Paul in Haiti circa 2010

How Paul Walker’s Legacy Continues To Reach Out Worldwide

Actor Paul Walker began his career as a child star. Game shows, TV shows, Soap operas, etc, Walker’s blond hair and blue eyes were the elements of what The American Dream personifies. He spent the 80’s trying to woo Samantha from Who’s The Boss while also keeping tabs on the path that leads to the starry Highway to Heaven.

The rest is history.

The California native’s idea about fast cars and an undercover cop who can’t resist sacrificing his career for loyalty and the lure of the fast lane — ultimately evolved into a goldmine that is still overflowing with heaps of monetary rewards.

The only thing missing is the star of the show.

He died back in 2013 while on break from filming the seventh installment. It was sudden, tragic, and senseless. It was epically disastrous and killed the spirit of loved ones and fans. I was a fan. I was brutalized by the circumstances of his death. The car crash, the burning car, the realization that someone so good had perished in the worst way imaginable.

This guy was committed to the cause of humans all over the world.

His worldly pursuits had given him permission to claim the most exotic spots in the universe but with that privilege came the burden of witnessing the devastation that mother nature unleashes without warning. This realization inspired his need to create a team of first responders who would act accordingly by ensuring that the victims based in hard to Reach areas would have a chance of surviving their plight — as they wait for more militarized assistance.

Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) was born in 2010.

The first trip was to Haiti after the devastating earthquake. Walker and his like-minded friends decided to implement their rescue plan and the results were gratifyingly stunning. The response and support from outside forces provided the incentive to keep up the good work.

This is what it’s all about.

There is also Game 4 Paul.

Heroes aren’t manufactured. They are Born that Way.

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