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How “Shithouse” Versus “Shithole” Became The Barometer For Racist America

Why fight the funk?

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readJan 17, 2018


Let me start off by saying this:

There’s a typo in the last sentence — but the tweet was an instant hit so I left it as a badge of honor. But, you get the gist — even though I kinda lied.

I can absolutely believe the debate about whether or not Trump said “shithouse” or “shithole” — and how his allies are convinced that the former sounds way better than the latter in the world that exists for the sole purpose of appeasing the “impassioned conversation” about immigration.

According to Kirstjen Nielsen — Secretary of Homeland Security — and a worthy candidate of anyone who can claim Norway as the country of their heritage — even though she seems unable to convincingly verify the fact that the Scandinavian haven is filled with mostly White people — Trump used “tough language” to make his case against importing Black and Brown people who almost always have to take a dump under the moonlit sky.