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How My CBD Journey Allows For The Manageable In Chaos

My interest in CBD began this time last year, way before coronavirus became the global health crisis of our lifetime.

After spending the previous years unsuccessfully battling formidable forces of doom, stemming from the imbalance of erratic hormones and mind-altering substances that exacerbated debilitating symptoms, I finally had to make a lifesaving plea for a healthier existence.

Dependency on alcohol and my unwavering appetite for meals that don’t feed the soul had to be replaced with mental and physical nutrition.

Once the decision was made to eliminate everything that was hampering my ability to be my best self, it wasn’t hard to embrace a more progressive lifestyle.

But once my diet improved and my original settings were restored, there was a hunger to explore additional supplements, and the rapid growth of the CBD marketplace immediately attracted my interest.

After a year of sampling, I am confident that CBD tinctures and gummies are my best friend. My insomnia has been drastically minimized and midday anxiety no longer poses an active threat.

And obviously with everything happening our stress levels are at an all-time high. My increasing curiosity led me to try new products as a refresher and make comparisons.

I was lucky to discover the array of goodies from certified health coach, Gloria Pope who is the founder of Mbrace CBD.

Her mantra: “Healthy and Happy should not be a diet. It should be your lifestyle,” perfectly matches my objectives.

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Her range of products are geared towards the spiritedness of merging CBD with your daily regimen as the boost for what you need to get through the day and enjoy a good night’s a sleep.

Dream CBD oil gives an overall soothing feeling for the night and helps me drift off without being tortured by the endless lists of pending items.

This Broad spectrum tincture is “full plant with all cannabinoids without the THC , and is also mixed with MCT coconut oil.”

Pope made sure she provided oil tinctures that are 600 mg to give users have enough for a daily dosage of a full dropper, which is also cost effective compared to other companies that charge a lot for supplying more than you need.

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Of course it depends on how much relief you desire, but a dropper or two a day is usually sufficient.

Gloria Pope’s mission statement is to give customers the essentials to help regulate complete wellbeing, and that requires targeting the source of the issues.

Dream CBD oil is great for combating insomnia. Live CBD oil helps with mood swings, stomach cramps, bloating, stress and anxiety. Relieve CBD oil provides relief from chronic pain, muscle aches, loss in appetite, and most of the conditions that plague athletes and older people.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to compliment your mental and physical lifestyle journey, Mbrace CBD is a great option!

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