She should be in jail!

How Systemic Racism Arms White People With The Right to Kill

Remember the “summer of hate” that shamelessly played out in 2018, with the full assistance of ravenous media outlets on standby for the latest batch of evidence that proves how the profitability of Black pain has become the daily requirements of callous editors with competitive lust for filling up editorial calendars.

It’s just like the criminalized judicial system, that partners with rogue cops, on the deadly mission of targeting Black and Brown citizens of all ages and sizes, who dare to demonstrate the fallibility that White counterparts are permitted to exhibit under the banner of vulnerability that humanizes those occurrences.

Police brutality is also the 24/7 business center that thrives off of the abusive relationship between badged officers in blue and the communities that are constantly under attack.

The quota system that assigns cops the task of ticketing the freedom of those who roam around with a bullseye on their backs has been the source of financial rewards for major cities with neighborhoods that never run out of the fresh supply of youths of color. They are walking billboards of why prison reform has become the trending item that even attracts reality TV stars who need to capitalize on spinoffs.

The most offensive aspect of the “summer of hate” wasn’t just watching White women openly harass Black children with the haughtiness that recalls Megyn Kelly’s televised tirade against the little ones who believe in a Black Jesus and Black Santa — it was also the irresponsible and tactless vibes from mainstream media that bled into the normalization of unfathomable events, that should never be presented as the inappropriate side-show of societal disorder with the discrepancies of practiced nonchalance.

Aside from the daily annoyance of being greeted with endless headlines, accompanied by smug images of White people, positioned for the fateful call to White cops about the nuisance of Black people in their midst, there was the additional emotional toll of being callously assaulted with hourly reminders of why Black pain can’t ever be regarded with the reverence that it deserves.

This is exactly why I decided to stop sharing viral videos of Black victims being brutalized for the hell of it.

The moment of truth hit me while watching the graphic episode that showcased the epic beatdown of a young Black woman, Chikesia Clemons at a local Waffle House, after the White manager decided to summon the cops over a minor dispute about the price of cutlery.

Clemons was twenty-five-years-old at the time of the attack, and the debate about whether or not she should’ve complied with the information she was given after she made her inquiry isn’t going to lead to a suitable explanation for why a gang of White males descended on her body and almost ripped her dress apart.

The horrific video was captured by the friend who accompanied Clemons to the eatery, and other diners who were undoubtedly eager to post their prized footage.

What struck me was the violence of that scene, and how onlookers were unnervingly comfortable with the display of a Black girl being physically assaulted by White adult males, who were certainly not following standard procedures when it comes to investigating a petty disagreement between a customer and the employees of a popular establishment.

Chikesia Clemons was unarmed and and petite in stature. She definitely didn’t pose a threat to anyone in her vicinity, and so the mistreatment she endured at the hands of those bastards with badges was nothing short of criminal. And yet she was the one who ended up with charges against her for resisting arrest, while her assailants were protected by the scheming umbrella of the law.

That terrifying incident that also includes a roster of equally revolting content that depicts scummy White cops yanking Black women out of their vehicles with enough force to knock them out on the concrete ground, finally convinced me of how damaging it is to share viral footage that evidently helps to desensitize the urgency of these cases, while devaluing the Black lives at stake.

There’s also the warning around these packaged narratives that indicate the venomous intent of White people who call the police on Black people with the full disclosure of how those unwarranted actions will escalate a simple misunderstanding into an emergency.

Systemic racism is arming White folks with the right to kill because of those viral videos that serve as the blueprint of how police officers typically respond to incidences that involve innocent and unarmed Black people, who are being berated by those who can afford the privilege of #harassingwhilewhite.

But what happens when a deranged old White woman is ready to kill you on the spot!

That’s the latest fiasco that a Black couple faced when they entered a campground in rural Mississippi, and encountered a seventy-year-old White woman brandishing a gun in their faces while accusing them of trespassing.

Apparently a reservation was required before arrival, and so instead of politely explaining that minor detail to the unarmed couple who weren’t purposely negligent, the White lady felt the need to threaten their lives with a deadly weapon.

Ruby Nell Howell was found guilty of “threatening exhibition of a weapon” and subsequently charged a fine of $250 as well as an additional $182.50 for court fees.

Once the judgment levied against her for the crime of wielding a handgun at Jessica and Franklin Richardson became the viral item of the day, there was the initial shock that the old racist White lady was even considered a contender for disciplinary measures for threatening the lives of a Black couple.

But once it sunk in, the temperature began to rise as levels of anger and disillusionment overwhelmed as I considered the slap on the wrist in the form of a mere $250 that doesn’t begin to cover the scope of a potentially threatening situation that could’ve easily ended with dead bodies.

We can argue that the perpetrator who has since been fired, may have gotten an unreasonably reduced fine because of her “advanced age” and how that inspires the humane approach when dealing with offenders in that age bracket.

And while on some level that logic makes sense, we have to contend with the reality of how those merciful tendencies don’t translate to the oppressed populations who are guilty without the trial that should prevent shots fired at innocent parties.

You probably don’t remember the sixty-five-year-old Black woman from Alpharetta, GA, Rose Campbell, who was pulled over for weaving in and out of lanes while driving down a local road.

The incident that occurred last May, right before the debut of the “summer of hate” was captured by a Dashcam, and it shows the heightened exchange between officer James Legg, who was visibly disgusted with the older Black woman, who was clearly not going down without a verbal fight.

“Hey! You are not in charge! Shut up and get the [expletive] out of the car!”

Yikes! That’s not exactly the kind of language that we rely on for the sake of good manners when dealing with our elders. But the White officer wasn’t at all interested in resolving the matter with the sense of decency and trained professionalism that one would expect from law enforcement.

Rose Campbell was insistent she that did nothing wrong, and being set in your ways even when faced with authoritative figures is a common symptom of old age, and while that’s no excuse for disobeying the direct order of signing a traffic ticket, what happened next was nothing short of terrifying.

Officer Legg proceeded to forcibly drag Campbell out of her car while the poor woman was screaming in protest.

Imagine your beloved grandmother being pulled over for a minor offense, and in the process of trying to make her case, the police officer yells obscenities and begins to physically assault her into submission, while waiting for backup.

First off, the fact that the imposing officer thought it was wise to ask two of his buddies to join him in the abuse of a helpless and unarmed Black woman in her sixties is ludicrous. It explains the warped mindset of racists cops, who are convinced that even Black women of a certain age are dangerous enough to demand extra manhandling.

Once the footage was reviewed by the Alpharetta City Police Department, it was determined that the guilty officer didn’t perform his job duties with the dignity and respect that accurately reflects the standards of his organization.

Not long after the harrowing episode, officer Legg was suspended, pending an investigation, but he cowardly opted to resign, claiming White victimhood in the midst of this climate of “wokeness” that caught him red-handed in the vile act of violence against a Black senior citizen.

In his publicized resignation letter, the embattled cop, isn’t in the least bit remorseful, as he bemoans his plight with the pridefulness of being unfairly persecuted for doing his job to the best of ability.

“I feel I acted appropriately and the way that I was trained when I arrested Ms. Campbell.” “Maybe I should not have used profanity, but its immediate effectiveness is not questionable and I do believe I acted reasonably under the circumstances.”

There’s no doubt that he acted inappropriately by taking drastically harmful measures to discipline an older Black woman who wasn’t doing anything that hasn’t been accommodated by his colleagues.

White women have been known to mouth off at cops, and those tantrums have never ended with physical altercations that leaves the victims battered and bruised after internalizing a slew of insults.

And since racists cops are now working with racists White citizens to exact the virus of deadliness on unarmed Black citizens, there’s no limit to how far things will go as this ongoing race war picks up momentum.

The old White woman who used a handgun to scare away that Black couple should’ve been jailed and fined way more than the paltry $250 because if it had been an old Black woman terrorizing a White couple, she would’ve either been shot dead or left for dead in a cramped cold cell.

We can’t allow this shit to slip under the radar until we’re faced with the real-time death wish from an armed and dangerous White woman or White man, who knows why what they’re about to do won’t be punishable by law.

The system was rigged to kill and never ask why, and if Black lives matter, we have to make that known, while fighting to stay alive.

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