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How Do We Teach Cops To Stop Being Racists?

We must abolish the police. No other solution that makes sense. History shows that law enforcement is committed to the code of the street, that mandates the senseless killing of Black people who are unarmed, and don’t pose a threat to trigger-happy cops, who are trained to shoot first, without hesitation.

We are way past the option of reforming super power institutions that have track records of violence and criminality against oppressed communities.

White supremacy is America’s approved religion, and based on the damning history of a country that was founded with blood, sweat, and tears of slaves, callously selected for the ultimate sacrifice based on skin color and the lethality of whiteness, we can’t expect that simply re-training rogue officers will suffice.

There’s no known cure for the epidemic of our lifetime.

Coronavirus has done its worst, but police brutality has become the functioning dysfunction that has been allowed to thrive without interruption because of the expandability of targeted victims.

How many more Black families have to be permanently altered by the tragedy of burying loved ones six feet under, before we finally do what we all know needs to be done.

In order to take the necessary steps towards progression we must begin the process of healing and repurposing, and that can’t happen without shedding away old skin of destructiveness.

We have to dismantle and rebuild the police force.

We need to summon logic when assessing our national emergency.

But some are adamant to keep fighting, despite the discouraging news, and while they do give it their best shot, ultimately, deferred defeat is imminent.

When we resoundingly call for the abolishment of law enforcement, mouthy detractors immediately reduce our rally cries to the whininess of clueless troublemakers, who aren’t intellectual enough to really comprehend how ludicrous our demands are from the prospective of a reality check.

Sure, most of us aren’t experts when it comes to the logistics of dismantling nefarious establishments that have been given absolute power to terrorize the streets of America without accountability.

What we are certain of beyond a doubt is that Black lives are at stake, every second of every day.

Brooks failed the administered sobriety test, and at some point grabbed a Taser from one of the officers, during the scuffle that shouldn’t have ended with his shooting death.

This is another example of the normalized inefficiency of “trained” police officers, who are supposed to enter active situations with the mindset that recognizes why killing a suspect the last resort — especially when there’s no immediate threat.

But when it comes to Black lives, all bets are off, and instead of professionally assessing unfolding events with the objective to safely deescalate rather than escalate, thugs-in-uniform prefer to exert their authority according to the evidence that proves how shooting at will will not incur any consequences.

We can’t teach or force cops to stop being racists, and that’s clear as day, when you consider that even as protesters from across the country and even the world, clog avenues with the messaging of how Black lives should matter, we are still receiving the traitorous nonchalance of law enforcement with more senseless killings.

The culture of policing can be compared to domestic terrorism, and the terrorists are being funded by the US government.

Those who resist the notion of getting rid of the police are dependent on a drug that heightens their deplorable supremacy, over the survivability of communities that are deemed unworthy of the privileges that oppressors refuse to relinquish for the validation of equality.

You can’t smack bandages on wounds that infect the core of humanity with violations against Black people, who have to endure the mind fuck of watching a white cop gleefully suffocate a Black life for tear-stained lenses to capture.

The police force is a traveling circus of KKK members, who are outfitted to enforce the law in ways that loudly champion the blueprint of white power, with the boastfulness of the supreme leader who is defacing The White House.

Change will never come if the culprits of this never-ending crisis are permitted to merely revamp the structural incompetence and corruption, as opposed to ousting out high-ranking officers who should be charged for overseeing and enabling the systemic violence levied on generations of Black families.

Trump’s newly signed executive order that aims to “ban chokeholds,” institute “new programs” to “help law enforcement officials better deal with mental illness, homelessness, and addiction,” and assign a tracking system that monitors cops with problematic histories of violence — won’t make much of an impact because of the lack of mandatory compliance.

Being Black in America is an abusive state-of-mind, which is propelled by the scorn of white Americans, who join forces with law enforcement to harass and demean with the end goal of stripping us of our basic human rights.

We have to defeat the operators responsible for decades of deadly activity that even Black children can’t escape.

We can’t force cops to stop being racists, but we can destroy their reign of terror by destabilizing the anchors they rely on for the absolute power that kills with no mercy.


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