Sorry England, he’s taken!

How Meghan Markle Exposes Britain’s Race Problem

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle captivated the world a little over a year ago, with the televised royal wedding that was decidedly low-key compared to Prince William’s more elaborate festivities, the vibrantly ceremonious scene of lined up Brits and avid fans of the monarchy seemed to paint the deceiving imagery of joy and acceptance.

That’s where the messiness began.

That became the launching pad for the current chaos that features the woman of color who married into the British monarchy, and the never-ending quest by White women reporters to devalue and demonize her disposition with outlandish accusations, and the bigoted narratives that prove why Meghan Markle has become Britain’s race problem.

The issue showcasing guest-edits of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

But alas! The cat is out of the bag!

And all it took was the hysteria amongst White women who can’t contain the pain of watching their worst nightmare playing out without the hopeful ending, that saves them from the fate of being permanently demoted from the standard default that places their value above all else.

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