The look of love that we need more of…

How Netflix’s “Been So Long” Gives Dark-Skinned Women Permission To Be Whimsically Delightful

And that’s the way it should always be

Mild spoilers

Viola Davis, Liam Neeson in “Widows”
“Chewing Gum”
Director Tinge Krishnan talks about her latest gem
Ronke Adekoluejo plays Yvonne

Been So Long is the long-awaited vehicle that gives dark-skinned women permission to be whimsically delightful, which is a very big deal.

It’s kind of bummer to be stating that, at a time when Hollywood keeps touting the falsehood of the progressive push towards mandated inclusivity. But when we look around and observe the Black actresses that are getting hired in blockbusters and critically-acclaimed fare — the one common feature is the lightness of skin and curly hair texture.

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