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How “Shithouse” Versus “Shithole” Became The Barometer For Racist America

Why fight the funk?

Let me start off by saying this:

There’s a typo in the last sentence — but the tweet was an instant hit so I left it as a badge of honor. But, you get the gist — even though I kinda lied.

I can absolutely believe the debate about whether or not Trump said “shithouse” or “shithole” — and how his allies are convinced that the former sounds way better than the latter in the world that exists for the sole purpose of appeasing the “impassioned conversation” about immigration.

According to Kirstjen Nielsen — Secretary of Homeland Security — and a worthy candidate of anyone who can claim Norway as the country of their heritage — even though she seems unable to convincingly verify the fact that the Scandinavian haven is filled with mostly White people — Trump used “tough language” to make his case against importing Black and Brown people who almost always have to take a dump under the moonlit sky.

Nielsen was testifying on Capitol Hill on Tuesday — the day after Martin Luther King Day — and just like her racist boss who oversees his racist staff when he’s not devouring bags of Big Macs or playing a round of golf surrounded by holes filled with everything but “shit” — the undercover Norwegian held her ground when it came to the deplorable ownership of how bigoted views can be finessed to dull the bigger picture.

Senators Dick Durbin (or “Senator Dicky”) and Lindsay Graham had the pleasure of attending the infamous meeting in the Oval Office with other lawmakers — and both men are adamant about the fact that President Donald Trump did indeed refer to countries like mine as “shitholes.”

Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton had an expectedly different take on the eventful session:

“We do not recall the President saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system which does not protect American workers and our national interest.”

Trump eventually addressed the controversy that was swiftly elevated to another global catastrophe. As always he took to twitter to deny the accusations — while also reiterating his “tough” delivery:

Media outlets like CNN are spending countless hours — trying to analyze how the President of the United States could possibly have the audacity to blatantly curse the ancestry of folks from the continent of Africa — and all the other nations that are populated with non-Whites. Experts are hired to show up and spew out re-purposed jargon on behalf of their assigned section.

None of that shit makes the “hole” of our discontent any less imposing or vile — and at the end of the day — we’re still verifying the presence of an over-sized nincompoop who used his campaigning efforts as a rebel cry for White supremacists who also believed that Mexicans are rapists and murderers.

We are all somehow locked in a battle of wills for the sake of ratings, clicks and all the other shit that enhances the presence of those who are paid to keep us spinning without the threat of dizziness.

How else can you explain the warped conclusion of a climate that has settled on the exercise of granting a racist country the privilege of certain levels of prejudice — that can be shamelessly deciphered through the usage of two words that not only share similar meaning — but are also entrenched in the sentiment of blinded ignorance.

The immediate response to the offensive comments was to prove how well-educated Nigerians tend to be and how gorgeous the landscapes are in Namibia and isolated islands in Haiti — or how hard-working people from El Salvador deserve to continue toiling in racist America.

But what is sorely missing in this great debate is how we continue to feed the monster when he’s done grazing and just wants to lay about and watch the fury of his bad behavior overtake the news cycle — like the virus only he can manifest with shit words.

The refreshing aspect of your Commander-in-Chief — is how enviably consistent he is when it comes to his rap sheet of appallingly grand insults.

His attack on people of color is very much reminiscent of the British — who are emphatically diplomatic until it’s time for business — and then the superiority complex shines through with no apologies.

This brand of racism is the clever kind — the type that allows cowardly politicians to publicly support the notion that there are admissible methods of voicing how and why Black and Brown people shouldn’t be given entry to a country that’s already terrorizing their Americanized comrades.

We are now securely fastened in the debate that is centered around how President Trump used “graphic language” to condemn people coming from territories that are just as filthy as the color of their skin — instead of leaving the door wide open for candidates who aren’t looking to relocate to a place that can barely keep their own citizens alive.

This hellhole that has forced Google to reconfigure the search results for “shithole” and “shithouse” in ways that unequivocally demolishes any doubts about whether or not Black and Brown people can ever take a shit without visualizing the flag of their fathers — is deep enough for all of us, which is precisely the problem.

Only White Americans can boldly distribute their knowledge of how words can mean so much in the realm of being “sorta racist” or “downright bigoted.” Only you guys can applaud the use of “tough talk” when it comes to scrubbing out the grime of color from the lily white surfaces that still need to be bleached out for years to come. Only Whites can testify how “hole” versus “house” makes all the difference in the world when immigrants are at the core of killing the dream of Making America Great Again.

Only Black and Brown Americans can attest to the unique ability of weathering a leader who works to diminish their value and humanity — despite working their asses off to maintain a dignified existence in a roaringly hostile climate.

If that’s not the shittiest deal ever — I don’t know what is.

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