How Ivanka Trump Is Fighting For White Supremacy

If you’re familiar with my catalog of hits and misses, you must be aware of how much I detest the favorite first daughter of America’s Terrorizer-in-Chief, Ivanka Trump.

It’s nothing personal; it’s purely business.

Her glorified role as “senior adviser” was the mystery that was finally solved hours before her father’s scheduled visit to the cities that were under attack by the wrath of domestic terrorism — a national emergency that Donald Trump exacerbates with his vile messaging that contains the standard fare that resembles the statutes of far-right extremist groups, which he also enthusiastically references on Twitter.

Ivanka and her equally unappealing husband, Jared Kushner aren’t qualified for the positions they were forcibly assigned, and their presence in the White House poses a security breach that is both unlawful and highly risky, and yet Trump ignored recommendations by then Chief of Staff, Jeff Sessions, and pompously exerted his authority, with no regard for the serious implications.

Since the celebrated arrival of “Javanka,” to the political center of the world, both conservative and mainstream media merged into one, with revolting puff pieces that consistently highlight the uncanny ways in which the couple manages to stay out of the range of flying bullets, that are constantly aimed at the nefariousness of a toxic administration that was constructed on the basic principles of White nationalism.

Despite breathily promising CBS staple, Gayle King, right after Trump was awarded the office of the presidency, that she would maximize her close relationship with her father by being the voice of reason in times of national duress, when good decision making is non-negotiable — Ivanka Trump has proven to be her father’s daughter in the worst possible way.

There are many examples to draw from, but the recent ones include Ivanka’s “Trumpian” asset of taking credit for shit that someone else manifested and executed long before she imagined the unimaginable. The convenient trips to the developing countries that her beloved dad likes to call “shitholes,” where she assumes the “White savior” role that showcases her lobbying for updated laws that serve as the equalizer for breadwinners of households.

Sure, it sounds progressive to work on initiatives that empower the economic prospects of women in territories that feature governmental systems that devalues their contributions in favor of their husbands. But things got murky when the laws in Ivory Coast were revised to reflect a change in the right direction, and Ivanka with the aid of White House communications, was promptly gifted with the misleading praises that alluded to the victory that she alone orchestrated.

Based on one of many overly-long essays about Ivanka’s enviable illustration of how White feminism can shield you from the demonization that you’ve earned based on your complicity in the criminal activities of an administration, that specializes in locking up migrant babies in cages, and touting anti-immigration jargon and legislation to maintain the sanctity of White America — there was the hope of a presidential run for the ambitious first daughter.

Of course, we can rest assured that the likelihood of that happening is less than zero, particularly because of Trump’s nonstop harassment of women of color, and definitely the issue with the poor migrant children, and how Ivanka Trump atrociously followed the rulebook of her father’s tone-deaf mannerisms by tweeting out a photo of her lovingly holding her youngest child during the height of the border crisis.

And now that the nation is still in utter shock and disbelief after the horrific back-to-back mass shootings that massacred two cities, El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, the climate has been reconfigured into the heated cell of rage and frustration, as the realization of how the president’s hateful rhetoric played a vital role in the radicalization of the White males who became domestic terrorists — has forced the intense spotlight on the deadliness of his actions.

White terrorism is the epidemic that America is having a hard time tackling because of the tragedy of how the main perpetrator occupies the highest office of the land, which makes him untouchable. Also, the backing of the GOP is the fuel that helps to keep this fire burning without the promise of an extinguisher.

We can also count on the enabling of Ivanka Trump, who usually remains silent during these times of national upheaval, but interestingly enough, her feistiness is in rare form, as proven by her latest tweets that reveal the blatancy of her bigotry that perfectly compliments the tone of her fellow co-conspirators.

As the pressure cooker becomes more intense from the verbal sparring that places Donald Trump in the driver’s seat of a national catastrophe that he mapped out with his political strategy, that was always driven by an ideology that was drafted from the warped vision of White nationalism, his dutifully loyal daughter has opted to plot a diversion course that refocuses the attention on the precarious plight of the Black community.

She tried it!

Ivanka basically replicated her father’s signature move by co-opting terrifying events for the benefit of capitalizing on how that exposure will deflect from the active emergency that poses a threat to the reputation and dignity of a diseased administration.

Trump did it with the awful tweet of the 9/11 video showcasing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar against the backdrop of the burning twin towers, and now Ivanka is following suit with the distasteful mention of Chicago’s “deadliest weekend of the year,”

She added stats of the wounded and dead, and left the reminder of how prevalent violence is killing off “inner city communities,” and why media coverage needs to be enough to spark national outrage.

What a crock of shit!

Yes, of course, it’s vital for the nation to be informed about the brutality of the streets in neighborhoods across the country that are typically vulnerable to those dire events, but Ivanka’s incentives behind this sudden interest in the “Windy City,” and the troubles that are sadly no longer “breaking news” is suspect because of the timing, and the fact that she wouldn’t have posted those tweets if the mass shootings hadn’t transpired.

This is her way of taking the heat off her poor father, who is being unfairly pummeled by traumatized citizens, who rightfully blame him for the bloodshed that he instigated when he abhorrently spent all of his years in office — criminalizing a population that never posed a threat to White America.

And the worst part is that in her desperation to use other people’s heartache for gain, Ivanka actually shared information that Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, verified as false in a statement that denounced the inappropriate tweets:

“It wasn’t seven dead. It wasn’t 52 wounded in one incident, which is what this suggests… It’s important when we’re talking about people’s lives to actually get the facts correct which one can easily do if you actually cared about getting it right.”


Watching Ivanka Trump’s true colors come to light is nauseatingly validating because of how it accomplishes the task of shaming mainstream outlets like The New York Times, CNN, The Atlantic, etc who have all wasted time concocting aimless articles that are invested in the purification of a privileged White woman, who needs to be feted with the ceremony that White feminism affords.

But now we know the truth about her scummy tendencies, and how she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, even when it means cunningly minimizing the active horror story of gunned down victims who were ambushed by White males with high-powered rifles, with one of them evidently honoring the directives of their White nationalist leader.

The tweets about the “deadly weekend in the Windy City” match the similarly offensive messaging from the White House that highlights another “troubled” Black city — Baltimore — that recently garnered the spotlight after Trump collided with Rep. Elijah Cummings and proceeded to berate his track record based on the inhumane conditions of his hometown.

Why on earth would White House communications choose to post a tweet about volunteers helping to clean up the “rat-infested” residential areas of Baltimore during this season of turmoil, stemming from the catastrophic results from mass shootings?

It looks like both Ivanka Trump and her father’s soldiers definitely received the internal memo, that suggested various ways in which the damaging narrative assaulting their neck of the woods could be reworked and flipped over to once again shame Black folks for not taking accountability for their own shortcomings.

If Ivanka had a track record of illustrating her concern for the needy sufferers in certain parts of the country and the world where that attention is warranted, then it would be acceptable for her to continue her quest for justice on behalf of the voiceless, but she’s just as self-absorbed and unbothered as the rest of her thuggish family members.

And that’s why her disingenuousness at a time when she should be tweeting out content that at the very least demonstrates her ability to empathize with a nation that she’s helping to destroy is solid proof of why she’s the apple of her father’s devilish eye.

Her true colors are unsightly and so are those tweets that she used to protect the banner of White supremacy that she and her peeps are willing to kill for, even when we are already dead.

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