Hillary Clinton Isn’t a Dream Come True for Black Girls

Hillary Clinton is on a roll. She just doled out the tweet of the year by asking Donald Trump to dismantle his account after another weak attempt to belittle her status.

She has made history. She’s the first female presidential nominee of a major political party.

Media outlets are lighting up with the usual fanfare dedicated to celebrating how this momentous occasion will forever alter the way girls will view the channels of life as it pertains to their ambitious appetite.

CNN’s piece was a showstopper because it specifically referenced how Hillary’s epic win will “change the game for girls.”

I immediately declared that to be true. For white girls.

For black girls — The First Lady — Michelle Obama is the the black woman who gave us the blueprint to believe that practically anything is possible — if you dare to work hard and work even harder.

Dreams keep your spirits in step as you visualize how the impossible can be possible. You can dream your life away and die believing they can still come true.

But the power lies in the activation of those visions either through participation or witnessing the incredible dramatized before you.

Michelle Obama is a black woman who absolutely didn’t grow up with the knowledge that she would one day call The White House her home.

She’s testified about the struggles that came with aligning her goals against the loud voices that attempted to thwart her mission. Gender discrimination highlighted her youth as she recognized how her opinions were muddled in favor of her older brother’s.

But she forged on.

She rallied herself from the burbs of Illinois to the prestige of the campus at Princeton where she she was once again forced to reconcile the brutal toll of racism — when the mother of her white roommate was aghast that her precious daughter was going to be sharing space with a black girl.

Michelle Obama recalled how lonely and out of place she felt while attending the Ivy League institution that she garnered based on merit and not because she was glued to a familial dynasty or worth more than The Empire State Building.

She worked fucking hard for everything that she has amassed now and forever.

She is still yet to receive the slew of accolades she deserves for what she has done to permanently alter the perception of women of color.

There has never been nor will there ever be — a First Lady who has done more to champion the rights of young girls regardless of color or creed.

She’s been selfless and dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of women around the globe who are being cheated of the opportunities she was able to accrue and transform into magic.

Hillary Clinton isn’t removed from the list of women who have made a difference.

She was also born in Illinois but her path to excellence wasn’t as shaky as our current First Lady. She didn’t necessarily have to overcome blatant obstacles to make it and that’s because she’s white.

That’s the difference and the crux of my argument.

I respect Hillary Rodham Clinton but I respect Michelle Robinson Obama so much more. Why?

Because I’m a black woman.

She’s the dream come true for black girls. There will never be another black woman that comes close because there will most likely never be a black woman appointed as the Commander-in-chief of this great nation.

The Obamas are the closest thing and probably the only illustration of what the Black American Dream will ever look like.

Hillary Clinton is strictly for the White women who are elated at the very thought that their daughters will one day follow in her footsteps.

They deserve to be excited. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone who looks like you — make it. It’s indescribable and euphoric.

Black people had that experience almost eight years ago. But all good things must come to an end.

This election cycle has proven beyond a doubt that we are headed for a very rude awakening.

I am not one of those black women who believes that a white female president will reshape the grips of my womanhood.

I am a back woman with young and impressionable nieces and cousins and I don’t believe that Hillary Clinton’s victory will define their future.

Because it won’t.

They will grow up to be black women who unfortunately will be facing the exact same shit that Michelle Obama endured even after her husband became the most powerful man in the world.

What I do hope for them and for all the other young black girls is that they look to the real heroine in this saga.

The woman who overcame the odds to be the blueprint of what it means to be a true American in a country that refuses to acknowledge you as such based on your damn color and heritage.

I would pray that they don’t have people around them coercing their senses into believing that a White woman president in any way reflects what is seemingly possible.

Our dream already came true and we don’t need the illusion that this party isn’t invite only because it is.

So, black girls boogie down until November and then fight like hell the way Michelle Obama did.

That’s how you win. That’s how your dreams will come true!

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