Hi Giulia Blasi,

Thank you for your response. When I wrote this piece I knew that it would be bloody and I anticipated that it would also be offensive — hence the warning.

As a writer with too much passion for my own good — I tend to let it all out with no filters. I find that when I stop to think about the ones that could be potentially hurt or offended — the spirit of what I have to say escapes me and I end up delivering something that doesn’t quite capture my innermost thoughts.

I don’t hate White women and I am not a bitter Black woman.

I just hate the fact that there isn’t a comfortable level of cohesiveness that embraces women of all races, religion and creed. I abhor the fact that just when we seem to be on the same page — we are blindsided by further proof that no matter how hard we try — we just can’t agree on an ongoing formula of functionality that doesn’t threaten our basic fundamentals.

I know that not all White women harbor the same views but in my own selfish defense — I can’t produce a piece that painstakingly explains that fact for the sake of being fair.

I want to be fair — but so much shit has gone down that it’s impossible for me to cuddle your needs when I think about the victims who never had a chance to be all that they could be — and the reason is simply because they were Black.

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record and it appears that I have embraced this method of expression that damns White people for the sake of cursing a system that makes being Black in America — a chaotic disposition.

When you described the visceral reaction you had to my piece — I felt a dose of satisfaction because that is exactly what I want every reader to feel when they internalize my harsh words.

I felt that way while watching the videos of Black men being slaughtered as their women and children watched in horror. I felt that way when I saw Sandra Bland being dragged out of her car and slammed to the ground. I felt that way when I gazed at the image of Tamir Rice with the smile wrapped around his face — as I imagined how he collapsed after being shot in the gut.

I won’t curtail my need to question why or the freedom to be brutally honest even if it means alienating those who can’t take it.

In a recent piece — I appealed to the public to pick a side and stick with their decision. You can’t be disgusted by the advisor to a president who is keen on dividing this country into bits and in the same vein celebrate her ability to be seamlessly abominable.

Black women are always left holding the bag. The election results proves that fact and yet we still hold out hope that we can and will be uplifted by our counterparts.

Until that day comes and blinds us with its mercy — I will continue to do what I do best.

Speak my truth.

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