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How President Obama Erected Hillary Clinton’s Stunning Defeat

Election day was like a blast from the past — only this time — the roles were switched. Many of us were left in a wasteland of defeat as we struggled to find our way back to the road that leads to nowhere.

Unlike you, I was thoroughly convinced that Hillary Clinton would lose. There was never a time that I peeped the poll numbers and felt confident or even hopeful. I couldn’t grasp how and why there was so much momentum behind a machine that was in need of drastic repairs.

The truth lies in the fantasy of a narrative that reads like the perfect Hollywood ending. We all want to believe in the rainbow sprinkles and the cupcake that delights on a temporary basis until the icing begins to drip into the folds of what we always know to be true.

Politicians are dirty. They are filthy. They stink badly and yet they are compulsory for the wellbeing of a constitution that doesn’t require our mandate or testimony to thrive.

When Barack Hussein Obama II came to be — like a slithering fox that was hiding out without food or water but managed to stay alert based on the scribes of the future — there was no doubt that he would be the savior we had begged for without even realizing how sizable the deliverance.

He was everything that you can’t ever conceive of in your wildest dreams and yet there he was — standing tall and Black. He had mastered the artistry of speaking in a language that can be translated without a guidebook. He knew how to uplift without the interference of a complicated legacy desperate for a reboot.

He convinced us that We Can be better with a resounding Yes! His background was peppered with a story that most of us can relate to and almost wished could have translated to the heights of such glory.

We couldn’t resist the optimism and the promise of a tomorrow that would include us as Americans with the all the drippings of the past and the salute to past warriors — who birthed our moment but secretly wondered how such a thing could occur.

Miracles can’t be taken lightly or brushed into existence with a stroke of casualness.

When President Obama became the President with dark skin and an intellect that made his detractors even more incoherent — it was clear that the stakes were going to be solidly high after his term ran the course.

They were very high.

Hillary Clinton is a woman who deserved to be the first of her kind to win the highest office of the land. Her pedigree couldn’t be more irresistible. She is a former First Lady. She was Secretary of State under the Obama administration. If we could build the perfect woman to demolish an imperfect opponent — she would be the favored prototype.

Yet, she failed to become what she was born to inherit.

She was defeated by a scumbag in a suit, with flapper lips and a tongue that continuously spews out various confections of shit that I swear are being manufactured by the henchmen of social media — who can stop the nonsense but can’t stop jacking off to all the retweets that you help to facilitate.

If you think you’re ruining his street cred — think again.

Hillary Clinton lost because President Obama erected her defeat.

She didn’t stand a chance against the man currently in office who devoured his opponents with the lofty promise that better days are ahead. That was his first vow. The second was a little more straight-forward and it basically presented the vision of why losing hope is a charred disposition that needs to be restored to the belief that America was always great and will remain so if you welcome the responsibility of keeping it that way.

We said: Yes We Will in 2012.

Then, 2016 happened and suddenly the pulse of the nation that was already under attack from racial strife and disillusionment converted to the anthem of a wealthy White business man who’s spirited stance seemed to echo in all the right places.

Let’s face it — Hillary Clinton wasn’t really into it. She did what she did because it was expected. She had to run for the presidency — how could she not? Her objectives were fair enough but she never quite took flight. Her campaign was foaming at the mouth and the diagnoses didn’t encourage any measure of reassurance that was desperately needed.

There is a very good reason why Obama trumped her goals when they were running against each other. That same reason resonated when she tried to convince us that her history-making ascension would benefit us all.

Hillary Clinton never should’ve tried again.

After losing to Barack Obama — there was no doubt that years later — the same principles and ideology behind her husband’s manual and her assumption that her name and encrypted manifest would carry her over to the finish line — would still be caught between the bad, the ugly, and the uglier.

I read the amazing series that Ta-Nehisi Coastes conceived for The Atlantic — where he went skin deep into the layers of a leader who wasn’t perfect, but perfect enough to be considered one of the greatest presidents of modern times.

I also listened to David Axelrod, the former senior advisor and confidant to the most influential man in the world — discuss in detail with Obama — the scope of a beginning and another beginning with the one he helped elect into office.

There will be more pieces and podcasts that will try to give us a sense of how we got it right and why we are now sifting through the rubble of self-hate and brutal assignment. I am sure every single one of these entries will try very hard to convince us that despite the tarried times — brighter days are ahead.

I am not upset that Hillary Clinton lost. I am actually relieved. She was not the one to take over from a prolific delegator — who tried for her but deep down didn’t quite believe she was the one to grab the torch to victory.

At the end of the day — having a menacing figure punching buttons and clicking away like a child without governance — sounds freakishly familiar. He will be the one we obsess over for the next four years. And, once it’s over — it’s done.

The next in line won’t need to rely on past rhetoric or glory for the official stamp of approval.

And when the ball drops — we will dance like it was 2008.

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