Good points! I’ve been writing on Medium since 2013, back when it was “invitation-only” and my friend and dope ass editor had a collection here called “Culture Club” which later became “Those People.” I had just quit my god-awful corporate job and I was finally ready to be a full-time writer.

I did it all for free, although she was kind enough to pay us when she could and that was greatly appreciated.

I was so excited to have a platform for my voice, and I basically used Medium to develop my writing skills, and the payback was the response and encouragement that I got from readers who discovered me.

Back in 2016 — Medium named me one of their “Noteworthy” writers, and that was both awesome and validating. The exposure was amazing, and that’s basically how I grew my number of followers. That, and keeping up the momentum of daily posts.

Medium has been good to me in more ways than one, and I feel like I’ve gotten pretty much all I can in the time that I’ve been here. I expect changes to occur and while I’m not that excited about some of them, it’s just the reminder that nothing good lasts forever, and at some point you have to take the accumulation of your work and figure out how to leverage it on your own terms.

When the program began last August, and I was initially invited to be part of the first batch of paid writers, the feeling of getting a good amount of money for my hard work was beyond words and I will always relish that period.

Now, things are a bit odd, and despite no changes on my end, that flow isn’t consistent and I know it has a lot to do with shit that’s totally out of my control.

That being said, I hear you about making the effort with social media, because I’ve been working hard to do the same. It’s not a natural instinct for me so it’s a learning process.

I’m better than I was a year ago — but I know I need to do more.

You’re an amazing writer, so I have no doubt that you will be just fine with with whatever you decide to do!

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