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Hamburg Is Burning, But So Are The Lives At Stake and The Souls That Were Destroyed At The Hands Of Tone-Deaf Leaders

If you breathe long enough, you may burn too

The world is on fire. The turmoil, the fiery reaction to the turmoil, the turmoil that boils over and spills lava into the pillars of the Western World, with the ashes pasted on the grazed skin of the population — designated as pioneers of the sufferable movement.

It’s a never-ending cyclone of gutless unraveling that is even more horrific under the dictatorship of America’s most notorious figure.

Donald Trump’s painful performance at the prestigiously situated summit that hosted world leaders for another round of intense deliberation on how to solve the pending issues that really sum up to form one very pressing debt — that won’t ever be paid in full — was perfectly packaged by an Australian reporter.

Chris Uhlmann, described the American president as “uneasy, lonely and awkward.” The scathing assessment outlined how often Trump seemed tragically out of place as he clumsily searched for a comrade who could possibly save him from the unenviable role of “an outsider” — who is in over his head — and is completely aware that everyone around him knows how “isolated” and “friendless” he appears.

This is strangely orgasmic

At one point during the unfortunate visit, Trump treated his audience to what all of us have been forced to endure. He pompously chose an inopportune time to boast about his unhealthy obsession with daughter Ivanka, who along with her husband, Jared Kushner, accompanied her father to G20.

A whole lot was said about Ivanka’s role during the visit to Hamburg, particularly when she was asked to sit in for her father at a session, which seemed like an extremely reckless move — that proved once again, how the Office of the Presidency has sadly evolved into a badly scripted reality show.

President Trump cluelessly used a platform that was supposed to champion the agenda of women entrepreneurs — as a launching pad to elevate the accomplishments of his favorite daughter. He even acknowledged how being her father was fucking up her game:

“If she weren’t my daughter it would be so much easier for her.” “It might be the only bad thing going for her.”

No shit! You think?

What’s even worse than Ivanka’s unfortunate lineage is the realization that we are also suffering the woefully brutal consequences of knowing that someone like Trump not only exists — but for some crazy reason, was conceived to be the ultimate torturer.

As the flames of discontent continue to spread, its hard not to be captivated by the violence that erupted at the scene of the crime — as assembled government heads provide the backdrop for an uprising — that the elite label with disdain while some of us observe with knowing salivation.

Obviously, you’re as demonic as you look

In a leaderless world, there has to be the comprehension that protesting can’t be a subdued affair that goes unnoticed. It’s the rattling of things that clang together to make noise with the bursting effects of damaged goods.

That’s the only language that the powerless congregation headed for the service of the minds can fully grasp.

It may be considered a riotous event of the willful plenty who have nothing better to do than to organize for the benefit of chiding hard-working servants of the globe who need the space to figure shit out.

The truth is that criminalizing those that “doth protest too much” is a useless endeavor. They do what they do without the bloated expectations of over ranked officers with blighted resumes — that depict a career that spans the ages — but yields very little in the realm of upward mobility and consistent productivity.

We talk about climate change and decry the decision that was made not too long ago when the U.S. officially pulled out of the Paris agreement. The others squirmed with fury at the devastating stance that helped provide Trump’s cold as ice reception during his long weekend from hell.

Some of us who still feel something can’t just leisurely scroll past the vast images of punctured desolation — that reveal the results of the war of words and resources as adults shuttle tattered children through the fields of heated shells and open ground.

Despite the role of ISIS and the conquered assurance that we all agree that terrorism in all its gory has to be eradicated without haste, there is the sinking feeling that anyone on the sidelines watching the fireworks of action spark the blue into black — won’t be able to handle the unthinkable.

If Hamburg is burning, that only serves as the coloring book that still holds lots of space to be covered before the last page breathes a sigh of relief.

The revolt that held the city of political lust under siege is not based on the efforts of the maddening crowd that make the real-life criminals uneasy and comfortingly pissed off — it’s the demonstrative ravings of unsettled minds that can’t stomach the bipolar tendencies of those that have the authority to allow innocents to burn to death, suffocate under the pressure of a succumbed planet — while being navigated as human grenades for the audacity of decisions — fueled by the enormous supply of fuel that keep Saudis royally compensated.

And that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it? Ensuring that the West capitalizes on the volatile relations that combust to produce the steady supply of the good stuff — that enhances an addiction at the expense of those who are eradicated for their dispensability.

Angela Merkel and her entourage had quite a time at G20 and it wasn’t necessarily the role they played as bystanders to a grand standing. It was the carousing of insults that were pedaled at Trump’s grossly offensive presence.

That was by far — the main attraction.

But whether or not Russia heavily participated in the toxically vile election that gave America its current reputation isn’t the point — what must be reiterated is the fact that Trump’s addition to a group that will stop at nothing to win — is vitally transformative.

The wave of his ascension has been virally disruptive but not in the way you propose. The room may have mocked the Commander-in-Chief but his relentless swagger and morosely inept tactics aren’t just meant to tantalize the competition.

He’s ammunition for what lies ahead — as tone-deaf leaders commence the acts of our imminent demise and shake hands at the moment the range of attack has been targeted.

The oil will spill over, the bodies will quake at the roar of thunder and souls will scream in defiance as they are forced to make room for new members.

Standing up for organized crime in safe cities is a practice that shouldn’t die and those that oppose it have to consider the alternative — and pray they get more chances to scoff at the activists in their tethered glory.

Also, if you breath long enough, you just may burn too.

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