Gabby Douglas is a Hero, Whether America Wants Her or Not

Heroes aren’t born that way. They evolve into that person at a result of special qualities that were formed through the realm of extraordinary circumstances.

Regardless of personal preferences or tendency towards racial intolerance — what can’t be denied — is the fact that heroes usually make you feel inadequate but secretly hopeful.

How the hell are they able to achieve such flawless execution while also carrying the load of a whole nation on their backs?

Even more fascinating is the fact that a young Olympic champion with gold medals to boot — could willingly surrender to the assignment of representing a country that treats her like shit.

Imagine that.

But, trends come and go. So do heroes apparently.

When they know your name — they can use it to benefit your downfall without your permission.

They hate her hair.


Quite, frankly — it’s incredible that any citizen of this country who has witnessed the racial strife that continues to permeate through the lines of the swerving compass — could question why a Black girl who is safer on Mars than the city she calls home — would freely choose the manner in which she decides to comport herself while the National Anthem chimes in the background.

If Gabby had put her hand on her heart — would that gesture make her a better American or a safer one?

But, ultimately she could be pulled over by a nasty cop who doesn’t give a damn that he is falsely accusing a Black woman with gold medals strewn all over her abode.

The bastards on social media who feel powerful with the ammunition that can be focused and blasted at the girl who doesn’t need to be knocked further into the stream of sewage and slime — are doing their job. They are great at sounding the alarm and getting dimwits by the numbers to echo the sentiment of bitterness and jealousy.

Black athletes should be given street names to mark their entry into an occasion that requires a lot more than it’s willing to give in return.

The effort and belief in the code of conduct that releases the reality of what you are — every time you log in the hard work you displayed as your legs serve the high beam with unabashed gusto — should never be casually noted.

Gabby Douglas is a hero, whether America gives a damn or not.

This quote from you — however breaks my heart into 2,016 pieces:

“I mean, you do [Olympics] for your country, and you do it for yourself, and you do it for other people … and I step back and I’m like: wait, what did I do to disrespect the people? How have I offended them? What have I done? When I stand back I’m like: what? I was standing in respect for USA. I’m coming out there representing them to the best of my abilities, so how would I be in disrespect?

“I don’t get that part. Sorry.”

It’s 2016 and technological advancements have given way to the worst of our kind. A breed that thrives off of the venom of envy and stupidity — which when combined with the tools of execution — can build a monster with tentacles that have no limit.

It is inevitable that we eat our own and spit them out when they no longer taste that appetizing.

She should be eternally grateful for her accomplishments. Tears are meant to be dried and I am positive that she is now basking in the glow of the life she has led thus far — and the version being revised as we speak.

Black girls are bred to give more than they are able to summon and somehow — we manage to rise above the platter of doubt and skepticism.

Even when we don’t get the utmost support and protection from the men that we surround with loyalty and indescribable love.

Gabby Douglas is not a victim.

America is already shredded and dangling from the edges of the sharp objects that aren’t done with their mission.

Hollywood loves a fairy tale ending but relishes the stories that start off with promise and end with the reliable ping of that human touch.

The saga continues and there couldn’t have been a better or more fitting choice for the leading lady.

She plays the role like a champ.

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