The early morning bird noisily recalls its journey just above my window sill

I am glorified by the magnet pull of the chatter and ready to converse with my awakened soul.

What pleasures lie within the box of consciousness, that nudges the natural slumber?

The air drifting through the panels convince me that durance of the nigh has accompanied me back to my current fonder.

The rusty early morning pangs of resurgence rescue me from the depths of confusion

The dawn of a new day reassures me that the steps ahead will be catapulted by my assigned Angels.

I am endearingly prim with pride and assumptions as I scurry to receive the scribbles of the day

All the facets are running with spiritual force, and my mandate is simple and clear.

Dance with ecclesiastic joy and reprimand the tidings of apprehension

The tumbler is filled to the brim as the present beckons with optimism

A simple grasp of recognition layers my expected course of endurance

I have arrived.

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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