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The faces of Black pain (Botham Jean’s younger brother cradles their mother)

How Botham Jean’s Murder Is The Epitome of Why Black Lives Never Matter

His killer, Amber Guyger is out on bail

You know shit is real when a dead Black man has to make room for the fragile emotions of his killer, who happens to be a White woman.

Except, she’s no ordinary White woman, because she represents law enforcement — the most seedy and criminalized organization that ever was, in fact the bloody mafia has nothing on the griminess of badged officers — who patrol the streets in search of blood and the Black bodies that sport rewards for monthly quotas.

Botham Jean who was only twenty-six-years-old, was an upstanding citizen of his community, and exhibited winning characteristics that could assign him the description of a local hero.

As Mayor Mike Rawlings poignantly summed up:

Botham Jean was “exactly the sort of citizen we want to have in the city of Dallas.”

The Dallas Police Association President, Mike Mata also added that:

“Mr. Jean was an amazing individual, and he is what we as parents hope our children turn out to be.”

He was fondly known as “Bo” by those closest to him, and his infectious personality was enhanced by his “deeply religious” vibe, and his commitment to those who viewed the spirited young man as a mentor. He studiously dedicated time and energy to foster relations with at-risk youths. He was also a valued employee at the accounting and auditing firm of PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

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The smiling face of a Black man

But here’s the thing, it shouldn’t even matter whether the victim of a crime was a model citizen with a penchant for giving back to those who needed it the most, or a high school dropout who inevitably became a symbol of a system that purposely failed him.

What matters is that a Black man was shot twice in the chest, in his own home by a White cop, who thought she was entering her apartment and when she discovered something she allegedly didn’t expect, she did what most with her soiled badge would do:

She shot to kill and succeeded.

But the death of Botham Jean after he opened the door to an off-duty cop who was most likely suffering the effects of mind-altering substances, is deeper than just the mere audacity of being harassed in your own home. It’s more than how a Black man can be lounging in his quarters, far from the maddening crowd, and still fall victim to the nefarious actions of those who are assigned to sweep the streets clean with his blood.

Amber Guyger was able to stick her key through a lock that didn’t match, and then have the owner of the apartment open the door, and before he could figure out the situation he was in — she shot him in cold blood, and didn’t quite comprehend what happened until emergency services and the Sheriff’s department that was at least 30 blocks from the scene — arrived.

The face of a killer

And then it took not less than three whole days for the killer to be arrested on a manslaughter charge, and hours later she posted bail and was released.

Let’s just imagine that the roles in this horror flick were reversed and it was the Black man that storms the apartment of a White woman and in the midsts of all the confusion, ends up shooting her dead.

It’s fair to say that he wouldn’t have the privilege of being handled with care while the various departments quickly and desperately scramble up a nonsensical statement — that only reveals the loopholes in a diseased system — that has been designed to adhere to the higher currency of Whiteness above all else.

The off-duty cop with the dark skin and winning smile would’ve been shuttled away in handcuffs under the blaze of bright lights and voracious reporters who have already dug up the incriminating materials necessary — to further demonize a suspect who will definitely be hanged before his trial.

Amber Guyger’s story has undergone several revisions since her crime made headlines, and it was clear from the start that the immediate response was to create the visual of a highly-emotional and distraught woman, who purposely discarded all the shit she was taught at the Police Academy, because she was scared to death of the Black body in front of her.

And according to the latest helping, her plight was made worse by the fact that it was “dark” and there was a dark man towering over her, and despite “yelling” verbal orders at the innocent resident who was grappling with the confusion of having his life threatened by a White intruder — she had no choice but to shoot Botham Jean in the chest, for his failure to comply.

There’s no polite way to receive this shitty summation of an event that is still being investigated, while the murderer, is roaming around free with another opportunity to forcefully enter an apartment that doesn’t have her name on it.

The family of the deceased have retained the services of a lawyer, whose main objective is to dig into the crevices of special treatment that was granted to a privileged woman, who was once again able to rely on the historical crutches of “White tears,” and the pained disposition of frailty that commands the troops to stand down.

“You or I would be arrested if we went to the wrong apartment and blow a hole in a person’s chest, killing them.”

Aside from the blatant bigotry on display, there’s also the underlining symptom of how the police force is in dire straits as it pertains to regulating the codes of conduct in ways that guarantee the safety of those who could never pose a threat.

Unarmed Black women are provoked to the point of hysteria, and just when they can’t take it anymore, they’re brutally removed from their vehicles and pummeled to the ground before being carted off like cargo to their jail cells.

Unarmed Black women can’t even dine at a popular eatery and inquire about cutlery without management calling on the cops and watching with glee as a helpless petite Black woman is attacked by grown ass men in uniform who are getting a thrill from almost pulling the clothes off of their victim.

Why are White police officers lawfully allowed to participate in race wars by actively energizing the hostile climate that’s inspiring the spike in domestic terrorism that specifically targets non-White America?

Having a White supremacist as the leader of the free world, who freely tweets his support for White South African farmers in an effort to boost the endearing nostalgia for the evils of apartheid could have a lot to do with the level of toxicity in the air.

When the national anthem becomes the debate of the season, and bigoted consumers burn their Nike merchandise as a “fuck you” to those who kneel with Colin Kaepernick in solidarity, by demonstrating how patriotism is so much more than just memorizing empty words — that aren’t applicable to all Americans — that’s the America that draws the line in the sand that never disappears.

Botham Jean’s murder is the epitome of why Black lives never matter.

An off-duty police officer has no business trying to enter a door in a sprawling apartment complex that isn’t rented in her name, and then killing the occupant after he refused to obey her commands.

And if those inexplicable events did occur, the White woman who killed an innocent Black man in his own home should’ve been escorted away in handcuffs and promptly booked — instead of having her frazzled nerves massaged for three days — while the rest of America was fed dirt bites of senseless information.

The fact that the murderer’s disposition and well-being was prioritized over the inconsolable family members of Botham Jean is appalling and an obvious violation that needs to be sorted accordingly.

Renee Hall, Dallas Chief of Police vows to make this bizarre case the main focus of her department, and alludes to the need for transparency from those who are evidently protecting their own at the expense of the bereaved.

Regardless of how this plays out, it doesn’t take a mad scientist to figure out that this is a classic case of corruption at the highest level.

Maybe Amber Guyger killed someone that she knew, in a drunken rage, with the motive of making him pay for whatever he did or didn’t do to deserve his tragic demise. And it’s quite possible that the victim was completely unaware of the role he played in this twisted fantasty.

Or maybe she really did sincerely think she was entering her own apartment and panicked at the sight of a Black man who didn’t have enough time to convince her not to pull the trigger.

Either way another promising Black man has been forced out of this world in his prime, and the devastation will undoubtedly leave its mark on the young Black people that believed in his vision, and are now forced to keep creating without their mentor.

The cycle of loss continues…

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