Here’s Why The Rock Calling Out Vin Diesel is the Best PR Stunt Ever

Okay, I normally don’t indulge in celebrity beefs that are usually over-blown and over-publicized. This is due to the fact that the details are boringly encased in manufactured fodder — that reads like the sordid affairs that anyone could dream up on a whim with the help of real-life characters boasting reputations that precede them.

But, this latest fiasco has been a god-send for obvious reasons.

The Fast and Furious franchise is literally a global phenomenon. It started off as a joke, a lame contraption that was meant to hook kids into the notion that fast cars and hot women will always be the formula for success.

The first film was a major hit. The second one was a hit. The third one was confusing and annoying. The fourth was reassuring. The fifth one was a stunner.

Fast Five will always be the crowd’s favorite because Rio looked hella good as the backdrop for a well-staged heist and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave the gang the chase of a lifetime.

There is no question that The Rock’s presence did a world of good and helped propel the already steady franchise into heights beyond reckoning. His inbred charisma and the imposingly sublime physique that knocked into the impressively chiseled template of his onscreen nemesis, Vin Diesel was the stuff dreams are made of.

The intense wrestling match between the two men was just as epic as it sounds. In fact nobody described the rumble heard around the world better than late actor Paul Walker who played the role of “good cop gone bad” — Brian O’Conner. During press for Fast Five, Walker described the scene between the two heavyweights as a battle between “King Kong and Godzilla.”

The brawl of the century

Walker also graciously described and praised Johnson’s impeccable work ethic and uncanny discipline.

Indeed, The Rock is a powerhouse not just on the big screen but within the mechanics of social media. He has built a loyal following with incredible numbers in every platform that will make your head spin. He is likable, relatable and completely devoid of any hints of egoistical garbage.

Vin Diesel isn’t that far behind in the realm of being socially accessible. When he lost his partner in crime, Diesel settled fans with personal videos and statements that demonstrated his grief and warmed our hearts. His commitment to the franchise that launched his career is evident in his role as producer and the wizard behind the curtain who spews out clues and treats for eager fans as a reward for their long-standing loyalty.

So, these two guys sound quite similar in their pursuits, demeanor, and status. Wouldn’t it be assumed that they would get along?

Of course! They have famously enjoyed a more than civil relationship until it was wildly reported that towards the end of shooting Fast 8 — Diesel and Johnson butted heads and it was so intense that The Rock had to spread his roaring sessions on social media.

His post which you can read here, clearly calls out a male co-star who made his time on set quite unpleasant. It reads like a bitter confessional — peppered with the generic references and insults that would match any ignorant and naive superstar — except, Johnson doesn’t fall into that category. Neither does his designated enemy — Diesel.

Here’s the thing — a few months ago when filming for the eighth installment was underway — the cast and director F. Gary Gray couldn’t live another day without posting stuff from the set and it became a daily occurrence of images, videos and testimonies — that were unleashed to make us believe that the best was yet to come.

Fast 8 was going to surpass the glory of the last one which shattered records beyond reason because it was the emotional farewell to Paul Walker.

The Rock also shared a photo on Instagram that depicted his character, Hobbs — in a setting that insinuated that he was possibly on the wrong side of the law. His roughed up appearance helped to escalate the rumors that he was going to be with the bad guys this time around.

How fitting that just as shooting starts to wind down — the two biggest stars in the world are outed as real-life enemies by one of the stars who has enjoyed an unblemished record — until now.

Of course his haughty accusations will make an impact and dominate the trending cycle for as long we allow it. He’s the most sought-after talent and the most revered for his ability to hit the “big time” despite a period of crippling discontent. He has always been open about his past struggles and appreciative of his gold-plated second-wind.

If he says one of his male co-stars is essentially a pussy — we believe him and want to know why.

If you want to know why, click here. But, to be honest, the reasons don’t matter. They just simply don’t exist. This last minute attempt at guaranteeing that the franchise will once again rise like a phoenix over the skies of every country that matters is genius.

It’s also quite glaringly staged but it’s still fun to participate.

We have to acknowledge that Dwayne Johnson would never release a caption so writhed with cattiness and disdain because that has never been his style. The rest of the story reads like something out of a script that is so unoriginal that assistants don’t even bother handing in their script coverages for consideration.

Basically, Hobbs is a bad guy in Fast 8 which means he and the Fast Family will most likely butt heads and this indicates that Hobbs and Dom will not be Family — anymore.

What better way to prepare fans for the expected than to insinuate that both men are actually beefing by involving the public in a game of “true or false.”

Fast 8 opens April 14, 2017 which really isn’t that far away if you think about it. I commend the efforts of everyone involved in this social coup because it has given me life in ways that are almost embarrassing. My life could use a big boost right now and this make-believe drama is everything.

It will also be everything for the franchise because more than enough people are going to leap into theater seats to see bad-ass Hobbs challenge Dom and it will be even more kick-ass because a lot is riding on how well Hobbs fares as the complicated bad guy.

There might be spinoffs in the future.

Playing on the adherence of fans isn’t a new instruction and it is warranted to invest the level of creativity necessary to get the amps up and pointed in the right direction — way ahead of the premiere.

In Fast Five, when Hobbs and Dom finally formed an alliance — it was sort of a let down. I didn’t believe they were friends for real because how can blatant competitors be so cool with each other?

What is playing out now is the best publicity stunt ever and I’m grateful for it. I love that it’s happening and I love that I know that it isn’t really happening.

I am waiting for the next installment with furious anticipation.

Ride or Die!



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