Trump and his deplorables at a rally in Winston-Salem, NC — Image by Chris Carlson AP

How Racist America Installed Their Supreme Leader To Kill Us

Let’s get to the point, the only reason why Donald Trump was able to beat a worthier and quite frankly more presidential opponent in Hillary Clinton is purely based on his appeal as the torchbearer for white power.

Consider his rally cry, and how it produced the seeds that have since sprung to reveal America’s worst kept secret.

It has detailed the historically oppressed and threatened the survivability of vulnerable communities with the active brutality that arms over-powered thugs-in-uniform and a criminalized judicial system with tools of destruction.

During his presidential run, Trump didn’t shy away from normalized offensiveness that used to demand toned-down hateful rhetoric, as opposed to the KKK-themed gatherings orchestrated by an openly proud white nationalist with dangerous intentions.

After eight full years of a notable presidency, featuring the first-ever Black First Family as official residents of The White House, a racist white America wiled out, and endorsed the worst form of a human to swiftly replace the Black man who disgusted them by being annoyingly close to perfect.

It was refreshing to embrace a celebrated renegade with no regard for respectability or basic human decency.

It felt almost prolific to envision a former reality TV star and renowned showman, with a pompous allure and proven disdain for non-white citizens and Black and Brown foreigners, as the “anointed one” for the illustrious job of the most powerful man in the world.

Granted, Hillary Clinton could’ve done a lot better than the lackluster slogan, “Im With Her,” coupled with the huge mistake of underestimating the legions of “White Women For Trump” who couldn’t wait to weaponize the lethality of white feminism against an unsuspecting victim.

But looking back, it’s hard to deny the major shift that took place during President Obama’s final stretch as Commander-in-Chief, stemming from increasing racial tension that activated the implementation of a revolutionary response known as Black Lives Matter that took formation in 2013.

The political and social movement founded by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, initiated the hashtag to raise the profile of a Black teenager, Trayvon Martin, who was senselessly murdered by a self-professed neighborhood watchdog, George Zimmerman in 2012, and despite the evidence implicating his actions, he was acquitted of his crime.

Seven years later, the #BlackLivesMatter initiative is busier than ever for horrific reasons.

And regardless of how the mission statement has been hijacked for revisions that aim to vilify valid intentions, the evidence that defines why the militarized operations of law enforcement must be abolished without the option of “reform,” is hard to refute.

Weeks after the graphic viral footage of George Floyd’s cold-blooded killing by a white racist cop on the streets of Minneapolis, amassed shock and anger, both at home and around the world with murals of tributes and organized protests against systemic violence, Trump recklessly insisted during an interview with CBS News that “more white people are killed by police.”

This particular lie hit hard with those who have testimonies of loved ones, who have either barely survived or died by the brutal code of police officers.

There’s also the personal experience to add to the pile that illustrates why being Black in America is far more scary than the privileges of white America.

The domestic terrorism that targets assigned groups in Trump’s itinerary of bigotry and public condemnation has been allowed to flourish without issue, despite the FBI’s warning of how hate crimes have been on the rise since 2016.

The Liar-in-Chief was able to win the highest office in the land even while cursing out Mexicans as “murderers,” “rapists” and “drug dealers.”

He promised to unleash the Muslim ban to keep out natural born terrorists, and sold a version of America’s potential for greatness that rejuvenated the dormant phase of whiteness that the Obama years exacted.

His self-promoting tour didn’t stop after he claimed the Oval Office.

And as we examine the ruins from the most toxic administration ever conceived, the resounding themes of mayhem and chaos runs through every facet of government with compromised representatives dictating the traitorous statutes for immigration and the Department of Justice.

The deadliness of police brutality knows no bounds as the latest victim of systemic violence, Jacob Blake, lays in a hospital bed, paralyzed from a hail of bullets that Kenosha police officers offloaded on an unarmed Black man, who simply turned away from his assailants to head back to the car where his three young sons were waiting.

Cops are trained to assume guilt when approaching Black people, and even Black children are at high risk, as the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a Cleveland police officer, who claimed that he felt threatened by a Black boy playing in a park with a toy gun, painfully demonstrates.

The Trump administration is pro-police, and as the crisis in America continues to rage on during a global pandemic, that was permitted to kill almost 200,000 Americans, due to the roguish mishandling of what was earlier described as a political hoax, we can’t expect law and order to prevail when the election day arrives.

Donald Trump is a conspiracy theorist who hawks misinformation on a daily basis with the deviousness that alerts how an incompetent oaf, who is relentlessly driven by his egomaniacal tendencies, will stop at nothing to ensure his reelection, even if it means endangering the lives of his own supporters.

From the lethal dishonesty of endorsing magic potions like bleach as the verified cure for Covid-19 to the outright stupidity on display when tackling serious issues that are a matter of life or death — it’s quite the frightening concept to realize the close proximity of this individual to the weapons he can utilize against us.

But Trump doesn’t need to press a button to ensure our extinction because he’s succeeded in that venture with his partnership with badged militia, who are mercilessly wiping out Black families with trigger-happy aggressiveness and the inherent hatred to boot.

The truth is that racist white America installed their supreme leader for the purpose of relishing the sobering images of Black pain, circulating with acute fervor, and with the defiant nonchalance of Trump and his soldiers of death, who heap praises on law enforcement for the continued illegalities that propel the massacring of Black communities.

Imagine that Joe Biden only has a “4 percentage point lead over Trump among “active-duty troops” despite the so-called president’s disparaging comments about service men and women, with the reported insults of “losers” and “suckers” specifically reserved for soldiers who died while valiantly fighting for their country.

This is a firm indication of how white supremacy works, and why those of us who have cause to fear for our very lives should stay vigilant as the coming months unfold.

The ongoing race war will become the monstrous enemy that will devour polling stations and spit out the blood of souls still hovering in wait for justice that must come.

Donald Trump has an army of deplorables who will absolutely do their part to bring back him for another four years of terrorism against Black and Brown.

His supporters aren’t interested in the boring game of political correctness, which is why they live for the fiesta of derogatory wordplay, that their supreme leader gregariously supplies at the expense of future victims of his radicalization — both on the road and on Twitter.

White America wants Black America to pay dearly for the victory lap of Barack Obama, and the infectious joy that some of them participated in, but eventually rejected when they bought the rumors of the permanence of the Black takeover.

White folks don’t want to relinquish control of the trusted white power alliance, and so the first-ever Black president and his beloved First Lady had to eat shit when they were forced to hand over power to a failed business man and his failed supermodel wife, two prominent assholes who previously tortured their predecessors with the birther controversy.

If we think things are as bad as they are going to get, we better buckle up because it’s about to get gangster in a couple of months.

If the federal government is willing to callously watch jobless Americans without health insurance, struggle with the emotional toll of accommodating a weak job market and mounting bills, without any hope of a second stimulus package, then we can expect that lawlessness will reign supreme — until whenever.

Race relations will become even more frayed, and the votes will be the great divide that will determine whether or not Donald Trump’s ass will be saved by his racists followers, or tossed onto the ghastly renovated Rose Garden by the national guard.

American’s racist history has had a long run, and no matter what happens in November, the ugliness of this bloody religion will not civilly bow out.

Buckle up!

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