To all Americans who once tried to love this great country but finally gave in to the tempting rhetoric of hate and fear.

Fuck you.

The reasons are obvious but I do feel the need to express them because again — it’s warranted.

I was born in America. I could’ve been born anywhere. But as luck would have it — my parents bypassed the convenience of England and settled in the land of goodness and plenty.

My impression of America growing up in Nigeria was split between what I had formulated for myself — up until the age of eight, and what my folks fed to me as an appetizer.

My America was an impressionable collage of Star Wars, Sesame Street, and Oreo cookies. As I got older and inched closer to my college years, I was primed for the ride of a lifetime.

After years of enduring the rampant shame and dire insufficiency of the Nigerian government — I was living for the day that I would claim by birthright.

I would leave the chaos and madness behind and head to a more civilized righteous existence. A country that would do right by me because as a citizen — it is an inherent requirement.

America is for the living. It is designed to honor anyone who is ready and willing to work hard and abide by the laws.

Laws that are set up purely for your well being and security.

There is no room for blatant intolerance or embedded corruption at the expense of the needy.

Alas! We can now say that the tables have finally turned. Or perhaps they were always in an awkward position.

We just needed a designated mouthpiece to help with the big reveal.

Viola! The United States has been exposed. Turns out we weren’t ever really that United after all.

As great as we are and as revered as our statutes have been — the fundamental fibers that connect us have ripped us apart.

We now revel in the filth of our truth and the climate of comfort in the utter hate we have for each other.

Being Un-American is now the most American way to exist.

It comes in many forms and is delivered through the coherent tirade of a celebrated monster.

They have been waiting too long to initiate their branded leader, who will restore the faculties of undiluted bigotry that have remained transparently dormant — until now.

The America I thought I knew — never existed. It was too good to be true — a fantasy. A well planned sequel that just never manifested in the way that was intended.

I want my money back — fuck I want my life back!

Who am I? Who are you? Who are they? Who are we??

We are people who accept the bullshit and post it on our live feed as if that act somehow caters to anything — anything at all.

We rant about how shitty things are in articles like this one and hope people read it and feel something. But if you do — so what?

If you don’t — it proves my point but changes nothing.

Being an American is no longer an appealing disposition. In fact it’s downright disgusting. It feels vile and confusing.

I can’t wait for all the good work that he’s done to be violently reversed. It’s happening now.

It’s time to stop hoping for the best and to embrace the worst. We’re already headed in that direction.

We need to continue to pay attention to the vital henchmen as they clog our process with hatred from years past.

No need to sugar coat the sentiments that can no longer be laced with pepper mint to hide the potency of ignorance.

We asked for it through thought, action, and fascinated vigor for what is deliciously abhorrent but yet tragically irresistible.

Even the young and old at heart have surrendered to the reality of what it means to live in the most powerful country in the world that renders most of us powerless.

But we can’t accept anything better at this point.

That would be the most Un-American thing to do.

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