How Streaming Madness Is The Maddening Bully

Streaming is a crazy world that produces toxins that both comfort and disturb in equal doses. Of course anything is better than the bad old days, when cable bills were beyond comprehension, with similar tricks that still host skyrocketing phone bills that are meant to be expensive without a solid reason why.

The urgent desire to simplify is an active status that most can relate to with the caveat of never quite figuring out how to make that possible.

Take the global religion that is Apple Inc., and its audacity to slap incredulous charges on mobile phones that will cost you a month’s rent, based on the sleekness of the “i” before the Phone, and the cultish following that promises to come close to homelessness for the sake of owning gadgets that don’t fly.

When it comes to the streaming wars, and the manufactured environment that predictably takes shit too far, for the static dispositions that truly don’t know what they want, outside of the obvious motivation of escapism, we are all united in the fact that we were built for this.

There’s a lot to be disturbed about, and I’m not just referring to the daily grind of struggling to put food on the table under a wobbly roof, over the heads that belong to you.

It’s really the whole damn universe, and the searing headlines that reek of packaged goriness, that aptly resembles the Twitter page of the gangster in the White House, who has been rewarded absolute power to terrorize at will.

It’s almost as if the entertainment business collided with the monsters of Silicon Valley, for the challenge of figuring out creative ways to keep hapless consumers intensely occupied with the dizzying array of STUFF, that’s presented with promise of better days ahead, until your indulging pushes you further into the realm of no return.

When Netflix was my one and only, that relationship thrived with the balanced mechanisms that gave me what I needed in a timely fashion, without asking for much in return.

The library of hits was and still is extensive, but the welcomed responsibility was manageable, with the added delight of being armed to shut out the evil world for the luxury of the evolving version that’s perfectly suited to the uniqueness of moods.

Hulu came next, and that addition was a surprise, since I was convinced that there was no reason to play with temptation when you have everything that you need right at your fingertips.

But as I turns out, I wanted more, and the cheapness of Hulu at about $5.99 per month was the suitable antidote to the somewhat barricaded climate of Netflix.

And yes, the fucking extended commercials that plague the potential greatness of Hulu can stir sensations that cause cravings for the competitor to overwhelm your schedule of newly discovered secrets like Younger or access to past seasons of gems like Queen Sugar, Atlanta, and the Real Housewives franchise.

But your modest budget can handle the aggravation of switching back and forth, and what’s even cooler is the freedom to hop around like a deranged streamer, who gets a kick out of knowing that endless opportunities will guide the growing baggage of immediate wants.

And now we have the late entrants to the crowded realm of streamlined viewing that’s expanding the universe of choices to the point of delirium.

I went with AppleTV + and denied myself Disney +because the former is cheaper, and having a MacBook swayed my decision to remain loyal to my abuser.

So far, it’s unclear if AppleTV+ will stand the test of time, and that’s mainly due to the lackluster reception that doesn’t quite fulfill expectations. The original programming, most notably the star-studded offering, The Morning Show are fairly enjoyable, but it’s really nothing that hasn’t been seen before in an even better format.

And the navigation of Apple’s television vertical is somewhat infuriating, as you try your hardest to make sense of the cluttered screen by attempting to sort through the countless titles that don’t want the treatment of necessary assembly.

There’s also CBS All Access, Amazon, and HBO Now, all of which are available on AppleTV + for a price that doesn’t make sense, if you have Hulu add-ons, which essentially allows you to add premium cable networks like Showtime, Starz, Cinemax and of course HBO for prices that can run up to a steep $14.99 a month, on top of regular charges.

At the end of the day, it should be about getting more for your money, and avoiding the real and present danger of committing to more than you can afford out of the giddiness of wielding too much power for your own good.

This streaming madness is the maddening bully that won’t leave you alone until you take the steps that subdue the tight grip that can be unleashed if you really want to breathe.

Back in the day, watching TV was a basic function that was beyond your control to some degree. You had options that were presented as the mandate since only a handful of channels were at our disposal.

Now we are embodying the era of excess in the bursting world of content where a shitload of shit isn’t nearly enough.

You could go crazy convincing yourself to stay sane by not getting carried away by the current of nonstop treasures, that are nostalgically-inclined and modernly captivating.

But the best deal is the agreement that keeps your expenses safe from the harm of spreading those brain cells far and wide without retaining much, except the emptiness of engagement.

Don’t get bullied into blindly following the tech leaders who are bleeding us dry for their bonus-paid excursions to sweaty camps of glam and rejuvenation.

You only need what you use, and the rest will have to wait until whenever.

Stay strong and the force will come to you without the subscription to that galaxy that isn’t so distant, when the bill hits at the worst possible time.

Now that’s maddening!

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