Hillary Clinton is a Buzzkill When it Comes to Wooing Black People

Despite her staged appearance at the Black Girls Rock! ceremony earlier this year — Hillary Clinton only managed to barely conceal her shortcomings when it comes to sternly addressing the issue of race.

The annual event is the brainchild of celebrated DJ Beverly Bond — who founded the organization with the mission of giving black girls the outlet required to exercise empowerment and justification for unrestrained success.

Such a venture shouldn’t be necessary but the uneven nature of things propels its existence.

There is an obvious divide between women of color and white women.

White women are heralded for their ability to innocently and provocatively scab away at the injustice shown to black women.

They don’t have to come up with creative reasons why they deserve adulation or recognition. Theirs is inherently appreciated as the norm.

But not at the expense of their less formalized counterparts. It’s a built-in malfunction that is still in the progress of being corrected.

In the meantime we are faced with the prospect of the very first female president.

Yet — this momentous occasion isn’t evenly shared among us — especially the wary who believe that her packaged delivery is formulaic and politically contrived.

There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air that recalls when Obama was on the verge of making history almost eight years ago.

His victory symbolized the ire of a nation that needed to recuperate after an extended period of patriotic drought.

This time around — we are heavily medicated under the spell of disarray.

It’s the Frankenstein and Hillary Show.

The monster created from the biles of your faceless consciousness is now tagged with the patchwork of our disgrace.

Hillary is secured as royalty redefined. She ruled before and will likely ascend again.

Donald Trump is proudly disconnected from the need to be politically correct. He yells with the agony of a sleepy toddler to make his point about viral Mexicans that need to be walled off. The rest of the population that don’t share his racial makeup are also branded with equal negligence.

Hillary Clinton is for all people. As long as you show her the money.

Aside from cautious attempts at performing the right words at the right moments — it’s hard to imagine that her tenure at the White House will bring any respectable acknowledgment to the ongoing crisis that created the cry for #BlackLivesMatter.

A couple of years ago the system was aggressively challenged when it proved beyond a doubt that people of color could be slaughtered by the law without consequences.

It’s difficult to imagine Hillary’s adherence to rectify — especially when she has woefully failed in convincing African-Americans that besides the mandated protocol — she is instinctively empathetic and determined.

Determined to show her loyalty to a community that is still battling the rounds of extreme rejection when it comes to basic rights.

It’s not just her reluctance to be a dependable crusader — it’s also her overall countenance that reeks of desperation to fulfill the familial and societal obligations.

She is on her way to sealing that deal and it is a feat worthy of admiration and praise.

But for people of color — it’s not the dawn of a progressive era but rather the re-elected itinerary that won’t do very much to alter the state of America vs. Black America.

And that’s the ultimate buzzkill.

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