How Social Media Influencing Is Killing Us

As a neglected Gen-Xer, it’s safe to assume that social media was an unreal phenomenon, that couldn’t be realized until decades later. Of course there’s the casual bitterness of how easy it is for Millennials to DM links to online bios containing the goods that will get them hired; when back in the day, it was the tedious curation of query letters that editors didn’t read, and if they did, the generic rejection letters took months to arrive.

Social media was meant to do exactly what it’s doing now.

The only shocker may be how well the plan has worked so far, when you consider how seamlessly we fell into the roles that we chose to play, with varied interpretations, but the goals don’t drastically differ.

Nobody wants to be tossed in the dustbin of expendables, after reaching past the limits of the sky without stumbling.

The contenders who courageously embrace the superhero responsibilities of the #adventureinfluencer, by revitalizing the edginess of thrill-seeking with budgetary allotments, that promise the persistently raised bar — are blissfully in denial about the strong possibility of getting killed

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