How Mainstream Media Is Dangerously Normalizing Messengers of Bigotry

There’s not much to say and yet so much more to express when it comes to the quiet methods of enabling that mainstream media courts at an intensely high rate.

CNN prides itself as the bearer of bad news in ways that are meant to incite the activism aspect of things as we’re overfed the main course of discourse with a terrifically bad President, who revels in the reality of how his presence dominates — with overpowering force.

Trump is the man who can visit Puerto Rico after a massive storm and playfully toss paper towels while ridiculing natives on camera for their complacency with how the news reports inflate the direness of what they barely survived.

Trump is the man who can publicly declare that White supremacists are very fine people with characteristics that match the bowels of hatred intertwined with the residue of the glorious past, that hyped up the dispensability of non-whites with comfortably callous attitude.

The mastermind of this currently toxic administration is the real MVP of the White nationalists universe.

Steve Bannon is a disturbingly charismatic figure who has the ability to bring this world to its knees. His mission was always to advance the agenda of White supremacy as well as the securement of all the resources that will be needed to compete the task of the ultimate takeover.

Trump is the idiot puppet head who provided the seamless partnership that gave Putin the audacity to relegate the President of the United States to the duties of messenger boy under the shiny armor of the tattered American flag and the bloody national anthem.

The fiasco with Helsinki was nothing more than a nagging snag in the grand scheme of things.

The real detriment to civilization has already been manifested through the virus of relevancy that mandates those who profess loyalty to all things anti-Trump, to fall deeper into the hood of false prophets for a cause that isn’t their own.

How else can you explain the fact that none of the media outlets passionately matched the reverence for the immigrant crisis with the messiness of Puerto Rico, by avidly exposing the emotional and physical hell of helpless mothers cradling their prized possessions with the air of helplessness — that equates any global consciousness — requiring immediate attention.

There’s also the grand reception for the lord of darkness who knows how to manipulate and dictate the statutes of his station with the precision of a warrior who fights for the honor of dishonor with eyes wide open.

Steve Bannon gets lots of opportunities to present his bullet points of sectioned mayhem that’s been revamped with tentacles — spreading far and wide. He’s already giving Europe a lot to suffocate over and of course America was ripened centuries ago for the hate-filed rhetoric that excites the base beyond reach.

Mainstream media seems to be engaged in a dangerous game that is essentially armed with rules that allow the normalization of diseased couriers, who are tasked with delivering bigoted views in ways that match a porously hostile climate.

Earlier in the summer, Bannon was invited for a one-on-one exchange with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, and the interview was basically identical to all the others. We’re treated to the potency of a White supremacist, who masterfully delivers the poisonous embers of White privilege, and how that level of ignorance has to be retained for the sake of God and country, and a world that’s dissolving from the flooding of America’s truancy.

The New Yorker recently entered the blasphemous ring with the festival set for early October, that boasts a range of personalities that run the gamut, but the most intriguing of all was the Grand Marshall — Steve Bannon.

He was ready to appear in the authority of his supremacy — manifested in his cheat sheet, that includes the ability to righteously demand the respect of his station in the name of the maddening crowd, who need his unbiased acceptance to validate their sickness.

Bannon was invited to share the stage with artists and intellectuals in an effort to engage and disengage from thought leaders, who dismiss the notion of how white nationalism deserves to be heralded by those who are shamelessly promoting its durability.

Public outcry on social media platforms ensued after the announcement of Bannon’s scheduled appearance was confirmed, and the steaming ire reached a boiling point that demanded a swift cancellation — as Trump’s most feared and controversial advisor was dropped from the distinguished lineup.

But in all honesty the moment that CNN decided to spend hours spotlighting the jumbo jet with the letters — TRUMP — emblazoned on it, was when it was clear that winners can be both cheap shot assholes with too much money and very little regard for humanity, and also celebrated figures that incite a level of fascination that makes for a toxic relationship for all parties.

The hate they feel for us has been normalized and verified through the clicks and ratings bonanza that confirms how we need to sleep with the enemy in order to make bank and thrive.

New Yorker editor David Remnick released a statement that aimed to adequately explain why the invitation to Bannon had nothing to do with playing dual roles of justice seeker and pathetic enabler.

“By conducting an interview with one of Trumpism’s leading creators and organizers, we are hardly pulling him out of obscurity.” “Ahead of the mid-term elections and with 2020 in sight, we’d be taking the opportunity to question someone who helped assemble Trumpism.”

Again, the empowerment handed to a man who is openly practicing a deadly religion that poses a threat to non-Whites and Muslims is astoundingly destructive to the mission statement — that dictates all the reasons why the likes of Bannon should remain in the shadows of their dubiously evil intentions.

Bannon doesn’t need the spotlight, in fact he should be drowning in the darkness of his station.

And as far as questioning his expertise on “Trumpism,” how in the hell is that going to push us further along from the nightmarish climate of an administration that is fundamentally destructive to the American spirit — a virulent status orchestrated by a soldier for the White nationalist order?

The editor-in-chief of The Economist, Zanny Minton Beddoes released a defensive statement in the midst of this somewhat debilitating debate, and verified that Bannon is going to be a part of the publication’s “Open Future Festival” on September 15th.

Minton Beddoes unapologetically makes the case for hosting the venomous views of a White nationalist by relying on the over-wrought tropes of how vital it is to re-affirm the reality of the dominance of White supremacy — and how this truth gifted us with a presidency that follows the blueprint of populist nationalism.

This problem with this ideology is embedded in the righteously tone-deaf approach that exposes an even bigger symptom that is disturbingly widespread in mainstream media.

When it comes to this country’s devotion to activating the historical method of keeping Black America under siege through systemic chokeholds and the outright audacity of White Americans harassing us out of public spaces with the full support of law enforcement — there has never been a doubt of where the community stands in the prism of inequality.

Trump’s ascension may have been a shock to the system, but it absolutely doesn’t serve as the damning evidence of how racism in America can no longer be denied. The key ingredient this time around is sifted through the endorsement from the Commander-in-Chief, who’s committed to elevating the banner of how Making America Great Again can only be achieved by channeling the supremacy of an all-White America.

The New Yorker and The Economist and others in this realm are performing the tightrope act of circumcised bullshit.

There’s a transparency that reveals the eroding of the messaging that’s supposed to solidify the motives of liberal programming, but instead keeps being re-routed to avenues of questionability, as we’re assaulted with the brutality of accommodating the ceremonious reception of diabolic figures, who want nothing more than to utilize these specific outlets for ultimate gain.

Normalizing hate speeches, packaged as intellectual jargon from high-priced bigots, who are championing the demise of Black lives, destroying the integrity of immigrants and the process that was meant to protect them, and demonizing religions that aren’t nearly as life-threatening as White domestic terrorists lawfully running rampant — is a disgusting practice that can’t be overlooked or forgiven.

The war on the culture of equality is ongoing and it’s a brutal reckoning of bruised spirits competing for the glory of Whiteness against the backdrop of pretenses by those accused — who can’t be trusted or embraced for the astute wealth of character and primal humanness that matches Nike’s Number One “targeted” ambassador — Colin Kaepernick.

Can you do it?

Mainstream media is miserably and epically failing the test of loyalty and honorable pursuits as it pertains to the shaming of those who are in the business of gangster tendencies towards the vulnerable — in order to maintain disorder and propel measured chaos for the preservation of Whiteness.

Now we have to ask what we are willing to do to prove our adherence to justice for all — and the effective activism that won’t succumb to the mandate of paying the bills or inspire partnerships with wilting brands with cowardly premises.

This is the time for cleansing and ownership. Choose or lose.

I choose to curse all outlets and brands that sell out.

I choose Colin Kaepernick.

I choose America the beautiful in the image that replicates me.

I choose you. Will you choose me?

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