Happiness Sadness Anger Confusion Acceptance

Happy for the joy that once was and the happiness of knowing no joy can replace the happiness you shared when we were happy.

Your sadness mirrored mine and I remembered today how sad I was yesterday when you sadly gave me plenty to be sad about.

Damn you.

I’m angry at the way you angered me when all I wanted to do was not be angry at the things you did and said that made me angrier than I deserved to be. I don’t get why you like to see me angry. And that angers more than you will ever know.

It also confuses the hell out of me when you confuse the instances when you confuse me. You play games and save shit for the last minute so that when you ask me how. I’m confused.

Don’t let me go.

I’m done. I’ve accepted all you’ve shown me and I decided I will no longer accept the fact that you’ve accepted that all this is acceptable.

I won’t look back.

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