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Black characters

How “Operation: Jordyn Woods” Succeeded In Scamming The Culture

Kris Jenner knows that bad scripts revive reality shows

Season 16 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is about to drop, and weirdly enough the relentless wave of activity that overtook social media platforms for an entire weekend and some days, has been replaced with superiority of real-life drama, that tends to be way more riveting, and often times worthy of script translations.

But let’s get back to the Jordyn/Tristan/Khloe/Kylie situation, and how Kris Jenner planted the generic bomb, that was meant to elicit the exact response that ensued, just in time for the scheduled premiere on March 31 st.

Facts first: the ratings for the one of the longest running reality shows have been pretty bad, so bad that last season was a complete disaster, despite the packaged cliffhanger surrounding the birth of baby True, that conveniently coincided with the cheating scandal heard around the world, and how die-hard fans were gauging whether or not Khloe would be pathetic enough to take back her trifling baby daddy — Tristan Thompson.

The show about ultra-famous White women who spend millions to look like the version of Black women that targeted Black men prefer to fuck for biracial babies, isn’t the big draw it used to be. The steep drop to 37 per cent that ended with a meager 851,000 viewers for the season finale, was the last straw for a notoriously competitive and ruthless momager, who has zero fucks to give when it comes to limitless methods of dominion.

Any mother who sacrifices her underage offspring to life-threatening surgical procedures for the sake of an unconquerable dynasty, definitely has no shame in her game, and needs to be feared on sight.

That being said, it’s no shocker that the family of fake body parts and the youngest “self-made” billionaire, decided to crank things up with the manufactured scandal of a spicy affair between designated ratchet bestie of Kylie, and Khloe’s hoeish baller, who is aptly following in the troublesome footsteps of the since banished Lamar Odom.

The scripts for this decade-old offering, has always followed the well-established blueprint that secures villainous roles for Black folks in the circle, while the Kardashian/Jenner women ironically retain their Whiteness by playing unsuspecting victims, despite evidence leading to the contrary.

It never fails to amaze how these women adamantly stake their claim by endowing their template with the high-priced features that secure resemblance to darker-skinned counterparts, who do all the heavy-lifting that comes with the station of being “the most disrespected women in America.”

But when it comes to their interpretation of what it takes to garner the empathy of being epically fucked over by Black dudes and dudettes, even when the setup is abusively manipulated, suddenly being Black women isn’t desirable enough for those faked out subplots.

We can’t deny the great expectation for the professed love triangle, particularly when you factor in all the juicy items, that were meant to give target audiences the ammunition to wile out on behalf of the battered beauty, who was unfairly manhandled by the pompousness of Khloe’s misplaced wrath, via the damning tweet that initiated the obliged ire.

The frustratingly disappointing aspect of the Jordyn Woods fiesta, is how the very obvious hoax was finessed with seamless results, and with the assistance of a crowd of thinkers who are usually acutely aware of the bullshit as soon as it makes landfall.

But for inexplicable reasons, the climate on most platforms was primarily focused on the wellbeing of the character that Kris and her brood chose for the responsibility of driving the designed narrative. The key elements embraced the ostracized young Black woman, who risked her high-paying job as Kylie’s “ride or die” by shamelessly fucking the cheating partner of the most “disrespected Black woman in White America.”

This Shakespearean nightmare made her the dispensable Black bitch that those ganged up White bitches were eating alive with their reservoir of White privilege.

Jordyn Woods needed to be rescued. She needed to be insulated by allies who weren’t going to just click by her nationalized dilemma and keep it moving because that’s not how it works.

And evidently, the women who’ve spent more than enough time mastering the culture they poach from for unearned rewards, were already well-positioned to reap the massive returns from the brilliantly implemented coup that hit at the crux of a passionately loyal community, that was primed for tragic predictability.

It’s hard to tell if Jada Pinkett Smith was compensated for her endorsement of the scripted “unreality” that galvanized the ferocious interests of blinded influencers and their mimicking troops, but either way, we can’t fault Will’s lady for granting a burgeoning heroine, and apparent family friend, the bedazzled forum to show off her acting chops, even if her chances of ever winning an Emmy are slim to none.

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Sisterhood or Falsehood?

The aftermath of the highest rated episode of Red Table Talk will be the instigator for future collabos with the temporarily disabled Black alliances of the K/Js, since the voice of reason in the form of a seasoned pro, who commands the respect of Black women, young and old, enhances the surefire hits of Black sisterhood, that reaches its peak with the Talk, that vindicates Jordyn’s truth and validates her newfound celebrity.

But for now, we have the residue that still hovers, despite the loud silence after the riots came to an abrupt halt.

It appears that these intense episodes of viral sensations that recruit the expertise of analysts who are built for the task of dismantling metaphors, and theoretical bits, have a tendency to swoop in unannounced before bouncing away with the casualness that never matches the time and effort, that was spent fostering the short-lived epidemic.

What we’re left with basically sums up this formidable era of purposed falsehoods, that thrives off of competitive spirits, that are preoccupied with thankless projects that gift the cunningly strategic creators, at the expense of gullible guinea pigs who are tricked into faux-activism.

There’s no denying that Jordyn Woods agreed to be cursed out by her still-best friend’s fraudulent relatives, because it was the appealing deal that couldn’t be refused based on the never-ending benefits in the form of monetary compensation, and the privilege of anchoring her celebrity into more lucrative territory.

If you ever needed a quick refresher on behavioral traits that converge to mount a sensational allegiance to a trend, spotlighting an attractive contender, who was cast as the fresh vomit from the bowels of Calabasas — the rapid social makeover of Jordyn Woods was the class to sign up for with a quickness.

It was fascinating to watch the 21-year-old L.A. native go from somewhat known to online royalty, as the background of her plight gathered steam, coupled with the heart-to-heart Talk with Auntie Jada, that sealed her anointed trajectory.

All the fuss granted permission for her looks to be glorified, which will undoubtedly open the doorway for brand partnerships, and all the other stuff that happens when your household name is finally strong enough to hold the bags of money that come with status elevation.

Operation: Jordyn Woods turned out to be victory lap that Kris Jenner was hoping for, but didn’t anticipate when you consider the monumental engagement of her event.

The Kardashian/Jenner takeover also proves how folks are readily seduced by the goodies of “un-reality” as opposed to the more gratifying scripted fare, especially when the salaciousness features the maliciousness of talentless White women who pridefully weaponize Blackness, and have the righteous gall to publicly dismiss a Black woman, who could lose everything if she isn’t rescued and brought back home.

Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it?

It’s not just the fact that the former wife of Caitlyn Jenner, who mapped out the timing of that viral reveal with careful precision in order to boost the dramatics of blindsided family members, who were cruelly deceived by the selfish exploits of the presently-alienated former patriarch — managed to sell an uninspiring script out of the desperate need to revive a flatlining shit show.

The fucked up reality about this over-indulged unreality is the nefariousness that was calculatingly brewed into the bitterness faux-battles, starring a ready-made doll, armed with capabilities that would catapult her to stardom (check out the new haircut) at the behest of loving warriors, in the form of dependable Black women, who can’t avoid the specific task of protecting their own from the entrapment of the Klan.

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The venomously-hatched scheme swiftly prompted an online movement with additional reinforcement from media outlets on Kris Jenner’s payroll. The astounding rallying around the most celebrated non-victim that ever was will most likely carry over into the first few episodes of the upcoming season.

And now that Jordyn and Kylie are back on speaking terms, right after Khloe played her part with the apology tweet that was retweeted, quote-tweeted and threaded a million times over, we can conclude that the sloppy controversy was grossly overlooked by thrill-seekers, who weren’t bothered by coerced defeat.

Kim and the sisters she made, have never shied away from performing the duties that they rarely get vilified for due to the nature of their crimes, and how the population they provocatively harass are traditionally propped for this treatment.

The unchanging themes are faithful to the storylines that keep the sisters cleansed from wrong-doing, as they endure the fakery of betrayals from Black pollutants that spray similar shit that you would find in Tyler Perry’s forgettable catalogue of poison.

So not only does the family that steals and weakly squeals, criminally inhabit expensive shells of Blackness, that never penetrate the complex realism of what that physicality entails, but these culture vultures are also sharpening the skills that are used to recruit notable Black women in the quest to misuse our best assets for their gain.

It’s a foul business tactic that works too well, and while it’s hard to predict if it will be effective enough for disappearing viewers — who are no longer Keeping Up— what we can say for sure is that the days of global dominance are slowly coming to an end.

We know this because they all seem to be surgically blending into one, and since one is the loneliest number…

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