How Belly and The Weeknd Deactivated Trump’s Sickening Appeal

Donald Trump — the man who could be president of the United States of America due to a glitch in the mechanics of pride and country — appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night.

Part of the ceremonious requirements for anyone involved in the business of high visibility is to consistently permeate every facet of visual and audible delivery.

This isn’t necessarily bothersome for those who are juggling degrees of investments — but for the ones who are forced to stomach the overbearing presence of a celebrated bully — who’s damaging views have the capacity to ruin lives — it can be borderline sadistic.

America is built on the principle that anyone can make their drams come true at whatever cost.

You just need to be rich and powerful enough to not give a damn about what it really takes to get there.

It goes without saying that Donald J. Trump is the worst kind of American.

The incredible aspect of his searing trajectory is that despite being an infectiously repulsive termite — his growing popularity is unapologetically rooted in that vile promise that greater things are ahead.

His supporters — a collage of wealthy bigots, the very poor and clueless and the basically clueless — have found the savior who is committed to crucifying the pool of citizens and non-citizens that represent what is so obviously non-American.

The idea that such a person is allowed to run for the highest office in the land is one of the main reasons why I no longer take my own citizenship for granted.

It’s also a reminder that exercising free speech and free will can be the proposed antidote to this country’s crippling nonchalance — which is almost always executed in a breezy setting to enhance the lightness of execution.

The late night talk shows provide the staged bravado for pompous jerks and the overly pampered to erect themselves as caricatures of their pimped out personas.

It works like magic.

They come across as stately, casually inclined, almost relatable and even close to being defined as human.

But Donald Trump’s stopover at Kimmel’s roving station was no laughing matter.

In fact it was so the opposite of funny that scheduled performers — The Weeknd and Belly had to respectfully bow out.

Belly, whose real name is Ahmad Balshe is as you might’ve guessed — a Muslim. He is also a rapper from Ontario and he was going to kill it with his on stage collaboration with another artist who shares his Canadian background.

But it wasn’t going to happen for reasons that are anything but a mystery.

Belly and The Weeknd’s refusal to share their time and efforts in the presence of a racist, fascist, sexist and disarmingly unpatriotic American is a breathtaking victory that lasted for just that night.

The rest of the days and evenings ahead will continue to be filled with morning hymns, afternoon recitals and bedtime stories that propel the myth of an upcoming catastrophic event into an unfathomable reality.

Americans want Trump to be the next president and it will come to pass.

Because he hates Muslims, shuns Blacks and glorifies the sport of publicly insulting Mexicans.

His traveling circus keeps throttling full speed ahead but it was temporarily derailed for one night — with a lot of shit spilling out.

He’s back in business to terrorize the undeserving tax payers who made him the Trump that he is.

And that’s so damningly American.

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