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Hollywood’s Obsession with “Diversity” Isn’t Going Quite The Way We Hoped

Because greed and exploitation are hurried bedfellows

Ezinne Ukoha
6 min readJul 26, 2017


Okay, I will not downplay the relevancy of seeing films like Black Panther, A Wrinkle In Time and TV shows like Queen Sugar, Insecure and so many others — dominate a landscape that for as long as I can remember — remained solely committed to the brainchild of White writers, showrunners, producers, and grossly over-paid executives.

When I travel back in time (the nineties), I’m forced to admit that most of what I devoured didn’t include most parts of myself. I was an American — raised in Nigeria — who had the good fortune of being exposed to a variety of influences — that intersected to breed a multifaceted woman.

What TV network in 1995 — would have had the balls to air a show centered on a lead — resembling my resume?

Not too long ago, it wasn’t encouraged to boldly and publicly embrace your ethnic roots. In fact my mother would visit me, armed with native wear that she had carefully plotted with her longtime tailor. Whenever she would present them to me — I thanked her with guarded enthusiasm — because I knew very well — that none of the outfits would see the light of day.

She eventually caught on and stopped. But, even as I write this — I feel utterly ashamed at the notion that I was too embarrassed to be seen in the hues and architecture of a complexly vibrant culture that chose me as a representative.

But it all goes back to the inherent need that mercilessly punishes us — longer than we deserve. You don’t want to stand out in a way that warrants a Q&A session. You want to blend in at the expense of rejecting your own identity, and even though I never backed down when I was in the hot seat — I can’t refute the truth.

If I had the stash of gems that my mother presented to me almost a decade ago — I would absolutely flaunt those suckers — in full view — all day every day.

This change in direction has a lot to do with my maturity — and of course the present climate — that is efficiently indulging in the realm of anything that recalls the trendiness of the Diaspora.