How Demonizing Ilhan Omar Validates White Supremacy As America’s Most Valuable Currency

The White House and Fox News are guilty of Islamophobia

The United States is a shithole country.

The goal is to make Ilhan Omar the disease that can only be cured with her dismissal.

Her no-nonsense approach is deemed “un-American” because of her controversial background, and how it inspires the revolting exercise of demonization, that Republicans in West Virginia were able to illustrate with the disgusting poster that depicts the imagery of the day of infamy with the burning Twin Towers, and the Muslim woman in Congress who represents what America won’t tolerate.

Omar is viewed as the infiltrator with damning tendencies that match terrorists who hide in Western cities, patiently waiting for the opportune to strike.

Whether or not her comments about the questionable backing of Israel and how it proves that there are other forces at play, that need to be vetted for the sake of justifying why it’s logical for the people of Palestine to endure inhumane treatment, that isn’t eliciting nearly enough empathy, is really not the debate that should be warring at this time.

Retaining her services after that unsightly segment, is the transparent proof of how White supremacy can’t be thwarted because nothing is off limits.

Congresswoman Omar is the punching bag that the Trump administration can batter with prejudiced blows, that are echoed by soldiers of the ongoing race war, that’s gathering mass casualties without the interference of the law or those who lied about upholding it.


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