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luscious carpeting of greenery spooning interwoven specks of sand with quiet longing against the wind’s mangling purpose, unfolding through peaking probes of deeply embedded hedges into landscapes of army green.

grassy tapestry is strewn around in ordered purpose for the clouds to douse the rain, clinging to a wounded sky enveloped in sparkling fairies breathing soft kisses landing as molds of dust to soothe the appetite of bold green.

velvety patterns storm the grounds swaying to the laziness of warm afternoons, beckoning to the soundtrack of nature at its best when excited critters dive into the vast fields of spoken beats, tackling unwoven threads that gather for the march of vivid green

lushness evacuates breathy airs that filter into bare shoulders connected to the rug from the earth stimulating recalls of childhood games formed on cue, with the tools of indulgence that fit into the palm of hands laid open to accept the rush of nostalgic green.

dreamy hooks from falls melodramatics summon hints of seasonal vibes drumming the perpetual desire to conform to the signs from heaven’s manna, filtering with floating banners approaching thick folds of flowery lessons that speak the language of green with spared turbulence.

melodic feathers of lime green bleed into the darkness of the hunter hopping around the paradise of jaded tones, yelling from the euphoria of emerald madness evolving into the maddened pulse of skimpy ferns cowering from the splendor of wintergreen.

Can we live through it to revive the scales of colors blossoming for space?

Only newborn shades can tell, until then its evergreen.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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