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How Pat Robertson’s “Heaven Mandate” Supports The Trickery of Evangelism

America’s richest televangelist and founder of the notable Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), that hosts the long-running staple, The 700 Club, Pat Robertson, recently expressed his disgust and disappointment at Donald Trump, the “White Savior,” who was chosen to protect White America from threats of extinction.

Robertson’s firm cautioning, vehemently denounced America’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

It’s interesting to witness the strong push back from GOP leaders, like Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, and Mitt Rominey, who all seem quite concerned about President Trump’s reckless handling of Turkey’s imminent invasion of Northern Syria, which has resulted in the cruel abandonment of the Kurds, who have been strategic allies in the war against ISIS.

It appears that the president’s staunchest loyalists are inconsolably pressed about the fate of a foreign operation, but when it comes to the ongoing crisis dangerously unfolding in the country that they formally help to manage, the blatant criminalities of The White House doesn’t inspire any sense of urgency.

Imagine the national furor that would ensue if President Obama had the audacity to illegally coerce a foreign leader into launching a joint investigation with the US Department of Justice for political gain at the expense of a political rival.

The illegality of it, coupled with the attack on our democracy and absolute risk to our national security would serve as the rare unification of both Republicans and Democrats in the pursuit of ousting the Black president, who was expectedly too gangster for his illustrious position.

But the current Terrorizer-in-Chief is a pampered White male who has the necessary credentials to receive his anointing by the rogue GOP, and supremacy of White evangelism, that’s spearheaded by the worst symptoms of a weaponized religion.

Pat Robertson, a veteran member of the Republican Party, who once ran for president, (go figure!) is a revered figure in the business of evangelism. And while he was over-the-moon when Donald Trump, a self-proclaimed White nationalist, defied the odds to win the presidency, it appears the president’s latest stunt, that’s inciting doubt among conservatives, has the religious leader majorly shook!

But it’s hard to duly process Robertson’s horrified reaction to the un-American abandonment of the Kurdish forces when you recall his un-Christian embrace of Trump’s abhorrent treatment of Jamal Khashoggi’s slaying, a year ago, at a Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

According to investigative reports of American intelligence agencies, the Washington Post journalist and vocal critic of the Saudi royals, was ambushed by hired killers, who were carrying out the directives of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who happens to be besties with Trump and his co-conspirators, including son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Robertson wasn’t at all empathetic to the gruesomeness of Khashoggi’s slaughter, and in fact aggressively applauded Trump’s loud endorsement of a horrific crime in the name of maintaining the flow of “billions and billions of dollars,” from a formidable “alliance” that according to Robertson, is valuable enough not “to blow up over one person.”

It’s hard to fathom how such callous words can be uttered by a man who is almost ninety, and definitely mature enough to reconcile the humanness of recognizing the invaluable gift of life, and how material things can’t compare.

But that would eliminate the trickery of evangelism, and invalidate the period of colonialism, when White invaders wielded bibles at Black captors with the falsehood of how Jesus Christ instructed their unrighteous paths to cultural landscapes, that were traitorously defaced and poached for the gain of the White man.

Pat Robertson is a powerful force who has shaped the blueprint for this cult-like system that consists of White Anglo-Saxon elitists, who are motivated by the deadly strategies that are more aligned with the deceitful characteristics of God’s historically vilified foe.

And so when we watch the clip of Robertson’s recent broadcast, where the televangelist expresses how “appalled” he is, at the decision of the Trump administration to “allow the Turkish to come in against the Kurd,” we are struck by how the scathing review of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan matches the description of another well-known “thug” and “dictator.”

Robertson is clearly not a fan of Erdoğan, and while his low opinion of the man might be justified, it’s comical that the criticism of how the Turkish leader “is just in for himself,” ironically illustrates the ungodly disposition of Donald Trump, who seemingly harbors an intense craving for global disrupters, who have the absolute power to be self-serving, despite the dire consequences of those actions.

The segment featuring an icon of the White religion that has been and still is solely responsible for the bloody massacres of Black and Brown populations, that are presently displaced from the irrevocable damage exacted on primal tribes, reeks of the standard default that’s systemically outfitted in the grossly manipulated narrative that would make even God himself lash out in revolt.

Robertson is so fucking pissed that he saves the best for last with a dramatic conclusion, that’s filled with the merciless tradition of Whiteness that mandates capitalizing on the unrelated tragedies of victims in an effort to accrue the misplaced faith of lost sheep.

“The president, who allowed Khashoggi to be cut in pieces without any repercussions whatsoever, is now allowing the Christians and the Kurds to be massacred by the Turks.” “The President of the United States is in danger of losing the mandate of heaven if he permits this to happen.”

It’s mind-boggling to say the least, to hear Robertson stoically make the case for Trump’s devilish antics with a lot of help from the same Saudi journalist, whose brutal murder he ceremoniously minimized, in favor of protecting the “alliance” with America’s source of “$100 billion worth of arms sales,” which can’t be threatened by the “alienation of our biggest player in the Middle East.”

Why the sudden change of heart?

Why is Pat Robertson forgetting the unforgivable sin of utilizing his massive platform to reduce the violent killing of Jamal Khashoggi to an annoying distraction, that can’t override America’s uninterrupted access to “billions and billions of dollars,” under the tutelage of the “stable genius” who has a personal stake in the Saudi-American partnership?

The answer lies in the conveniently flexible laws of Christianity, and how like most religions that succumb to the nefariousness of bullish tricksters, who possess persuasive traits that lead to mega-churches, and the riches that would make heaven weep, there has to be definitive roles that guarantee the retention of coerced hierarchies.

White evangelism gave us President Trump, and that’s reason enough for skeptics to finally swear off the off-putting charisma of our Lord and Savior.

But we also can’t deny that due to the mysteriousness around the genesis of religious movements, that have gained a level of popularity that has been hijacked by so-called representatives of supreme beings, it has become a seamless and profitable venture to give the masses what they think they want or need, at their own expense.

Pat Robertson, and many who replicate his repertoire, are really glorified salespeople, who have mastered the art of prophetically misleading those who dare, with diseased messaging of White supremacy, that emphatically claims superiority over mankind, with rearranged bible verses that dutifully collaborate the insidiousness of faith-based literature and how Whiteness ultimately conquers all.

Trump isn’t a Christian, and his ascension wasn’t the work of God Almighty, but rather the fateful wirings of White evangelism that was instituted as the extension of philosophies that fuel the deadliness of White terrorism.

When Robertson declares that Trump is in serious danger of “losing the mandate to heaven,” one has to wonder if the property in the sky that’s guarded by those “pearly gates” is actually the purported fortress that houses the blessed souls of those who were perfect enough for that privileged entry.

Unfortunately, White evangelicals are convinced that their practiced bigotry and miscalculated assumptions of their supremacy, will readily translate during the period of transition when our bodies are vacant, and the process of transference after we take our last breath will undertake the exact same journey assigned to those who went before us.

If there was such a thing as “heaven” for the good, and “hell” for the bad, we can outrightly designate where Trump and his soldiers will end up.

And while Pat Robertson continues to legally rob the blind for his self-interests, the man that he’s accusing of traitorous acts that could get him banned from God’s house in the clouds, is busy displaying attributes that prove how he learned from the best.

Trump’s retweet scornfully reiterates how Christianity will continue to ruthlessly maximize its valuable currency against the diminished worth of longtime victims of biblical warfare.

And it’s even more deplorable how Republicans have all the love for an African immigrant when the “miracle” of her rescue by the “White Savior” syndrome, works in their favor.

I couldn’t resist depositing this response:

The trickery of evangelism is still flourishing under the banner of Whiteness and its supremacy, and with the polarizing influence of Pat Robertson & Co., we can only brace ourselves for how the base of deplorables will preach the word according to Donald Trump when the next election cycle hits us with vengeance.

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