Having a Blog Doesn’t Make You a Writer

It also doesn’t give you the right to ordain yourself an expert in a field that is designed precisely for those who consider themselves anything but.

Yes, the blogging business has boomed itself into the biggest scam I’ve ever been privy to.

Everyone has all the answers to the questions that they haven’t quite figured out yet.

But hey! While they work on it — they don’t mind charging you $80 a pop — to drop the gems that they’ve barely unearthed.

This is insanity.

I don’t mind reading the listicles that are dutifully shelled out to give readers a preview of how much better life would be — if only we added these valuable tips to our daily or yearly regimen.

At least I’m not being charged anything but the time it takes to read and internalize.

But this shitfest starring desperate hackers who barely have the experience to land an editorial position at a decent pub — but yet feel qualified enough to set up seminars and conferences — to mislead the already misled — has me wondering how long this has been going on.

It’s the direct consequence of how social media convinces us that thousands of followers and daily visitors means we are the best of the best.

We have been validated by the public. The people have spoken. We can write books and find other ways to capitalize on the good fortune of being so well liked.

It’s hard to condemn the notion that social media isn’t a valuable tool that has literally catapulted the lives of users from dire obscurity to fully verified status.

I’m pretty sure that anyone with that sought after tick symbol would have no issue attracting a bevy of newbies or frustrated bloggers with zero traffic — to weekend classes that aren’t free.

But what I can’t fathom is how a shitload of you — including an acquaintance of mine — deem it appropriate to trick people into thinking that you have their best blogging interests in mind — when you are actually robbing them blind.

This acquaintance stunned me a couple of weeks ago when after a failed attempt at making a life as a burgeoning celebrity stylist in Los Angeles — she moved back to her hometown and decided that she would do what all her other mates are excelling at.

Offer her wealth of knowledge and life advice to anyone who is basically drowning in the same pool of chaos she’s currently wading in.

It was hard to grasp her sincerity as I tried to reconcile how despite still being in the throes of establishing whatever the hell it is she does — she is determined to hold an intimate brunch that will cost money to attend because when it’s over — guests will be on their way to becoming the branding and marketing guru that she wants to be.

Her plan isn’t working. Nobody has responded to her Evite and most likely that won’t change. But she’s not deterred by the lack of interest. She will keep planning to exploit the suckers who have the money to waste until she is done rebranding.

I thought we were supposed to attain a level of success before considering whether or not we want to share the secrets behind our ascension.

We don’t have to wait to graduate before becoming self-appointed entrepreneurs. We don’t have to know how to construct a paragraph that reads well before planning our first book launch. We don’t have to read the pieces that we retweet or blindly criticize or praise — because we rely on the stars of social media to do all the work while we idolize and favorite at rapid speed.

All that worshiping at the alter has given birth to a slew of flesh-eating monsters who are hungry for the chance to take advantage so they get richer and dumber at our expense.

Having a dream and working to produce it doesn’t make you an expert. Having enough followers to match your preference doesn’t certify you with credentials of a marketing genius. Having the cheers of bored and lazy trolls who need a hero to conform to definitely doesn’t entitle you to believe that you are exactly that.

And having a blog that gets you enough attention to not warrant extinction doesn’t make you a writer.

I can tell you what will and I promise if you ask — I won’t charge you a damn thing.

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