Strut your way to the scene of fury

How Much Did You Give To Save The World?

What was the amount that seemed potent enough to garner the cheers of many. How do you calculate that 500K will make 200K less honorable — until the million dollar mark creeps up with stains of attainability.

I give a lot while stalking the reactions to the growing roster of givers. I give more than my share when I comprehend how the images, videos and flashbacks provided by the survivors under dark clouds — seems to juxtapose the current that binds the notetakers with microphones — that sprouted from weariness.

I donate the burden of scrolling past the bodies of lives that are alive but trapped under the burden of what happens when zip codes sink to the surface of incoherence.

What is happening?

The flow from sky to the ground and then back again is dilating to heat strokes that penetrate those in The Valley — who can’t escape the rays fast enough to imagine what it would be like to jump away from climbing waters.

I expand my pockets and empty the trinkets of disillusionment that give me permission to judge the competitors who bid on lives that are on the verge — while sharing the flesh of the ones that are still intact.

I pay the penance of a human who tries so fucking hard to be human even when the beats of the heart don’t jam to my wishes.

I’m the worst of the lot.

I complain about how things are just not like they used to be — as if my past was as easy to decode as the hashtags of Instagram or the Threads of Twitter — that are supposed to inspire, but only end up perspiring my need to devise a plan to age backwards.

To save the world, I would give the gut-wrenching match that I can’t referee — each time I see headlines of excitement — turning tragedy into the feast of the moment.

Scavengers surround — and trust me when I say — that the hovering I do — defeats the purpose — every time.

How can celebs feel more selected for the mission of their generosity?

How can supporters and fan — up the ante with repostings and tweets that highlight the “give of the day?”

How can you wonder anymore — why people with endless usage of words — still end up sounding exactly the way they did an hour ago?

How can we save our world, their world and the world across that hasn’t been discovered yet — even though the tragedies of living on a crust that dissolves — remains a viable threat?

To save the world — discover the flexibility of permitting imminent collisions — that erase dollar amounts and garner the silence of extending the helping hand — that can’t accommodate the announcements that make us feel like we’ve saved the world.

When we can’t possibly give nearly enough.

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