How Republicans Are Weaponizing Their Racism

When the House of Representatives promptly approved the bill that unequivocally holds President Trump in contempt for his overtly racist comments, specifically targeted at four Congresswomen of color, it was confirmed that only four Republicans ( Fred Upton of Michigan, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Susan Brooks of Indiana and Will Hurd of Texas)were willing to stand up and uphold the dignity of their station by denouncing the vileness of their Terrorizer-in-Chief.

Trump’s cabinet of fools and glorified garbage disposers, like Mick Mulvaney, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham were more concerned about the assignment of diminishing their supreme master’s callousness with the casual flicker of the hand, that signals how White people who are racists, tend to be inexplicably intolerable of the label that they’ve earned from demonstrated racism.

Celebrated cowards like Mitt Romney and GOP Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, found pathetic avenues to dodge the bullet of holding their leader accountable for his actions.

Romney who was born without a spine, which explains his unsuccessful run for the presidency, resorted to acknowledging the foulness of the tweets; asking four women of color, who are American citizens to go back to their “infested” countries, while also opting not to refer to the controversial “R-word” for the sake of keeping his Whiteness safely intact.

And McCarthy is a straight up scoundrel, who unforgivably turned the national crisis stemming from a bullish oaf in the White House, who is free to mercilessly harass innocent, law-abiding citizens who criticize his lawlessness — into a political ploy that he accused the Democrats of fostering as a convenient way to derail the president’s harmless objectives.

“Let’s not be false about what is happening here today.” “This is all about politics and beliefs of ideologies.”

And House Minority Whip, Steve Scalise, proudly defended his White nationalist president, by speaking against the political attack against Trump by desperate Democrats. He pointed the finger at the two Black women from “the squad” — Ihan Omar and Ayanna Pressley — and chided them for their inflammatory comments about the migrant crisis and their refusal to show respect to the White man in the White House.

Scalise even went as far as to claim that the first-ever Black president who is undisputedly the most disrespected president of our lifetime, was spared the theatrics from the opposition when his proposed policies were met with push back from Republicans who never demeaned his status.

Of course we know that President Barack Obama not only endured the public humiliation of the birther conspiracy, which his thuggish successor helped to reinitiate, but even his own wife, Michelle Obama was subjected to scorn and mockery from GOP leaders, who relentlessly dismissed the First Lady’s ambitious initiatives.

And when it comes to the president’s unsightly “consiglieri,” Kellyanne Conway, there’s no limit to what she’s willing to do when it comes to scrubbing the grime off her crime boss. Her answer to whether or not the racist comments were indeed racist, proves beyond a doubt that the winding road led her nowhere, as she stumbled to deliver a cohesive explanation, and ended up exposing her own xenophobia.

But a main source of the debate that centers around how Republicans are adopting the dangerous strategy of weaponizing their own racism lies in an unlikely and traitorous source, when you consider his Cuban ancestry.

The US Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, is a self-professed “follower of Christ” and yet his willful negligence makes it impossible to vouch for his Christ-like mannerisms.

Rubio has been littering his Twitter page with evidence of his embarrassing shortcomings as he tries and fails to make the case for how mainstream media has perfected the practice of demonizing Republicans and their supreme leader, with misleading and non-applicable labels in order to cater to the agenda of Democrats.

The Senator took it steps further, as he sheepishly followed in the footsteps of his supreme leader, by sharing a doctored video from 2018, featuring Ilhan Omar during an interview with Al Jazeera, where the Somali-born Muslim speaks about how White men in America should be feared.

The video was clearly manipulated to highlight only the sections that would excite the wiles of conservatives, who have mastered the art of flooding their channels with “fake news,” which serves as the standard default that feeds the ravenous dispositions of ignorant #MAGA subscribers.

The truth is that the edited video on Rubio’s timeline, purposely spliced together sentences that have given Republicans the audacity to accuse a Black woman of being racist based on the highlighted statement that cautioned how Americans should fear White men.

The other portions of the video presents a more in depth and enlightening conversation that sheds light on the plight of Muslim-Americans in a country that still hasn’t accepted its normalization of Islamophobia. Omar was simply stating the case for how hate crimes have risen considerably since the arrival of Trump, and why fearing innocent Muslim-Americans based on biased views, is unfair, especially when White males are illustrating why they’re more of a threat.

Once word got out about Rubio’s snafu, he promptly began damage control by holding tight to his wilting stance with the accusation levied at the media’s double-standard when it comes to disregarding Omar’s “racist” comments against White men in America.

It’s almost blasphemous that Rubio would take on the burden of defending the purity of Whiteness at the expense of a Black Muslim woman, who has been weathering the deadly consequences of non-stop verbal assault from a White nationalist president and his henchmen.

The statistics don’t lie. Hate crimes have become disturbingly commonplace in this country, and the perpetrators are almost always White males; slashing the throats of Black teenagers and being feted by the judicial system because of their supposed “mental deficiency” and how their crimes can’t be classified as racially-motivated.

White males in America should be feared, and even if Ilhan Omar had uttered those words without context, she wouldn’t be sharing information that deviates from the blunt truth.

And then Rubio goes on to bemoan the duress his cowardly party members are under, when it comes to the way mainstream media coddles their own and ruins the reputation of those who are vulnerable to the unnecessary hysteria, stemming from the hostile climate that Trump continues to stimulate.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if Rubio hadn’t chosen a renowned racist, Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, the same White male who warned his voters to not “monkey it up” during his the midterm elections, when he was facing off against a much worthier challenger, Andrew Gillum— as the prime example of the wrongfully accused.

The state of our union is dependent on the value system, which places Whiteness as the currency that can’t be devalued by the reality of its murderous supremacy.

Thanks to the recklessness of verbal and written coercions that have hosted the dysfunctional valves of communication, Republicans are reveling in the fiesta of being able to defiantly reject the notion of how their verified blueprint of vilifying Black and Brown to retain their purity, is the systemic oppression that has always been the terror of non-White America.

Weaponizing their racism is a seamless method of retaliation that exacerbates the vulnerability of a population that are rendered expendable, thanks to the directives of a White supremacist leader, who has the full backing of his shameless enablers.

The severity of what racism exacts is now being distorted beyond repair because of how White people who openly express disdain for Black and Brown have cunningly redefined the narrative, to absolve themselves from the consequences that arise when your words and actions fit the description of an unapologetic bigot.

This frightfully life-threatening messaging that the GOP has adapted will surely make 2020 a memorable year, that forces the thorough dissection of the issue of race in America.

It will demand the astuteness of the chosen contender, who will spar against a White man who pompously represents the nefariousness of his racist party.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to Black and White — and until the games cease — we will keep spinning.

It’s time to stop. Spinning.

Update: Still spinning…

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