How Mainstream Media Helps to Commodify The Agenda of Hate

The Republican Party also known as the conservative hotspot for “Jesus freaks” who rely on reworked bible verses to validate the tendencies of hate and brutality against those that don’t neatly fit into the box of deplorables, have expectedly taken the defiant stance to support and defend their supreme leader’s racist remarks.

We can can promptly add Trump’s latest attacks to the vault of ugliness, representing the worst presidency in history.

But what we shouldn’t do is continue this morbid ritual of condemnation that puts the spotlight on White people who matter, with the patriotic demands to stand up for ALL Americans, as if those expectations have ever been courageously fulfilled.

It’s the same old song that keeps playing, over and over again, like clockwork, and the results replicate the previous episodes when those bloody tapes capturing the villain in action were ceremoniously released, and instead of swiftly ending the political campaign of a proven sexual harasser, it remarkably boosted his appeal and won him the presidency.

And now media outlets are once again catering to the habitual need to shame a White man who once rightfully claimed that he could get away with murder, by over-sharing nauseating footage that pairs the Thug-in-Chief with old pal and currently embattled sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein — partying away in the early nineties.

When will we learn that Trump’s most avid supporters actually love him for who he is, and don’t ever want him to change?

That’s why it’s appallingly unacceptable for those of us who are subjected to the horrors of this deadly administration through the immediate dangers of hate crimes that have increased substantially — to painfully endure this bloated circus of ignorant clowns, who are given the microphone to spew out even more ammunition to massage the murderous wiles of White supremacists.

Does it even occur to mainstream news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, and the like, that inviting bigoted commentary from bigots in high places, is basically helping to bolster the devilish agenda of the very person that they have all failed to hold accountable?

Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, vehemently denied the bigoted and xenophobic tone of his supreme leader’s comments, that were specifically geared towards four Congresswomen of color; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Presseley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

As staunch defender of Trump’s damning antics, McConnell and his fellow conspirator in all things criminal and unjust, Lindsay Graham, are both the glorified “cleaning boys,” who have sold whatever was left of their soul to the enterprise of #MAGA, and there’s no turning back. There’s only the onward call to shit all over the real life domestic terrorism that’s brutalizing Black children in the streets of America.

It’s hard to even fathom that Mitt Romney possessed the audacity to seek the highest office in the land when you consider his cowardly play at everything, and how Trump managed to pull the rug under his feet by dangling the high profile position in his newly-minted administration that he had no intention of awarding to the weakling of a senator from Utah.

Lazily borrowing from the playbook of his fellow GOP leaders, Romney preferred to avoid the scariest word on the planet “racist” and instead opted to deliver a meaningless thesis about “unification,” and “failure” on the president’s part to play the role that he has obviously rejected in favor of the divineness that will most likely get him reelected.

We’ve been down this road enough times to understand why White people are generally not capable of identifying racism.

We also know how we got here.

We know that the media played a huge role in minimizing the potency of a terminal disease without a cure. We recall how a year ago, when the “summer of hate” was in full effect, and Black children were being publicly harassed and abused by White women, with assistance of rogue cops — mainstream media took advantage of the chaos and relinquished the urgency of investigative reporting.

The same shit is happening again, but this time we can’t allow this level of irresponsibly to thrive, especially when it’s cloaked under the shield of prominent newsrooms, and glitzy news segments anchored by over-paid White males, who don’t give a damn about presenting the cold hard facts with jarring blows that leave ungracious guests no room for cover.

Take for instance the back-to-back atrocities by CNN, while House Democrats were drawing up the resolution, condemning Trump’s revolting remarks, that even political leaders in the United Kingdom were offended enough to loudly denounce.

Instead of bringing in a crowd of solidly respectable Black and Brown voices to infuse law and order into the infectious lawlessness of this diseased climate, rattled viewers were punished by the presence of propped up muppets, as the bait for journalistic recklessness that’s often finessed as nail-biting debates that only secure the egos of superstar TV personalities.

Why was it necessary to pick the small brain of disgraced former White House press secretary, Anthony Scaramucci, who continues to demonstrate he’s limited range as a skilled communicator? Watching him offer his lackluster views about racism as a proud Italian-American, while also pledging his unyielding loyalty to his racist former boss, was an excruciatingly traitorous moment.

But nothing beats the terrifically bad sparring between Chris Cuomo and Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State of Kansas, who is also a member of the City Council of Overland Park; an area I know quite well, due to the fact that I’m an alumni of the University of Kansas City, Missouri, and spent enough time in that region to attest to the hardcore racists who are both entitled and woefully ignorant.

Cuomo has a roaring appetitive for filling up his hour-long show with Trump fanatics like Kellyanne Conway, Rick Santorum, etc, who are prepped for a battle that leaves no victors, and only serves the purpose of exposing how utterly useless these classless cable news networks have become in this combative era of Trumpism.

Once again, another White male, who is proudly Republican and racist, was given the opportunity to illustrate his allegiance to this standard default, under the watch of a pompous anchor, who was well aware of how his line of questioning was only going to give viewers who support Trump, the increased confidence in their chosen faith.

Of course Kris Kobach disgustingly ran around the glaring truth of Trump’s blatant bigotry, by accusing Cuomo of distorting his words and blaming the victims of a nationalized calamity for asking for what they got, because of how women of color are naturally viewed as aggressive when they dare to unapologetically speak their truth.

And the worst of all was when Kobach was pathetically unable to say for certain whether or not he would continue to support Trump, if the man in question, who already publicly announced that he was a White nationalist during the mid-term elections this past November — ever decided to take another bold step of declaring himself a racist.

See how fucking dumb this shit is?

See how the media commodifies the dangerous status of systemic oppression by turning it into a sickening fiesta that showcases the very idiots who shouldn’t be given the airtime to exacerbate the life-threatening wounds that their privilege protects them from amassing.

And to be honest the absolute worst has to be the terrifying segment that welcomed the supreme mascot of the neo-nazi movement, Richard Spencer.

Jake Tapper seemed to be visibly entertained by his disarmingly disturbing dialogue with a renowned White supremacist, whose contribution to these very trying times was captured in Spencer’s thankless tone to Trump, whom he decried as a traitor to the movement that he’s apparently making a mockery of.

Why would someone of Tapper’s standing agree to such a pointless discussion? The answer may lie in the CNN staple’s twitter feed, where he has the weirdly coined “Hate Watch” posts that spotlight the daily hatefests that are worthy of mentions.

Black and Brown Americans are weathering the national emergency of our lives, and all the media wants to do, is manipulate the folds of our discontent to serve traffic numbers and ratings.

Newsrooms are unforgivably lacking the diverse voices that are desperately needed to give famished viewers the reflections and vital information that aren’t manipulated to suit the career trajectories of the wasteland of White talents, who aren’t able to thoroughly and empathetically convey the weightiness of race relations in the era of White nationalism in the United States.

We can’t afford to allow White media personalities to grossly mishandle the activated items that deserve way better than what’s being callously dished out.

If Black and Brown lives matter, we should at least be given the prime time slots to fight for our lives, while encouraging others to join us.

That’s the agenda we demand.

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