, especially when you consider the fact that her title suggests that she’s in a prime position to lend her expertise to a man-baby, who rejects recommendations from those who are more than qualified to lend a hand.

The famously close relationship that she fosters with Trump, has proven to be nothing more than a personal boost to a spoiled brat, who lied on national TV when she breathlessly promised CBS’s Gayle King, that she would do her best to put country first by ensuring that her rascal of a father will be kept in check.

What has resulted from her babysitting is the reassurance that Mrs. Kushner is basically the more subtle version of her father, which is the most dangerous kind, because of how her privilege as a White woman grants her permission to comfortably fuck us all, without the glaring spotlight tracking her every move.

This method of sanctifying the sins of women who use their rosy station as a cover for their social thievery is extended to Melania Trump, who has enjoyed an even warmer reception from the media, despite her lackluster performance as a woman and mother, who wore a jacket that expressed how she doesn’t give a shit about the migrant children in crisis.

The essays that attempt to decode the body language of a former wannabe-model, who settled for the generic choice of marrying a much older asshole when her options ran out — are sickeningly unconvincing, and embarrassingly bloated with the symptoms of how America can’t stomach the assignment of showcasing the damning evidence against White women — even when it’s painfully obvious.

CNN and The New York Times have spent more than enough time and effort when it comes to perfecting Ivanka’s scrubbed out reputation, but Melania has surpassed her by a wider margin, as her outer shell is carefully handled as if she were made of priceless glass.

The media evidently made a pact to stick to the messaging that is embedded in the First Lady’s mysteriously fascinating wardrobe choices both at home and abroad, and also the valiant ways in which she exerts her allegiance to the blueprint of White feminism.

This language she speaks apparently reveals a silent warrior, who doesn’t have to say or do anything to express her strong views on activated matters, because just being able to reject the President’s slimy grip after they land in foreign territory, is more than enough to assuage naysayers.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama endured eight years of non-stop criticisms about her appearance as a Black woman, and proposed initiatives, that included championing healthy eating habits for America’s children. And the media did very little to redeem her or shed a light on how being a Black woman in The White House left her vulnerable to the callousness of influential White people.

But the two White women, who are intimately connected to the bullish boar who has wrecked irrevocable havoc with his domineering disposition and ill-fated mechanisms — are painted as unwilling victims of circumstances beyond their control.

Sure, they can speak up and publicly reject the destruction of lives and the societal dysfunction that is breeding systemized chaos, but that would take gut and glory in the form of spirited activism. Both these women can afford to relinquish those heroic characteristics in favor of privileged blissfulness — that requires the bare minimum in exchange for fair recognition and coverage.

Of course, in Black America, that narrative hits a snag, because the ability to weather injustice without the biases that kill, is an impossibility, regardless of who is right and who is dead wrong.

Officer Amber Guyger, the White woman from Dallas, Texas, who used her off-duty hours to murder a Black man in cold blood, in his own damn apartment, isn’t a wealthy socialite with a thriving trust fund — but she’s White — and that’s all she needs to cushion the blow of her crime.

How else can you explain the fact that she inexplicably wondered into the wrong apartment, situated on a different floor, tried to open the door, and then when it did open, she was blinded by the darkness — and the creature hurtling towards her — and in self-defense she shot the unsuspecting resident to death.

And then once she committed the murder, and realized what she had done — she called 9–1–1 and patiently waited until emergency services arrived.

Oh, I know, how the media set it up to look like she was emotionally distraught and too fragile to face the consequences of her actions, and so the breaking news, broke with the utmost care to protect the sanctity of the White woman who couldn’t handle the furor that was about to erupt.

None of it made sense, and for those of us who are labeled as dispensable in Trump’s America, there was the unnerving feeling that foul play was in session by those who are employed to “protect and serve.”

Botham Jean’s bright future, that he worked diligently to maintain was destroyed by gun violence, at the hands of a police officer who was trained to assess high-tempo situations accordingly — with the discretion of a professional who would be able to ascertain the fact that she was on the wrong floor before attempting an illegal break in.

There are many outstanding questions about this case, but what isn’t up for debate, is the fact that the White woman who posted $300,000 bail after being charged with manslaughter, is living free, and safely away from the aggressive scrutiny that should be harassing her into the realm of truth-telling.

And then we have the “smear campaign” against a dead Black man who was unarmed while enjoying a drama-free night at home, before he was blasted out of this world by two fateful shots.

Officers naturally searched the scene of the crime and unearthed scandalous contents in the form of “a metal marijuana grinder and 10.4 grams of marijuana.”

So, the victim was a Black man who liked to smoke pot, and this discovery is supposed to take the moderate heat off his killer, by perpetuating the stereotypes of how Black men can’t be categorized as “victims,” regardless of the situation because they’re inherently prone to devious behavior that ultimately leads to their untimely and systemic demise.

Botham Jean’s family are quite aware of the character assassination being levied on their dearly departed relative, and their attorney recently made that clear with his statement:

“The Dallas Police Department investigators were interested specifically in finding information that could help assassinate his character.”

“Twenty-six years on this earth he lived his life without a blemish. It took being murdered by a Dallas police officer for Botham Jean to suddenly become a criminal.”

As the dead Black man who was originally from St. Lucia, fights for his integrity, as he lays six feet under, his killer Amber Guyger, manages to evade the full extent of the law, as we still can’t confirm whether or not her apartment was searched, and if it was, we have no idea if damning evidence was found.

According to the sleuthing skills of specific outlets, Guyger’s social media pages showcases photos featuring family members displaying questionable hand gestures, that allude to the salute to “white power.”

Her relatives vehemently deny the accusations, and while it’s possible that nobody really knows what “white power” hand signs really look like except those who practice that religion — there’s no denying that the White woman who senselessly killed Botham Jean, was overpowered by a biased vision.

We also have to agree that if it had been a Black policewoman who weirdly entered the apartment of a White man without permission and then proceeded to shoot him in the chest — she would’ve been carted off in handcuffs, and tossed in jail, where she would remain — indefinitely.

There would also be the media’s relentless demonization with the assistance of a misleading scrapbook of wrongdoings, and talkative past acquaintances — who’ve been paid to provide exaggerated lies to back up the shitty narrative of how the Black woman was already on her way to the slammer before she decided to take the faster route.

It’s notable that Guyger hasn’t shown any remorse for her deadly actions, except for the teary mugshot that exposes a White woman drowning in the White tears that she knows will save her, by buying more time to indulge in the freedom that she stole from the innocent man she targeted for undisclosed reasons.

The sanctity of White women, and how that duty bonds White America without boundaries has been the historical burden of non-Whites, who have to bear the pain of that truth even from beyond the grave.

No matter the outcome of this case, the very worst has happened, and as the pending items stay in the bin of neglect, the racial divide that’s getting wider — deepens with the sobering activation of how Black Lives still Don’t Matter.

Even in death.

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