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Sorry England, he’s taken!

How Meghan Markle Exposes Britain’s Race Problem

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle captivated the world a little over a year ago, with the televised royal wedding that was decidedly low-key compared to Prince William’s more elaborate festivities, the vibrantly ceremonious scene of lined up Brits and avid fans of the monarchy seemed to paint the deceiving imagery of joy and acceptance.

When the engagement was announced some months prior, there was the immediate analysis that perhaps this ordained pairing would prove to not only be the extension of relations between the UK and the US, but also the historic endorsement of a biracial woman, joining an illustrious establishment, that has flourished under the sanctity of Whiteness without the tolerance of tainted invaders.

There was also the reality of how Meghan Markle’s past endeavors that included a career in entertainment and a failed marriage, could’ve easily derailed her efforts to become the chosen bride to the sixth in line to the British throne.

But immediate members of the royal family have weathered their fair share of scandals, that have resulted in salacious affairs and a handful of divorces. The Queen’s own children have all suffered from failed marriages except the youngest, Prince Edward, who has managed to avoid that curse.

And so it makes sense that Meghan’s dissolved marriage was swiftly overlooked, although we also have to acknowledge that things would’ve been trickier if she were hoping to wed Prince William, due to the fact that he’s scheduled to take his father’s place on the throne when the time is right, which means that his wife has to be free from any questionable items on her resume.

The woman born for the role of Queen consort can’t have an ex-husband or be closer to forty because of the necessity of fertility. And there are a slew of protocols that are required for someone in that category, and clearly Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is more than up to the task, thanks to the early exposure of dating her future husband, and getting acquainted with the rules assigned to the House of Windsor.

Meghan Markle’s admittance into the royal household wasn’t as seamless as her much-loved counterpart, as the mystery surrounding her background was exacerbated by the controversial items that her father and shadowy relatives cunningly incited with the willing assistance of those pesky British tabloids.

That’s where the messiness began.

That became the launching pad for the current chaos that features the woman of color who married into the British monarchy, and the never-ending quest by White women reporters to devalue and demonize her disposition with outlandish accusations, and the bigoted narratives that prove why Meghan Markle has become Britain’s race problem.

Yes, America has a long-standing friction with race that has now escalated beyond repair with the normalization of domestic terrorism, championed by the regime of a White nationalist president.

But even our active nightmare can’t overshadow the fact that an American woman who is half-black, and wedded to a beloved Prince, is being subjected to tabloid warfare that has everything to do with the fact that she’s regarded as the conniving infiltrator, who infected the monarchy with attributes that shockingly didn’t disqualify her.

The latest missile aimed at the non-White royal stems from her highly-touted gig as the guest editor for the September issue of British Vogue, and how she opted not to be on the cover in order to avoid unwanted attention, and instead chose a collection of women to spotlight based on their inspirational catalogues.

The list of notables includes former first lady, Michelle Obama, novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, and actresses Yara Shahidi, and Laverne Cox.

All in all there were 15 women total, who gorgeously represent the spectrum of achievements and global activism, but somehow Meghan’s specifications for excellence was met with a loud scowl by tabloid staples like The Telegraph, that hosted the nauseatingly vile article by Associate Editor, Camilla Tominey, who ferociously exhales fumes of resentment; like a woman scorned.

Tominey didn’t hold back her disgust as she followed the rule book of the Daily Mail’s Piers Morgan, who has basically formulated the script on how to build a career based solely on terrorizing the Duchess of Sussex with disturbing frequency.

The mean-spirited and badly written offering quickly gathered the ire of empathetic readers, who couldn’t help but express their disapproval with the grossly misleading portrayal of a women of color, who is being verbally assaulted for exerting her freedom to express her preferences in the same manner that Kate Middleton is evidently able to do with heaps of praises and adulation.

The crux of Tominey’s attack seems to be the oldest trick in the book for seasoned haters who prefer to blame the ones they oppress for their racism.

The complaint by the editor and author of the article centers around Meghan’s “questionable” list of game changers, and how most of them are women of color with only 5 of them being White women. And since White feminism is a worldwide movement with deep roots in the fundamentals of White supremacy, Tominey also noted the deliberate exclusion of White men.

Expectedly, Tominey’s twitter account was overrun with angry responses to her disgraceful piece of work, and even I couldn’t resist weighing in on the unfair and evilly devised ambush, that continues the trend of punishing Meghan Markle for not being the “White Princess” that Prince Harry deserves.

Apparently my words hit too close to home because Tominey blocked me with a quickness.

And while I was amused by her cowardly reaction to my truth serum, there was also a chill that overcame me when I noticed the background art of her twitter page, and realized how committed she is to the shameful task of stalking the Duchess, who is annoyingly living her unrealized dream of being happily bonded to a handsome Prince with blissful years ahead.

Tominey wasn’t planning on going down without a fight, as she began to litter her page with tweets that were meant to explain her indefensible actions. Her main argument was the fact that Meghan had purposely chosen to mostly celebrate women of color, leaving White women with impressive portfolios in the dust.

That was a hard one to ignore, and so I dropped my response that basically targeted the bullet points of how the Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue, Edward Enniful, had been recruited with the mandate of ending the reign of exclusivity, that disproportionately limited the inclusion of models of color, particularly dark-skinned beauties on the magazine cover and in photo spreads.

There’s also the authenticity factor that warrants a biracial woman who accommodates an influential position in British society to seize the prime opportunity to pay tribute to the vital voices of empowered women, who represent the broad spectrum of diversity in ways that validate the ongoing initiative for a more progressive landscape.

But of course this attempt at curating a project that should be received with the reverence and appreciation that Kate Middleton’s masterpieces traditionally garner was a complete dud. The maddened crowd of White Englishwomen are at their wits end when it comes to facing the unpleasant reality of enduring a woman of color, who they consider inferior, possessing the keys to the kingdom that she wasn’t born to claim.

It’s hard not to be slightly amused by how fast and furiously the White British population turned against Meghan Markle, after spending enough time trying to behave for the sake of the world’s lenses.

And while the weeks after the wedding disturbingly mirrored the era of nationalized harassment of the late Princess Diana, the mother of Prince Harry, who was killed during a high speed chase in Paris, that was prompted by the paparazzi — the heralded pregnancy announcement a few months later only intensified the brutality of the British press.

It was as if the mission statement was to do everything possible to stress out the mother-to-be with weekly doses of poison fare that contained fabrications that vilified the new royal with accusations of being the disrupter, who was throwing her weight around and causing so much distress that even stoic Kate was forced to shed tears on more than one occasion.

The goal has always been to utilize the percentage of blackness that Meghan possesses as the tool of choice when it comes to her alleged hostility, and aggressiveness towards the angelic whiteness of Kate, who is trying her best to valiantly survive the combativeness of her brutish sister-in-law, who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including seducing the pants off of a helplessly naive Prince Harry.

The “invasion” of the biracial American actress who crossed over to the territory that she had no business stealing from British natives, who are White enough to be pissed at their never-ending predicament is finally breaking down the restraints that usually retains the “prim and proper” view, that sells the falsehood of how the Brits aren’t nearly as racist as their White American cousins.

But alas! The cat is out of the bag!

And all it took was the hysteria amongst White women who can’t contain the pain of watching their worst nightmare playing out without the hopeful ending, that saves them from the fate of being permanently demoted from the standard default that places their value above all else.

Britain’s race issue was never a secret, especially when you consider the legacy of colonialism that forever destroyed Black and Brown nations that were torn asunder to provide the life supply of riches that the Western world still poaches, at the expense of the cultures that will never recover from crimes against humanity.

So, if the notion of a Duchess and her royal offspring, with black blood running through their veins is more than enough to paralyze the peace of mind of White people in the United Kingdom — then so be it!

Payback can be such a royal pain in the ass!

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