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How Linda Fairstein’s Lethal Supremacy Is The Perfect Privilege of Whiteness

Watching Ava DuVernay’s harrowing masterpiece When They See Us was a brutal process that I intend to succumb to again in the near future. The immense success of Netflix’s four-part series that centers around the #ExoneratedFive, who had to endure the worst punishment imaginable for being boys of color, with targets on their backs, that made them vulnerable to systemic criminality, is solid proof of how we thrive off of the pure exercise for long-awaited justice.

Oprah Winfrey, who serves as executive producer of the heartrending tale of crime and punishment against five precious souls, who were violently robbed of the privilege of time and youthful indulgence — readily joined forces with her frequent collaborator, the stellar cast, and still traumatized boys who are now men, for a captivatingly in depth interview, that exposed rawness of emotional wounds that will never heal.

For those of us who are members of a community that still has to contend with the realness of police brutality, and the accompanying visuals that float around social media platforms like combusted pellets begging for attention, the sadness from reconciling the hefty debt that will never be paid in full to tormented lives that were made to suffer the unfathomable after that fateful night in 1989 — has been the devastating experience of our lifetime.

So many unanswered questions hover with haunting disdain.

Why did it take so damn long for the #ExoneratedFive to finally have their well-deserved day in the court of opinion that callously discarded their privileges with the authority of a racially biased climate?

Why didn’t Oprah Winfrey use her massively popular daytime show as the early catalyst for a much-needed conversation about racial relations as it pertains to the young men, who were finally set free from physical bondage in 2002, when DNA results were successfully linked to the real perpetrator, who eventually identified his crime?

Was the Queen of Daytime TV too intimidated by the controversial subject matter to even consider venturing into the murky waters of racial injustice due to the weightiness of that quest, and how it could potentially alienate her prized audience members, who were mostly White women? Does that explain why she was more interested in interviewing the victim of the gruesome attack for her online portal with hints of placing the blame on the five other victims who were deprived of undue process?

Perhaps, we should be more concerned about how the residue of the past is swirling in the air that still reeks from the shit storm that gathered not too long ago, when White cops under the direction of a thuggish White female prosecutor, conspired to permanently ruin the fragile lives of five youths, who were under the age of sixteen.

#ExoneratedFive with their Warrior Princess

Almost twenty years later, after claiming victory over the distorted narrative that paralyzed their innocence, the #ExoneratedFive are being celebrated for their heroism as super humans, who survived the terrifying years behind bars; with the addd fury of a dishonorably vile New York real estate magnate and gangster, who paid for a full page ad to campaign for the death penalty as the mandated tribute to the White woman who was attacked by beastly men of color.

That pathetic scumbag ironically won the elections of 2016, and took the oath of office to become the current global terrorizer, who has succeeded in making America as gross as it ever was, with the promise of more to come.

Donald Trump has never apologized for the role he played in demonizing five teenagers by parading them as prime candidates for the slaughter without any regard for their distraught family members, and particularly the Black mothers who have been historically dealt the painful blows to their motherhood.

The key players of this tumultous saga are still vehemently denying their damning interference, armed with the dusty badge of superiority that gives Whiteness the lethality that can’t be rebranded by any other race on earth.

Since the highly-anticipated debut of the award-winning content of her discontent, Linda Fairstein has been enduring the fast and furious backlash from online users, who are rightfully dismayed at her audacity to flourish as a mystery novelist, who created a feisty female character fashioned in her likeness, who goes beyond the call of duty to fight for justice.

It’s been a quite a treat to watch Fairstein reduced to a social pariah, as her value diminishes with the abrupt abandonment of her publisher, and a host of former allies from notable institutions, that simply can’t afford the backlash that ensues when longtime affiliations take an unfortunate detour on the national stage.

Of course we can’t hide the side-eye to these illustrious companies, who were well-aware of their complicity with a renowned New York prosecutor, who famously weaponized the law to advance her career at the expense of exploited youngsters, but chose to downplay her questionable trajectory for their own gain.

Fairstein is steadfast in her loyalty to the falsehood of her station as the victimized crime fighter, who followed protocol when it came to orchestrating the merciless manipulation of five boys of color with the conniving assistance of rogue cops, who are also unwilling to back down from the long-held stance that inaccurately labels the teenagers they victimized as guilty.

The nauseating op-ed that Fairstein recently penned for the Wall Street Journal does very little to initiate any ounce of empathy for a White woman who diligently illustrates the prime characteristics of White feminism in all its traitorous glory.

It’s the desperate attempt to resort to the ever-trusting weaponry of White victimhood, by relying on the over-wrought tropes of supposed Black villains, who are groomed to be devoured by the system that was designed for that specific assignment.

The embattled former attorney and her gang of White supremacists didn’t want to see five children of color, who were scared beyond belief at the towering monsters breathing fire around them with the supremacy that produced doctored confessions, that were delivered under extreme duress.

The five teenagers weren’t viewed as humans, because Black and Brown hues are automatically rendered as sub-human species that can be guiltlessly brutalized, especially when accusations can be seamlessly levied, based on the nature of the event and the Whiteness of the spotlighted victim.

The media helped to propel the incriminating narrative against the innocent teenagers as the messiness was unfolding, and more than a decade later, a reputable White-owned outlet has provided the forum for Fairstein’s published lies, that aren’t nearly convincing enough to take the heat off her — even for a second.

The highlighted parts of the ill-advised essay that are worth quoting, contain the dragon lady’s obstinate rejection of her appropriate classification as a “bigot” and “evil mastermind” who “unethically engineered the police investigation.”

Fairstein goes on to further condemn Ava DuVernay’s efforts to undermine her already tainted reputation with “egregious falsehoods” about the way the boys were mistreated and outrightly abused while under her supervision, and goes on to assuredly declare that the famed filmmaker “doesn’t define me,” while adding that the film strays very far from the “truth.”

White supremacy is the epidemic of our existence, and the criminality that has been amassed from its legality is both life-altering and incalculable.

Linda Fairstein is a White woman with the privilege that permits her ability to sleep soundly at night for all these years with the full knowledge of how she destroyed the lives of innocent children, who were conveniently dark enough to qualify for the unjustified banishment that she knew they didn’t earn.

It can be concluded that White people possess the inherent seed of brutality that can’t be replicated by those they pleasurably oppress with the aggressiveness that’s in-built, and secured with the banner of their protection from accrued consequences.

White women are the evidenced ringleaders when it comes to the abuse of Black children, and how the demure accuser can watch the deadliness of her actions, as depicted in the well-documented case of Emmett Till, the Black boy from Chicago, who was beaten to an unrecognizable and lifeless pulp, by two White men avenging the fabricated tale of sexual harassment.

In 2017, Timothy Tyson, a writer and historian, specializing in the culture and race aspects of the Civil Rights Movement, made headlines with his bestselling book, “The Blood of Emmett Till,” that contained the stunning revelation from Carolyn Bryan Dunham, the cowardly wife of the Mississippi man who along with his co-conspirator, kidnapped and brutally murdered Emmett Till, in response to false allegations of unlawful flirtation with a White woman.

Decades later, it was reported that the elderly woman felt “tender sorrow” about the tragic events that she helped to activate. Carolyn evidently admitted that “nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him,” and even went as far as recanting the untruthful testimony that she delivered to her abusive husband, that fired him up enough to seek vengeance against an innocent Black boy.

It’s the same scenario that has been playing out for centuries with Whiteness being the venom of supremacy that eats our young alive or attempts to emotionally scar with methods of coercion that leads to false imprisonment or the false accusations against a nine-year-old Black boy that will forever keep him in emotional bondage.

The evilness of Whiteness is very much alive in Linda Fairstein and the badged thugs that shamelessly bullied the five teens of color into a tight corner that kept them trapped long enough to exact irrevocable damage.

The non-apology and lack of compassion for the victimized is a testament to the current state of affairs of the judicial system, and how even proof of innocence beyond any doubt is deemed worthless when Black and Brown lives are at stake.

As the 2020 elections approach, it’s hard to pick out the candidates who will overtake “the drive-thru/justice-seeking maneuvers” of Kim Kardashian with the absolute promise to demolish the systemic pollution flooding the dispositions of our Black and Brown youths, who are at high-risk of being societally displaced.

The victory of the #ExoneratedFive is blighted by the ever-present threat that White supremacy is ready to unleash with the blessing and endorsement of an egomaniacal White nationalist, who wanted those teenagers dead back in 1989, and now rules supreme in 2019, with the grunts of betrayal from White America’s vow to never change.

Linda Fairstein doesn’t have to accept accountability for her callous actions. Her truth is the only one that counts in the courts that kill and never ask why.

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