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How Social Media Normalizes The Madness of Trump’s Presidency

Another day, another terrifying view of President Trump’s Twitter page. It’s all about incoherent rants that match the dysfunctional theatrics staged at the South Lawn of the White House, where the bamboozled Press Corps congregate to record what history will mercilessly classify as the era of absolute shit.

The demise of daily press briefings have taken quite a toll on the working mechanisms of our democracy.

But it was clear right from the start that the criminality of this toxic administration would make it impossible to continue the once-dignified tradition of the press secretary providing reliable updates to journalists, and the public at large, within the confines of mutual respect and professionalism.

Sarah Sanders possessed the uncanny ability to bullishly protect the interests of her equally hostile boss, by expertly normalizing the blatant lies she spewed out with venomous relish.

Under the care of Trump’s barking bulldogs, attack mode was the chosen temperature of the space that used to provide efficiently anchored discussions by White House communicators, who instinctively knew how to commandeer those sessions for mutually beneficial results.

When Trump was elected to the highest office in the land, the pompous New York business man and reality TV star, idiotically accepted his unearned position with the belief that he could translate his disastrous negotiation tactics to the world stage.

And to the grave misfortune of this ailing nation, Trump was right on the money.

The Republican Party has meekly buckled under the strain of a woefully incompetent leader, who has more than enough weight to throw around for the mission of reorganizing the White establishment in ways that continue to deface the recognizability of a former “world police.”

The main reason why President Trump is able to seamlessly hijack the national narrative and manipulate it to suit his purposes by retaining his patriotism in the eyes of his insufferably ignorant base is due to the privilege of his Whiteness.

America was founded on the violent tendencies of White supremacy, and the reality of how indigenes were brutally displaced and culturally assaulted with the permanency that still resonates in the everlasting legacy that can’t be refuted.

The Obama years were the build up to the present nightmare for non-Whites, who have to contend with the laxness of the White establishment on both sides. This group is able to accommodate the profoundness of disorderly conduct under the umbrella of acute lawlessness with the superhuman threshold of patience that would never be granted for a president of color.

The impeachment inquiry that was initiated not too long ago, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had no choice but to hold Trump and his vile henchmen, accountable for illegal activities with foreign governments, with the exploitative goal of thwarting Joe Biden’s political pursuits — has advanced the manic hysteria of a dangerous renegade, who will stop at nothing to condemn his detractors.

The key component that helps to elevate the madness of Trump’s presidency to dangerous heights, happens to be the tools of engagement that we depend on for global outreach and the manifestation of cultural movements that require viral hashtags for activation.

While we never quite imagined the worst case scenario when we rushed to set up accounts with ambitious platforms for the endless pleasure of being viably connected, I’m pretty sure that the notion of tolerating the nonstop tantrums and consequential messiness of a sitting American president wasn’t remotely considered.

That might have everything to do with the inconceivability of these times, stemming from the GOP’s traitorous coddling of a beast, who was fed the falsehood of how he’s beyond reprimanding, regardless of the seriousness of his rampant wrongdoing.

Donald Trump is the man-baby who never matured past the age of two, and this handicap has been magnified by his weaponizing of Twitter.

His refreshed page continues to feature the clutter of evidence that supports how we are essentially a leaderless country, that has been taken under siege by the wirings of a White nationalist who is freely constructing the summation of imminent warfare.

Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has publicly recommended the immediate banishment of Trump from Twitter due to what she describes as his “blatant threats that put people at risk and our democracy in danger….”

She also reiterated that:

Harris is not alone when she expresses the urgency of disabling the account of a thuggish character, who is willfully breaking the rules and policies of the massive platform that he uses to threaten lives without the accrued penalties to follow.

I have written a handful of essays that have shamed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for choosing profits over the health of our national security, by providing the chaotic landscape that’s populated with frightening fragments from the hourly explosions of Trump’s latest massacre, that usually involves evoking violence towards foreign countries.

Aside from the vital role that he’s played on cue when it comes to the rapid increase of White terrorism that began to climb in 2016, there’s also the aggressiveness towards those who vehemently oppose his brutish approach to domestic and international affairs.

Trump’s relentless Twitter attacks against the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff are intensifying with each passing day since the impeachment process began, and it extends to Nancy Pelosi, with the nonsensical accusation of “treason.”

And when it comes to the first whistleblower, since another patriot has come forth with damning information to add to the growing pile of illegality, Trump has committed to the daily task of dishonoring and vilifying the reported CIA agent, by tweeting fabricated theories of how this “spy” was groomed by the Democrats to orchestrate the ouster of a Republican president.

But the worst of it has to be the ramblings of an uncouth ticking time bomb, who is somehow allowed to deposit live threats to foreign nations like Iran, China and now Turkey without the slightest consideration for how his ill-advised reflexes could dangerously backfire.

Trump’s fated decision to abandon longstanding allies of the United States, the Kurds, happened just in time for the plotted invasion by Turkey on Northern Syria.

Despite push back from those who were actually trained for these harrowing episodes of global strife, the dismally inept terrorizer and self-professed “stable genius” is convinced that his “unmatched wisdom” will justify America’s tragic betrayal of our former allies.

As usual Trump was motivated to begin Monday morning with a torrent of misinformation mixed in with habitual insults and deadly threats issued at the people, places and things that don’t align with his systemic nefariousness.

Here are some of the tweets that preceded the ones depicting the President of the United States casually promising to “destroy” the economic prowess of Turkey after confirming his unwillingness to intervene on behalf of the Kurds.

It’s beyond frightening to be overwhelmed by the polarizing presence of a roguish madman on the loose, who is righteously enamored with the audacity of his supremacy, that dictates his unprecedented access to an infinite source of power.

It’s criminal that he’s being allowed to demean his office based on the desperation of White America to maintain the sinking currency of White power.

Donald Trump became the White Savior of what is now known as Trump’s America, based on his rambunctious style of delivery that outed closeted racists with the joyfulness of being able to openly delegate killer cops to the vicinity of Black people legally occupying public spaces.

And now the die is cast. The immense damage to America’s fibers of operation is irrevocable. The office of the presidency has become the systemic farce that dominates newsfeeds with unsightly images of Trump against the backdrop of noisy propellers, as he overruns Q&A sessions with hapless reporters with the combativeness that compliments his inappropriate delivery.

Trump isn’t hiding the emotional toll of grappling with the potential loss of his presidency based on his impeachable offense.

And while his habitual retweets of cowardly Republicans who give him a shoutout, and tweeted video clips depicting the evil partnership with Fox News, are enough of an eyesore, we also have to contend with his favorite game of testing how far he can go with another illegal act of defiance, that baits China into joining the investigation of Joe Biden.


While Republicans downplayed the horror of watching the president shit all over the basic requirements of his station with full knowledge of the risk his violation poses to our national security, House Democrats took note of the rebelliousness, that ultimately justifies the very strong case against their enemy.

But Twitter remains the culprit that arms Trump with the addiction to derogatory fare when it comes to the immediate gratification from unrestrained permits that can easily greenlight the genesis of life-threatening scenarios.

And the worst part of it has to be his gang of conspirators that include the non-working White House press secretary and part-time spokeswoman for Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham, who is evidently not qualified enough to host daily briefings, but is more than capable of being an overpaid Twitter troll, who echoes the untruths of her boss.

The abrupt end of press briefings, especially during the critical period of notable events that directly affect this country and the world-at-large is the targeted strike against truth-tellers, who are charged with exposing the practiced criminality of this embattled administration.

Trump prefers to do all the talking, and nobody does a better job at claiming victimhood right after throwing the first punch than the man who has a disturbing fetish for murderous dictators with track records that fit the exact definition of what he’s is trying to emulate as a ruthless global disrupter.

Trump uses Twitter to demolish relationships with allies, while nurturing love affairs with the likes of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

The only effective way to shut down Trump’s power center and rash authoritativeness is to recognize why those privileges can translate into a harrowing situation of grand proportions, that could’ve been prevented if the president’s twitter account had been permanently seized.

Jack Dorsey isn’t living up to the promise of efficiently regulating his creation with the mandate of promptly chasing away users who consistently violate the rules and policies, regardless of the high-profile status of the perpetrators.

Trump has done everything from tweeting out doctored videos that slander the reputation of his prominent victims, to the racist act of retweeting conspiracy theories and hate literature from the pages of far-right extremists who are mainstays on the terror lists compiled by the FBI.

The flaming madness of an unhinged gangster has become an all too familiar sight, and this national epidemic is flourishing with the shameful negligence of Dorsey, who is endorsing the deadly messaging from infected accounts belonging to die-hard soldiers, who replicate the tyrannical vibes of their supreme leader.

Trump’s rules of engagement carry weighty consequences and serve as the fateful directives that result in unfathomable incidents that amass dead bodies, resembling the ethnic groups that Trump routinely demonizes with talking points at KKK-themed rallies.

In the end, it’s the White establishment that has fueled Trump’s omnipotence, with misleading back rubs that assuage any fears that he could be punished for his proven “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The best method of discipline for a troublesome child who keeps pushing boundaries with tempted immaturity that never quits is mandated separation from the tools that can only be utilized by grown adults, who are adequately equipped for the responsibility of obeying the guidelines for safe and respectful engagement.

President Trump is too childish for Twitter, and his hourly tantrums need to be properly dealt with; sooner rather than later.

He has more than earned his inevitable time out!

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