Hey Facebook, Black America Could Really Use Your “Safety Check” Feature

For Black America, 2015 is ending the same way 2014 ended. White men in uniforms carrying weapons of mass destruction are continuing their reign of terror.

The system is fucked up but there is a method to all the madness.

Black men, women and children will continue to be hunted, chased and gunned down for the fuck of it. Nobody and nothing can save us.

Not even the most powerful man in the universe. He is too busy trying to save the world from global terrorists — he doesn’t have the ability to intervene and protect his own people from being exterminated by evil white men.

We were wrong. So dead wrong that the bodies are piling up. Black bodies — big, small, young and old. There are no preferences. White men want them all.

The videos of the savage demise of black people have become common fodder. Media outlets writhe with anticipation at the prospect of being one of the first to deposit them on our timelines and network stations line up their over-recycled panel of judges to tear into the victim of the month.

Traffic and rating wars commence as protestors do all the work while most black celebrities shamefully observe with guarded interest.

We are officially in crisis mode. That was secured when we hit a new low where white men periodically storm into classrooms and wrestle young black girls to the ground.

Now that we have established how critical things are — it’s time to pull out the big guns.

Facebook, Black America needs your assistance. You initiated the Safety Check feature about a year ago. In your statement — you made it clear that this was to be used in situations such as natural disasters and crises.


If that’s the case then you must be more than willing to help us. Black Americans are part of the so-called Westernized part of the globe.

You say that the safety check is your way of “helping communities during natural disasters and gives users an easy way and simple way to say we’re safe and check on all our families and friends in one place”.

We are walking targets. There are white men storming a crowd of black spraying bullets without a care in the world. A young white man entered a church in the south and killed nine people. Cops are stalking the streets — in search of blood and mayhem. Black boys are getting shot in the stomach as they play in local parks. Black women are dying in jail.

Black people in America are an endangered species and we need Facebook to recognize this and supply a specialized feature for our benefit.

There is no difference between ISIS and the white men carrying weapons of mass destruction. Both groups are extremists and have similar agendas. Which is to wipe out a particular group of people they deem inferior and useless.

We would love to know that in the aftermath of such attacks — they could at least reach their loved ones to let them know they are still breathing.

But you don’t have to stray so far away. The United States of America to black America is a colony of disruption and black Americans have essentially become the refugees.

We all win. That’s the American way.

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