Launches New Campaign To Support Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

Promises to match up to $2M in donations

The devastation of Hurricane Maria is back in the news after months of neglect — and the reason for the reactivation is heavily attributed to the updated total of lives lost — and how the island of Puerto Rico is still reeling from the more than $90 billion in damages.

After a thorough study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine — it has been established that the initial death toll is actually 70 times more than what was originally reported. At least 4, 654 lives were lost — and the tragic circumstances can be linked to the disruption of electricity that’s still hampering certain areas of the crippled island.

Those who suffered the most were locals who were vulnerable to the loss of power that ultimately limited access to ongoing treatment and the equipment that was supposed to keep them alive.

The efforts of FEMA were staggeringly underwhelming and the disgraceful response was championed by President Trump — who tirelessly downplayed the severity of the storm by touting the “low death toll” in comparison to other similar disasters — while berating officials for purposely mismanaging a territory that was already sinking in debt and poverty.

The media also played into the hands of a villainous administration by abandoning the duties of pressurizing agencies and organizations to do all that is necessary to save lives — before the worst case scenario takes hold.

Unfortunately — the narrative of how Puerto Rico deserved to be rejected based on the un-American premise of desperation and turmoil — encouraged gross negligence that did indeed exact a level of destruction that wouldn’t have been possible if the right amount of aid and attention had been furnished from the very beginning.

Trump’s America has dictated that only White lives matter — and while liberal outlets and networks are committed to the non-stop duty of outing the president’s toxic agenda — there’s also the sense that their thorny subject is seamlessly succeeding in his quest to overrule any other pending items that require more than just a passing glance.

It’s been almost nine months since Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in complete darkness and as the island remains in recovery mode — there’s the naggingly perplexing reality of how Americans can be allowed to drown in squalor — simply because of location and the outright bigotry of an administration that definitely has blood on its hands.

The only positive in this tale of woe stems from the philanthropic efforts of organizations like that has just announced its commitment to rebuilding the island by promising to match up to $2M in donations — to help restore the operations of small businesses — that are essentially the lifeblood of the community. has also formed a partnership with Mercy Corps and Hispanic Federation — in an effort to boost the morale of Puerto Ricans who’ve spent months under the duress of rejection without the compass of hope that can only flourish with steady improvement.

Mercy Corps will take up the mantle of economic revitalization by focusing on tourism and healing small businesses that are immersed in that realm — while Hispanic Federation will be busy with remodeling the blueprint of small businesses by updating agricultural industries by helping with the transition to sustainable materials and structures.

When the storm hit — there was an immediate undertaking by and Googlers — who rallied to donate more than $1.5M to those impacted by Hurricane Maria. But — there’s still a lot more work to be done to revive the island’s economy — which took a terrible blow in tourism — and in turn demolished an already weakened job market.

Small and medium-sized businesses that employ 80% of the private workforce are struggling to recover as more than 10,000 small businesses are still out of commission due to the storm. And the dismal forecast for unemployment isn’t showing any visible signs of progress.

As the massive undertaking with restoring the ravaged island continues — about 30 Googlers have already been deployed to Puerto Rico to offer assistance with rebuilding initiatives that will hopefully pump enough blood into the veins of small businesses — local education and community organizations in order to the restore the heartbeat of the island.

Celebrities like Lin-Manual Miranda — Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony among others — have actively donated their time and resources and now they’re expanding their efforts to join to help drive donations.

The race for survival is on and with this new drive towards bringing Puerto Rico back to life and from the brink of extinction — we can all help make a difference by joining the mission statement to help get small businesses back on their feet — through

America can only be stronger if we band together to prove how much more beautiful we are when White supremacy has no power.

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